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Ab bulk mailer

  1. 1.  Presenting worlds best email marketing software with built-in email extractor and email verifier for $25 only. AB Bulk mailer is being used in 45 countries. Imagine how many orders you get when your sales mails goes to 1 million people every day.
  2. 2.  Expand your business world-wide free and fast through AB Bulk Mailer Christmas Edition .. most popular email marketing software, bulk mailing and email scheduling software that sends million emails every day FREE using gmail, yahoo, msn etc or your web site and can change the destiny of your company within days.. Built-in email extractor through which you can grab email addresses from any website/Google Search. Allows to schedule personalized in text/HTML format.Allows import/export of contacts from text files/excel/gmail/facebook. Allows to send mails base on day and hour limit. When your clients reply to your mail, you get informed on a single email address. Contains free email verifier that allows to verify your mailing list contacts..Designed for higher inbox delivery and no mail ID blocking.World class unsubscription.It allows you to send mails yourself. No need to hire people for bulk mailing agencies.Has a very powerful email scheduler.You can add multiple gmail and yahoo accounts to send mail. You can also add any smtp server to it and send 30,000 per hour
  3. 3.  Adding email accounts … You can add multiple email Accounts from which you can send mails:- Gmail Yahoo MSN Live AIM Your web site Any smtp server that you purchased Google/Yahoo allows sending 500 mails per day from one account. Means if you add 100 accounts in ‘Email Accounts’ you can send 500,000 mails FREE every day. Create schedule: Create mail subject Create Mail body Designer as well as HTML View Create Contacts to whom you want to send mails Send Mails:- Personalized Mails... sends 1 mail at a time Easy send... sends 100 mail at a time, runs schedules in parallel Auto Startup... sends 1 mail at a time Unsubscription Scheduling Mails : Use Repeat concept Only Active schedules can be mailed Email extractor:- Extract from web Extract from text file Extract using Google Search Import from Excel 2003 file Export contacts Email Verify Settings:- Import contacts from Gmail Group Mailing and Backup
  4. 4.  Increase the reach of your business through our email marketing software. Send 1 millions of mails to your customers free. AB Bulk Mailer, developed by high end engineering innovations, can solve all your bulk mail email marketing problems. Try it free for unlimited period. The software is free up to sending mails to 5 contacts and free for socal causes like HIV, poverty elevation, women empowerment, research institutions. You can send mails yourself with out paying third party email marketing companies. The software comes with a multi threaded scheduling system, which allows you schedule mails. You can be out of office for months but your promotion mails go as if sent by you one by one. You can use your company email address or multiple gmail and yahoo accounts.AB bulk mailer is a worlds top bulk mailing and email marketing tool and can send thirty thousand mails per hour per computer. This emails marketing software can be used to send mailing maillist used scheduled times, manually and in many other modes. The software is been seen as worlds most popular email scheduling software. The software has become so popular in a short time that worlds leading downloading sites like CNET download.com, BrotherSoft,and thousand of others have accepted our request to allow its download on their sites free.So what are you waiting for. This tool is definitely for you. We believe if this tool is used by a right person/company it can change the destiny of the company. Advantages of email marketing : it helps to you to grow business using internet in a short time across the world. it helps you to reach new customers and retain existing customers. The end customer who is looking for the service that you offer,does not know about you. It can help you to stay ahead in competition. The potential customer does not know that you offer the service that they are looking for At least 1 % of mails can turn into orders. So if you send 1 million mails every day, you may get thousands of orders every day. It helps you to organise your business and the services in sync with the customer satisfaction If big companies need email companies, why not you, business comes every where using the same way.