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CLIENT SUCCESS STORY                                                                                                      ...
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ABN AMRO Klantbeoordelingen - Case Study Bazaarvoice


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ABN AMRO Klantbeoordelingen - Case Study Bazaarvoice

  1. 1. CLIENT SUCCESS STORY ABN AMRO Build Social Presence Twitter YouTube Facebook ABN AMRO engages with customers to build communities of transparencyCompany Profile, Netherlands and trust Google+ Linkedin HyvesFinancial ServicesBazaarvoice Solutions Authentic dialogue with customers builds trustConversationsCustomer Since 93% of customers rate ABN AMRO Continuous Travel Insurance at 4 out2011 of 5 stars and above Transparency and positive impressions drive 40% uplift in conversion Rating ReviewingBackgroundFounded in the Netherlands three centuries ago,ABN AMRO has grown into one of Europe’sleading financial services groups with €150billion of assets and operations on five continents.With a mission to be trusted, professional andambitious, it delivers high quality products to itsretail, private and commercial banking customers.ABN AMRO works with Bazaarvoice to betterlisten and learn from its clients: demonstratingtransparency, ensuring relevance and fosteringthe most valuable commodity of all — trust.ChallengeABN AMRO’s success comes from a very clearfocus on putting clients first. Today, this hasseen it embrace the opportunities of the digitalage, building a strong social media presenceon platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and sector, where all risks have to be weighed intelligent, word-of-mouth digital engagement.LinkedIn. “We want to become a part of people’s lives, to both educate them on financial It immediately became clear that ABN AMROmatters and to learn from them about what they ABN AMRO, however, realises that the biggest needed scalability and flexibility, allowingneed and want from us,” said Sander Nubé, Social risk of all is to ignore this rapidly expanding the company to start small but grow rapidlyMedia Manager within the ABN AMRO Marketing channel and lose relevance. The company needed when required. In addition, progress had to bedepartment. a word-of-mouth engagement partner that could evidence based — not least to reassure internal deliver transparency, real dialogue and bottom stakeholders — and so any solution demandedAlways looking to the future, ABN AMRO detailed reporting at every stage. This would line results.seeks new ways of building, maintaining and allow for real time refinement for maximumstrengthening its customer relationships. User- Solution returns.generated content is one such approach, but alsoone that is yet to gain traction in the industry. With stakes high — potentially putting its hard Bazaarvoice identified ‘Conversations’, aThis reticence is perhaps understandable in the won reputation on the line — ABN AMRO solution designed to help businesses engagetraditionally conservative financial services approached Bazaarvoice as the leader in with customers by initiating authentic dialogue Telephone: +44 (0)208 080 1100 Learn more at
  2. 2. CLIENT SUCCESS STORY ABN AMROthrough rating and review. Existing clients using least four stars. Conversion rates, defined as and acts as a catalyst for new business. WhilstABN AMRO’s ‘Continuous Travel Insurance’ were taking an inquiry from start to completion of a we work to foster trust with our customers,given the opportunity to rate their product and quote, leapt by 40 per cent. Bazaarvoice does the same: our account teamexperience from one to five stars after completing is always there to ensure that the solution is not Sander Nubé sees this is just the beginning ofthe damage report process. Potential risks only working, but working for us. We know that Conversations’ benefits, estimating that ABNassociated with free-text reviews were allayed when we’re ready to move to the next level in AMRO is currently exploiting just 10 per centwith Bazaarvoice’s unique moderation system, customer engagement, Bazaarvoice will get us of the solution’s potential. It is leading to thewhich combines state-of-the-art technology with there.” introduction of Conversations for eight additionalhuman insight. products, with incremental expansion plannedBenefits throughout 2013 and beyond.Results were immediate: in just two weeks in Sander Nubé said, “Giving customers the abilityJanuary 2012, 93 per cent of customers who to see what others think about ABN AMRO’srated their travel insurance rewarded it with at products demonstrates transparency, builds trust 2