0111 tasmania aia partnership summary


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0111 tasmania aia partnership summary

  1. 1. ARCHAEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA TASMANIAN UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES PARTNERSHIP SUMMARY January 2011CONCEPT:The UNESCO designation of Tasmania’s convict heritage sites provides a definitivereason for travellers with an interest in history, heritage and archaeology to nowvisit the destination. A 2009 study by U.S. Cultural & Heritage Tourism MarketingCouncil, found that 78% of all U.S. leisure travellers participate in cultural and/orheritage activities while travelling, translating to 118.3 million adults each year.The study also noted that cultural and heritage travellers are more frequenttravellers, reporting an average of 5.01 leisure trips in a 12-month period versus3.98 trips by non-cultural/heritage travellers. They are also more frequent businesstravellers and are more likely to have taken an international trip in the past 12months than their non-cultural/heritage counterparts. More than half ofcultural/heritage travellers agree that they prefer their leisure travel to beeducational and nearly half said they spend more money on cultural and heritageactivities. They are also likely to travel farther to get the experiences they seek:about half of most recent overnight leisure trips were 500 miles or more from home.A partnership with AIA provides access to a highly qualified audience with a strongpropensity to travel for heritage and historical experiences. The organization boasts250,000+ members across the United States and Canada made up of professionalarchaeologists who conduct fieldwork around the world as well as respective leadersin the fields of technology, medicine, finance and law who are interested inarchaeology paired with travel and students studying archaeology. This diversegroup is united by a shared passion for history and archaeology, all willing to travelfor unique experiences pertaining to this interest.Lecture and Reception Date: January 25, 2011
  2. 2. Organization Profile: The Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) is NorthAmericas oldest and largest organization devoted to the world of archaeology. TheInstitute is a nonprofit group founded in 1879 and chartered by the United StatesCongress in 1906. Today, the AIA has nearly 250,000 Members belonging to morethan 100 Local Societies in the United States, Canada, and overseas. The AIA existsto promote archaeological inquiry and public understanding of the material record ofthe human past worldwide. AIA is committed to preserving the worlds archaeologicalresources and cultural heritage for the benefit of people in the present and in thefuture. Believing that greater understanding of the past enhances our shared senseof humanity and enriches our existence, the AIA seeks to educate people of all agesabout the significance of archaeological discovery.AIA members are affluent, educated, and very interested in travel to off-the-beaten-path types of destinations - making them the perfect audience to target forTasmania promotion.• 40% have a net worth of over $500,000• 20% have a net worth of over $1,000,000• 43% took 3 or more foreign vacations last year• 68% travelled to archaeological destinations• 20% travelled for vacation 15 or more nightsAIA produces:• The award-winning magazine, Archaeology, which has a circulation of 750,000• The leading scholarly journal, the American Journal of Archaeology• An annual conference for professional archaeologists and enthusiasts• Acclaimed educational programming for teachers, students and families• More than 325 lectures each year which bring prominent archaeologists to 107 communities throughout the United States, Canada and overseas• Two websites (www.archaeology.org and www.archaeological.org) with unique content that attract over 7,000,000 visitors per yearAdditionally, AIA has a tour planning company which TT can partner with to discuss aTasmania travel program on the convictism theme.
  3. 3. Tourism Tasmania/AIA PartnershipTourism Tasmania sponsored an AIA lecture and reception in San Francisco,California to leverage the designation of five of Tasmania’s convict sites by UNESCO.The reception allowed Tourism Tasmania to reach the AIA membership base inCalifornia, one of our key departure gateways, with the destination’s ‘convictism’messaging, which will stimulate awareness and boost travel to Tasmania.The components of this integrated partnership included:– Invitations: Print invitations distributed to 1,200 AIA members, plus TT- designated media guests and industry partners, such as Australian government officials and Tourism Australia– Online: The event was promoted through an online advertisement on Archeology Magazine’s website and also through four videos on Archeology Magazine’s website, the AIA website and on AIA’s YouTube Channel. http://www.youtube.com/archaeologytv– Eblast Newsletter: On three separate occasions, 80,000 people received an e- blast with information about the Tasmania event - with a link to www.discovertasmania.com On two separate occasions, 13,000 California-based constituents received information about the Tasmania event - with a link to www.discovertasmania.com– Print: An ad pointing readers to the promotion’s URL ran in the January/February 2010 issue of Archeology Magazine.– Editorial: A Tasmania convict heritage story is planned for the March/April issue of Archeology Magazine and will be handed out at the AIA Annual Gala event in New York City.− Travel Package: In partnership with AIA, Altour (a US travel retailer) and Premier Travel Tasmania, a Convict History of Australia travel package was created, which includes 8 days in Tasmania. This escorted group tour will operate from March 25 - April 5, 2012 and offers an in-depth look into the lives of Australia’s early settlers and convicts. The itinerary visits all five of Tasmania’s UNESCO World Heritage Listed Convict Heritage sites as well as three convict heritage sites in Sydney. Premier Travel Tasmania has been instrumental in developing this new touring product and sourcing local experts who will provide convict history interpretation. In addition to the Altour group departure, Premier Travel Tasmania has added a convict heritage tour to their website for FIT travellers.
  4. 4. − Lecture and Reception: Tourism Tasmania sponsored an AIA lecture and reception in San Francisco that integrated with G’Day USA 2011. The featured speaker was renown archeologist Dr. Eleanor Casella, who spoke about what convict heritage means in Australia, her own archeological work at the World Heritage sites in Tasmania and how the island inspires her. The lecture and reception had 135 attendees and featured Tasmanian wines and Tasmanian themed foods. Chuck Haywood, U.S. based Tasmanian wine specialist, was the sommelier for the evening, pouring guests wines and educating them on Tasmania’s wine experience and cool climate varietals. Gift bags with promotional Tasmania information, tablets featuring Tasmania’s convict heritage sites, pens, and Tasmanian honey were given to every guest. One winning recipient also received a Tasmanian-themed gift basket that included Tasmanian wine, Tasmanian Rain, James Boags beer, honey and other Tasmanian gourmet food products.RESULTS SUMMARY:• Attendees at the Lecture and Reception 135• Newsletter E-Blast Impressions: 240,000• Number of Recipients of Printed Invitation: 1,200• Number of E-Blast Event Information: 26,000• Event Wrap-Up Impressions in Printed Newsletter: 25,000• Reach of Promotion Print Ad: 750,000• Leads generated from Print Ad: 165
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