Working with Top Site Selectors– Best and NEXT Practices


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Best practices for marketing to the site selector audience from DCI's Andy Levine.

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  • Media has fragmented, and the traditional marketing funnel is more like a bowl of spaghetti. Proactive, megaphone messages can get lost in the shuffle, or easily tuned out by customers. Especially in ED, where the target audience is so narrow, focusing on inbound marketing is a better way to promote. Create smart, HELPFUL content and put it in places and formats will it will be found. Google’sground-breaking Zero Moment of Truth research ( found that we are moving to the era of self-serve information. In 2010 people consumed 5.3 pieces of information before making a purchase. Just one year later, it was 10.4 pieces of information. A separate study found that B2B buyers want at least 60% of their questions answered before they talk to a real person.
  • Working with Top Site Selectors– Best and NEXT Practices

    1. 1. Working with Top Location Advisors:BEST AND NEXT PRACTICES
    2. 2. Today’s SpeakersAndy Levine• President/Chief Creative OfficerAlexa Naas• Manager,
    3. 3. Let’s Start with a Question:WHAT PERCENTAGE OF YOUR NEWBUSINESS LEADS CURRENTLY COMEFROM LOCATION ADVISORS?A. Less than 25%B. 25-49%C. 50-74%D. More than 75%
    4. 4. Working With Top Location Advisors: Best And Next Practices1. Familiarization Tours2. In-Market Events3. Newsletters4. Website Design5. Face-to-Face Meetings
    5. 5. …and an Introduction to
    6. 6. FAMILIARIZATION TOURSBest Practice NEXT PRACTICE•Host a group of •Visiting consultantsconsultants for a 2-3 day shadow a “CEO of theirtour of a region choice” for a day•Often built around awell-known sportingevent OR •Shift gears to a webinar•Mix business and fun format
    7. 7. Shadowing a Senior Executive • Visiting consultants were provided with a list of 15 possible CEO/senior executives • Each consultant spent a day shadowing a single executive
    8. 8. What’s in Delaware’s Wallet?A Look at Capital One’s Expansion Decision Webinar for Location Advisors (December 19, 2012)
    9. 9. Our Panel• Jim Kelly, EVP, Head of Direct Banking, Capital One• Alan Levin, Cabinet Secretary, Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO)
    10. 10. IN-MARKET EVENTSBest Practice NEXT PRACTICE•Areas of critical mass •Engage a credible, third(NYC, Chicago, Atlanta) party to highlight the•High-profile speaker community’s business o Public Sector (Governor, advantages Mayor) o Private Sector (Top CEO)•Use a sports or culturalevent as a draw
    11. 11. An Afternoon with Forbes • Rankings Editor Kurt Badenhausen wrote a story titled “Houston Gets Hot” for 2012 Best Places issue. • Real Estate Writer Morgan Brennan ranked Houston “America’s Coolest City” in summer 2012. Kurt and Morgan both spoke at a Chicago luncheon with 13 site consultants.
    12. 12. NEWSLETTERBest Practice NEXT PRACTICE•Regularly-scheduled, •Share relevant news as itprint or e-newsletter occurshighlighting a broad •Succinct e-blast formatrange of developments•Often geared to aninternal audience
    13. 13. WEBSITE DESIGNBest Practice NEXT PRACTICE•Provide spreadsheets •The right infographic isand detailed reports worth a thousand dataavailable for download points •Presents information in an engaging and easy-to- digest format
    14. 14. Sample Infographics
    15. 15. FACE-TO-FACE MEETINGSBest Practice NEXT PRACTICE•Regular program of •Regular program ofdeskside visits with deskside visits withconsultants in their consultants in theiroffices offices•“Conversation” rather •“Conversation” ratherthan “presentation” than “presentation”
    16. 16. An Introduction to• Searchable, exportable database of the nation’s top members of the site selection community• Provides meaningful background on individual location advisors• Kept up-to-date by DCI (so your staff doesn’t have to)
    17. 17. So Let’s Take A Look Under the Hood…
    18. 18. What Does It Cost?Let’s Keep It Simple:•$900 for a First-Year Subscription•Log-ins for as many of your staff members asyou likeAnd For Today’s WebinarParticipants:•Complimentary, two-week trial available
    19. 19. Questions…
    20. 20. Thank You!!!Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions:Andy Levine Alexa alexa.naas@aboutdci.com212/725-0707 x-107 212/725-0707 x-149