The Meaning of CIO Squared - Andy Blumenthal


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The Meaning of CIO Squared - Andy Blumenthal

  1. 1. The Meaning of ‘CIO Squared’ (Opinion) Home News Topics Jobs Digital Communities Education Video Events Webinars Papers & Books Grants Magazines Advertise Search The Meaning of ‘CIO Squared’ (Opinion) News Topics Daily Govtech News In Your Inbox E-Government March 8, 2012 By Andy Tweet 2 Emerging and Sustainable Blumenthal Enter your email VIEW SAMPLE Recommend Technology An article recently Health and Community published on CIO Subscribe to Government Technology Services Magazine’s website IT Policy/Mgmt/Enterprise describes the term Subscribe | View Digital Issue Tech “CIO Squared” as “the combination of chief information officer and chief Justice and Public Safety innovation officer,” and goes on to provide examples Products of CIOs who are both of these. Transportation and Infrastructure While I respect this definition of the term and think innovation is certainly critical to the success of any Wireless/Mobile/Broadband CIO — and for that matter any organization in our Like 1822 likes. Sign Up to see what your View All News Topics... times — I have been writing a column called CIO friends like. Andy Blumenthal, division Squared for a couple of years in Public CIO chief, U.S. State Department GT Network of Sites magazine and have other thoughts about what this Follow @govtechnews 4,652 followers Digital Communities really means. Emergency Management Moreover, I think the article in CIO missed the point of what "squared" really implies. Public CIO Government Best Practices Videos Like the notion that 1+1=3, CIO Squared is a concept that the CIO is not just multifaceted » A New Model for Human Resources Photos and multitalented (that would be 1+1=2), but rather that the CIO integrates multiple facets, » Abandoning the High Cost of Enterprise Content roles and synergizes so that they have an impact greater than the sum of the parts (i.e., Newsletters Management 1+1=3). Industry Perspectives I see CIO Squared fulfilling its potential in a couple of major ways: Case Studies First, many organizations have both a chief information officer (CIO) and a chief White Papers technology officer (CTO) — breaking the “information technology” concept and Contributed Solutions responsibility into its components and dividing the responsibility between two different How to Guides people or different roles in the organization. One is responsible for the information needs of the business; the other brings the technology solutions to bear. However, I believe, fundamentally, a truly successful CIO needs to be able to bridge both of these functions and wear both hats — and wear them well. The CIO should be able to work with the business to define and, moreover, envision their future needs to remain competitive and differentiated (thats the innovation piece). But at the same time, CIO also needs to be able to work toward fulfilling those needs with technology and other solutions. Therefore, at some point the role split between the CIO as the "business guy" and the CTO as the "technology whiz" has to merge back into an executive who speaks both languages and can execute on these. That does not mean that the CIO is a one-person team — quite the contrary, the CIO has the support and team that can plan and manage to both. But the CIO should remain the leader — the point of the spear — for both. Another way to think of this is that CIO Squared is another name for chief information technology officer (CITO). A second notion of CIO Squared that I had when putting that moniker out there for my MOST VIEWED MOST COMMENTED column was that the CIO represents two other roles. On one hand, he or she is a consummate professional and business person dedicated to the mission and serving This Section | Whole Site customer and stakeholders. On the other hand, the CIO needs to be a “mensch” — a School Laptop Scandal Teaches Valuable Lessons decent human being with integrity, empathy and caring for others. New York Officials Promise Reforms After Scathing IT Audit This notion of a CIO, or for that matter, any CXO — chief executive officer or the “X” BYOD Policies Expand in State and Local Agencies representing any C-suite officer (CEO, COO, CFO, CHCO, etc.) — needs to be dual-hatted, where they perform highly for the organization delivering mission results, but New York City to Mandate Open Data simultaneously do so keeping in mind the impact on people and what is ultimately good 5 Tips for Managing Successful Vendor and righteous. Relationships Therefore, the CIO Squared is one who can encompass both the business and technology1 of 3 3/8/12 7:04 PM
  2. 2. The Meaning of ‘CIO Squared’ (Opinion) roles and synthesize these for the strategic benefit of the organization, but also one who is mission-focused and maintains integrity and oneness with his people and “G-d” above who watches all. This column was reprinted with permission from Andy Blumenthal’s website. You may use or reference this story with attribution and a link to | More Comments oldest first Add Your Comment Name * Email Comment * You are solely responsible for the content of your comments. We reserve the right to remove comments that are considered profane, vulgar, obscene, factually inaccurate, off-topic, or considered a personal attack. Submit Comment Latest From IT Policy/Mgmt/Enterprise Tech Colorado Moving Email to Google The Meaning of ‘CIO Squared’ (Opinion) School Laptop Scandal Teaches Valuable Lessons Tech Helps Transit Authority Rebound in Gulf Coast Area BYOD Policies Expand in State and Local Agencies GovTech Papers and Case Studies View Library White Paper: White Paper: Case Study: Case Study: Playing the Hand The Case for A Maryland County Pioneer State Leads You Have Been Enterprise Content Raises Efficiency Again with Cloud Dealt Management (ECM) with IT Management Adoption in Government Software2 of 3 3/8/12 7:04 PM