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Time perspectives pp


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Time Perspectives

Published in: Education
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Time perspectives pp

  1. 1. Time Perspectives
  2. 2. Time Perspectives Warm-Up  When you think of the past, do you mostly focus on the positives or negatives? Why?  What is more important to you: your present or future self? Why?  How much control do you feel you have over your future? Why do you say this?
  3. 3. Time-Perspective Questions  What does the time perspective survey show about about you?  Based on the overview of time perspectives, do you think this survey accurately describes you?  How do you compare with the “Ideal” Time Perspective? What can you do to become closer to the “ideal”?
  4. 4. Past Perspectives  The ‘past-negative’ type. You focus on negative personal experiences that still have the power to upset you.  The ‘past-positive’ type. You take a nostalgic view of the past, and stay in very close contact with your family. You tend to have happy relationships, but the downside is a cautious, “better safe than sorry” approach which may hold you back.
  5. 5. Present Perspectives  The ‘present-hedonistic’ type. You are dominated by pleasure-seeking impulses, and are reluctant to postpone feeling good for the sake of greater gain later. You are popular but tend to have a less healthy lifestyle and take more risks.  The ‘present-fatalistic’ type. You aren’t enjoying the present but feel trapped in it, unable to change the inevitability of the future. This sense of powerlessness can lead to anxiety,depression and risk-taking.
  6. 6. Future Perspectives  The ‘future-focused’ type. You are highly ambitious, focused on goals, and big on making ‘to do’ lists. You tend to feel a nagging sense of urgency that can create stress for yourself and those around you. Your investment in the future can come at the cost of close relationships and recreation time  The “Life Beyond Death” type: You are more concerned with the spiritual world and believe that life after your death is more important than this life.
  7. 7. Zimbardo’s Ideal Mix of Time Perspectives  High on past-positive. Moderately high on future. And moderate on present-hedonism. And always low on past-negative and present-fatalism.  So the optimal temporal mix is what you get from the past -- past-positive gives you roots. You connect your family, identity and your self. What you get from the future is wings to soar to new destinations, new challenges. What you get from the present hedonism is the energy, the energy to explore yourself, places, people, sensuality.
  8. 8. “Ideal” Time Perspective
  9. 9. Time Perspective Review  How do you compare with the optimal time perspectives?  Which perspectives do you think are most important to you?  Which time perspective is most tied with your happiness? How can you use this information to improve your happiness?  Which time perspective would you want to change?