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  1. 1. Introducing the future of soaps……A NEW soap for a NEW generation
  2. 2. Where everything is sweet… But sour. mostly
  3. 3. Why is the soap called ‚Cherry Gardens‛?Well..• It’s got a ring to it.• Short and snappy.• Name of a real place in Chelmsford, which is our setting.• Sounds like a soap opera name.• It has connotations of a sweet area but is this ironic?• ‘Gardens’ suggests a rural area.
  4. 4. Location…
  5. 5. Location,Location…
  6. 6. Location, Location,
  7. 7. Cherry Gardens’CHARACTERS
  8. 8. Name: Marris MorrisAge: 52 years Do theseOccupation: Owner of village pubOther:• Divorced from wife Sally who left him 5 years ago.images stir your• He is depressed from the divorce and misunderstood by the community. He believes that every female is his wife Sally.• Lives alone above his pub. The only time he imagination? comes down is to get a pint or to chat to the busty blonde bar maiden (whom he thinks is Sally) who his son, Dom, is going out with. The village inhabitants see him as a strange old man but he is really just longing after his wife Sally.• He needs help…
  9. 9. Name: Dom MorrisAge: 22 yearsOccupation: ElectricianOther:• Girlfriend, Georgia is the bartender at his dads pub.• Georgia has a child from a pervious relationship, Dom wants to take on role of father, but people are telling him to leave her before he gets too involved.• He wants to get married but friends are persuading him not to.
  10. 10. Name: Georgia StimpsonAge: 26 yearsOccupation: BarmaidOther:• In a relationship with bosses son, Dom.• Has a three year old son, Billy, from a previous relationship, but does not know the father.• She has a bit of a reputation to get around with men.
  11. 11. Name: Dan SmithAge: 15 yearsOccupation: StudentOther:• Stereotypical Chav.• He sits at the childrens park with his mate Kirk and they smoke.• He is a wannabe Kirk.
  12. 12. Name: Kirk HudsonAge: 17 yearsOccupation: Unemployed and onbenefitsOther:• Stereotypical Chav.• Horrible person.• Had 2 dogs which he loves.
  13. 13. What could they look like?
  14. 14. Name: Beryl ClarkAge: 80 yearsOccupation: Retired teacherOther:• Widowed• Loved by everyone• Knows all secrets• Spreader of gossip• In a wheelchair• Is cared for by her daughter who never married, Hetty, who she is trying to set up with Marris
  15. 15. Name: Hetty ClarkAge: 54 yearsOccupation: Dinner lady at school where hermother, Beryl, used to teachOther:• Single and lonely• Can’t use technology to access dating sites• Cat owner• Looks after her mother Beryl
  16. 16. Narrative of the 1st episode• Youths in pub, trying to get served, staring at barmaid• Marris tells them to leave• Kirk mock Marris• Marris mocks Kirk’s dog, Mick.• Marris gets punched by Kirk.• Beryl goes to Marris’ aid• Marris admits he needs help.
  17. 17. Demographic &Psychographi c profiles
  18. 18. Other media texts• Other shows our target audience would watch include:• The X Factor• Celebrity Juice• Britains got Talent• An Idiot Abroad• You’ve Been FramedOur target audience like to see peoplegetting hurt/embarrassing themselves forlaughs… To make themselves feel betterabout their own working class lives
  19. 19. Other media texts!!• They would read ‘The Sun’ for daily news intake.• They would use websites rather than books for source their information.• They would use social-networking site on a regular basis.• Through these websites, we would make our soap unique by opening up some storylines to our audience meaning they can help decide characters’ fates.We are trend setters!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. 20. Channel 5• There is a lack of British soaps• Wouldn’t be competing against a similar soap on same channel• Competition between other channels• It was too similar to Eastenders to put on BBC1 , ITV already have 2 popular soaps so…• Channel 4 is aimed at a younger audience
  21. 21. Invest for……A NEWsoap for NEW a generation(…And for lots of money)