Firing on all Synapses


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Please enjoy this collection of semi-useful, sometimes interesting, even humorous factoids about a variety of different topics from the world we live in. This is intended to inform, entertain and showcase some of my presentation design abilities.

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  • 2 million in texas alone
  • Apple nano video
  • Hormel source of 3.8 cans of spam consumed every second of every day. Hawaii
  • Firing on all Synapses

    1. 1. Firing On All Synapses
    2. 2. Nourishment For Your Brain Please  enjoy  this  collec/on  of   semi-­‐useful,  some/mes   interes/ng,  even  humorous   factoids  about  a  variety  of   different  topics  from  the   world  we  live  in.       Content and slide design by Al Bonner.
    3. 3. A  gold  fish  has  a  memory   span  of  about  3  seconds.  
    4. 4. A  gold  fish  cracker  runs     slightly  higher  at  5  seconds.    
    5. 5. A  pregnant  goldfish  is  called  a  twit.    
    6. 6. Heavy  Water!   The  weight  of  China’s  3-­‐Gorges  Reservoir,   will  /lt  the  earth’s  axis  by  nearly  an  inch.      
    7. 7. 2  Billion  gallons  of  water  used  every  day   for  golf  course  irriga/on  in  the  U.S.      
    8. 8. 3.7  Miles       Women  in   developing   countries  walk  an   average  of  3.7   miles  a  day  to  get   water.  
    9. 9. Safe  Water!   If  you  fill  a  clear  plas/c  water   boQle  with  creek  water,   standpipe  or  puddle  water   and  place  it  on  a  piece  of   reflec/ve  metal,  in  full  sun  for   6  hours,  the  UVA  radia/on   will  kill  viruses,  parasites  and   bacteria  in  the  water  and   make  it  safe  to  drink.      
    10. 10. Hangover  Cure?     Coconut  water  is  known  to   cure  a  hangover  and  contains   the  same  five  electrolytes  as   human  blood.    
    11. 11. 16,1 40! The  number  of  Mexican  Drug  Cartel   inflicted  deaths  since  2006.    
    12. 12. 200,000                     people/yr.  visit  the   Larraine  Motel,  site     of  Dr.  Mar/n  Luther   King  Jr.’s   assassina/on.    
    13. 13. Every  day,  an  average  of  12  newborns   are  given  to  the  wrong  parents.    
    14. 14. One-­‐fi`h  of  Americans  complain   about  sleeping  problems.       56  million   prescrip/ons  for   sleeping  pills   were  wriQen             in  2008.      
    15. 15. Armadillos  get  an  average  of   18.5  hours  of  sleep  per  day.  
    16. 16. Fireflies do not bite, do not have pincers, do not carry diseases and have a life span of two months.   Fireflies are nocturnal luminous insects of the beetle family Lampyridae.
    17. 17. Honeybees have to make about ten million trips to collect enough nectar for production of one pound of honey. Enjoy your slave-honey.
    18. 18. The  Praying  Man/s  is   the  only  insect  that   can  turn  its  head.    
    19. 19. Approximately 2,000 silkworm cocoons are needed to produce one pound of silk.
    20. 20. If you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear…
    21. 21. What  do  you  do   with  their   “wild”  cousins?  
    22. 22. A  wild  pig     popula/on  can   double  in  just   four  months.   4  Million  Pigs       Over  40  states  
    23. 23. 500,000       Average  number  of  Chia  Pets   sold  each  year  .      
    24. 24. Music  Milestones      
    25. 25. U2  360  Tour  Stats   Shows:  44     Sellouts:  44     Gross:  $311,637,730     AQendance:  3,071,290     Ave.  Gross:  $7,082,676     Ave.  AQendance:  69,802    
    26. 26. S/ll  relevant,  s/ll  producing  hits,       s/ll  selling  out.   hat's  the  best  I  can  do.       Not  bad  for  a  bunch  of  old-­‐guys.  
    27. 27. An  Ostrich's  eye  is  bigger  than  its  brain.    
    28. 28. An Elephant’s eye is much smaller than it’s brain and weighs an average of 9 lbs.
    29. 29. The  very  first  bomb  dropped  by  the  Allies  on   Berlin  during  World  War  II,  killed  the  only   elephant  in  the  Berlin  Zoo.     R.I.P.    
    30. 30. An  Ostrich  Never  Laughs.     Even  when  it  sees   another  Ostrich  with  a   piece  of  grass  hanging   out  of  it’s  mouth.  
    31. 31. In the category of “it’s not Rocket Science...”
    32. 32. The Main Library at Indiana University sinks over an inch per year. Engineers failed to take into account the weight of all the books in the building.  
    33. 33. In May 2008, engineers announced that the Tower had been stabilized, and had stopped moving for the first time in its history.
    34. 34. The average person will eat about 35,000 cookies in their lifetime. If a person lives to be 75 years old, that’s 1.2 cookies a day.
    35. 35. Which came first, the chicken or the egg plant?
    36. 36. Two-thirds of the world's eggplant is grown in New Jersey. The average person will never eat eggplant.   
    37. 37. Apps
    38. 38. Apple receives 15,000 new App submissions per week.
    39. 39. 95% of those Apps are approved. Reasons Why 5% are rejected? 1. Doesn’t function as advertised. 2. Uses private API’s. 3. The App crashes.
    40. 40. Zero   The  number  of  people  that  have  been  diagnosed  with  brain   tumors  as  a  result  of  excessive  cell  phone  use?     A  published  report  in  the  Interna/onal  Journal  of  Epidemiology  (May  17,  2010)  was  inconclusive.  
    41. 41. The U.S. ranks 20th in the world in broadband penetration.
    42. 42. Bermuda ranks #1 Yes! Bermuda
    43. 43. 3.8 cans are consumed every second, of every day.
    44. 44. Who’s  ea/ng  all  the  SPAM?     Hawaii  is  the  number  one  SPAM  consuming  state.    
    45. 45. In  every  episode  of  "Seinfeld"  there   is  a  Superman  somewhere.    
    46. 46. A  quarter  has  119  grooves  on  its  edge.  
    47. 47. Snails are considered to be one of the slowest creatures on earth. Garden snails are the fastest. They can move about 55 yards per hour
    48. 48. 1 out of 8 couples married in the U.S. last year met online. According to U.S. News & World Report, there were more than 40 million unique visits to dating sites last year. -- that's about half the number of single adults in the U.S.
    49. 49. THE END Content and slide design by Al Bonner.