A N G U L A R B4


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Angular Ball (Bulgaria)

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A N G U L A R B4

  1. 1. A N G U L A R B A L L CONTENT OF THE GAME: You can draw a field with sizes 15 m by 30 m or use a basketball playground. In every corner there are arcs with a radius line of 1.20-1.50 called sectors. The playground is divided into two halves by a middle line. There are two teams whose the players scatter in the two fields. The teams send two of their players to the arcs of the opponent’s field. These players are the goalkeepers.Each team places a player (defender) in front of each arc that is guarded by the opponent’s goalkeeper.
  2. 2. The game starts when the ball is thrown between two players from the two different teams. The team that is in possession of the ball, start to pass it to each other. The main aim is to move into the opponent’s field, to come closer to the corners and pass the ball in the air to its goalkeepers. If the team succeeds in doing this, it wins a point and the game starts again from the centre. In the mean time, the other team is trying to save their field or to get the ball and score a point. The winner is the team that in 10 or 15 min scores more points.
  3. 3. Rules: 1.Before each game, the players from the two teams must be in their fields. 2.If the team does not follow the rules for moving with the ball, it looses the ball. 3.If the ball goes out of the filed, a player from the opponent team tosses it back from the very same place. 4.Every kind of violence is forbidden. The defender cannot step into the opponent’s sector (arc) when trying to take possession of the ball. If this happens, the team committed the mistake is given a penalty and the ball is tossed from the side line about 3 metres away from the sector. 5.When the ball has gone out of the field, it is not allowed to pass it directly to the goalkeepers.
  4. 4. M ethodological guidelines : 1.If there are fewer players, there can be only two arcs in each field, not four. The playground can be smaller, too. 2.The rules for passing the ball can be different, like the ones in basketball or handball. 3.The rules can directly follow those in basketball or handball.
  5. 5. Playing in the school yard