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Open source technologies in Microsoft cloud


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Open source in Azure - java, Linux, msopentech and Zulu.

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Open source technologies in Microsoft cloud

  1. 1. azure_cee
  2. 2. Contents Azure intro Microsoft open source things Nice technical things Running java Running Linux Good things from business side Q/A ( if there any )
  3. 3. Windows Azure - datacenters West US East US North Central US South Central US North Europe Dublin West Europe Amsterdam South East Asia East Asia
  4. 4. Windows Azure - infrastructure Virtual tour to Datacenter:
  5. 5. Windows Azure – Dublin datacenter Global Foundation Services video :
  6. 6. What about latency ? Azure cross datacenter latenciesc FromTo (ms) North-central US South-central US North Europe West Europe East Asia South-East Asia North-central US 4.2 35.3 97 103.6 190.9 219.7 South-central US 37.8 2.3 111.2 117.5 190 218.6 North Europe 99.8 111.8 2 20.9 283.3 312.3 West Europe 107.5 118.6 21.1 2.3 291.8 320.8 East Asia 194.5 190.8 284.2 291.7 1.6 32.6 South-East Asia 223.1 219.2 312.9 320.1 32.2 1.9
  7. 7. What service degradation ? • Hm, sometimes it happenes • Create ticker at our tech support every time when you see any issues • Contact Micrsoft rep ( it’s me in CEE!! ) to get 1-1 info • Service dashboard is always available • Use multi-geo architecture design and TrafficManager to route traffic on DNS level
  8. 8. What about latency ? Europe is very well-covered, even Russia ( up to Ural )
  9. 9. Microsoft + Java • Great Java experience on Windows Server and Windows Azure • Windows Azure plug-in for Eclipse with Java
  10. 10. We have changed as a company and have become more OPEN
  11. 11. So getting back to real life, what do we have :
  12. 12. And also don’t forget about nice things in our pocket
  13. 13. SQL Azure :
  14. 14. And yes, now we have:  Oracle are officially supported their DB in Azure  Disk drives in VMs is now better  Windows desktop apps hosting scenario is supported  Good discounts for enterprise  VM Depot with a lot of vm images based on linux
  15. 15. And finally we have autoscaling  Now is part of platform  Watches CPU or Azure Queues  For more custom settings use Wasabi library -
  16. 16. So how our PaaS works ?
  17. 17. ServiceDefinition.csdef <ServiceDefinition name="MyService" xmlns="" > <WebRole name="WebRole1"> <Startup> <Task commandLine="Startup.cmd" executionContext="limited" taskType="simple"> </Task> </Startup> </WebRole> </ServiceDefinition>
  18. 18. So now we can do interesting things!  We can modify WorkerRole1approotstartup.cmd  For example we donwnload tomcat and install this, but also we can do git clone or svn co so RUN JAVA, RUN! cscript /B /Nologo %APPROOT%utilunzip.vbs %APPROOT% cscript "utildownload.vbs" "" cscript /B /Nologo %APPROOT%utilunzip.vbs %APPROOT% copy %APPROOT%foo.war %APPROOT%apache-tomcat-6.0.32webapps cd %APPROOT%apache-tomcat-6.0.32bin set JRE_HOME=%APPROOT%jre6
  19. 19. Let go to Java world! You can develop on using Eclipse (on Windows ) You may use ANT to build/deploy Startup. Cmd is always option to configure all things Not like Windows-based PaaS – here’s Linux with REST API to manage VMs ( and then root ssh
  20. 20. If Java, why Oracle ? We have option called ZULU!
  21. 21. Enjoy Zulu java! Zulu – OpenJDK port ( by Azul ) for Windows Azure  ISV-friendly binary licensing for easy embedding with 3rd party applications ( GPL v2 )  Looks like Azul will support it and open to collaboration with community Check it out:
  22. 22. Your own linux in Azure ? Yes,if HyperV supports this What you need is to add Linux agent to your disto. Linux agent responsible for interacting with Windows Azure Fabric Controller Sources: Manual:
  23. 23. – good place for open source  Supported: TFS, git, mercurial, svn  Have wiki, issue tracker, forums  >300к active contibutors  28 000 projects
  24. 24. Open source frameworks  SDK for PHP:  Ruby on Rails SDK:  DNN - DotNetNuke CMS:  Lucene.NET (use blobs ):  Python for Visual Studio:  ASP.NET web stack (MVC, Web API ):
  25. 25. Cloud Ninja:  Open source - multi-tenant app  You base your app on these code  Metering ( including storage inboud/outbound bandwith usage, and billable transactions )  Automated Scaling  Federated Identity     Storage Analytics Authorization via ACS Provisioning Metering Charts
  26. 26. e SDK inside :  .NET SDK  Java SDK  Node.js  PHP  Python  Ruby  Mobile Services – IOS, Android, Windows Phone, JavaScript, WindowsStore  PowerShell and node.js scripts  IISNode ( node.js hosting on IIS )
  27. 27. How to Azure : Tips and trick 30 days trials on 2y trial for MSDN members 3y trial for BizSpark member ( very easy to join! ) – each BizSpark trial includes 8 MSDN subscriptions You may try to get Windows Azure Offer $60K for 2y 25% discount to MSDN members for out-of-limit Azure usage GREAT, BIG DISCOUNTS via Enterprise Agreement!
  28. 28. Business support, if you do app based on Azure: We can do co-marketing You will have technical and business persons to contact with You may have great discounts on cloud Early access to betas and updates Participation in Microsoft activities – events, road-show, campaign, business and tech trainings Yes, we have Go-To-Market program for our partners which run on a global level and we can help you to open doors in specified region/industry
  29. 29. Online resources Open technologies in CEE CEE Azure user group in Facebook Open technologies in CEE @OpennessAtCEE Last new in our twitter @azure_cee All questions about Azure in CEE
  30. 30. Your questions…
  31. 31. Thank you ! Bokov Alexey You may find all my slides here:
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