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Mechanical engineer


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Published in: Education, Sports
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Mechanical engineer

  1. 1. Mechanical Engineer BY:ABNER ESCARCEGA
  2. 2. Mechanical Engineer Info There are many Mechanical Engineer like for computers for cars and also for planes. MechanicalEngineer salary is hourly wage is $38.09 and Annual Wage is $79,230. I wonted to become andMechanical Engineer because I wont 2 see how they work and I wont to be able to fix them.
  3. 3. STANFORD Private school Located on san Francisco and San Jose Founded by Amasa Leland Stanford
  4. 4. Stanford Reqirment High school diploma 4 years of English 3 years of foreign langauge 1 year of history 4 years of math 3 years of science 2 years of social studys
  5. 5. Stanford: Cost and financial aid Room and board cost per year $12,291 Books and Supplies cost per year $1,500 Personal Expenses cost per year $2,400 Tuition cost per year $40,050 Orientation fee per year cost $438 Campus health service fee per year cost $519
  6. 6. UCLA UCLA is a public school The founder of UCLA is named Edward Augustus Dickson. Located in Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles.
  7. 7. UCLA Information and Requirement Minimum a GPA of 3.0 2 years of history and also social studies. 4 years of math 2 years of laboratory science foreign language required 2 years 3 years recommended Visual and Performing Arts 1 year required College Preparatory Electives 1 year
  8. 8. Other info about UCLA UCLA has a football team and a basketball team
  9. 9. USC USC is a public private school The location of USC is in Los Angeles California USC was found in 1880 Judge Robert Maclay Windey.
  10. 10. USC requirements English 2 years. Diversity Foreign language at least 3 years 2 years of institution 4 years of institution
  11. 11. Other info on USC They have a football team and also a basketball team. There mascot is a Trojan
  12. 12. Citations a53ef0168e66746aa970c-800wi la_logo.png royce_800.jpg
  13. 13. Citations a53ef01676160c651970b-800wi 04/fb_usc.jpg /34/Stanford_University_seal.svg/210px- Stanford_University_seal.svg.png