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Rachael Evaluation Of My Music Magazine


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Rachael Evaluation Of My Music Magazine

  1. 1. My magazine is conventional in the sense that it uses many similar colours and fonts to other existing ‘rock’ magazines. My double-page spread is structured like a typical rock magazine, with the large fonts with the words ‘Introducing’ and ‘OXIDIZE!’ However, my magazine has some unconventional features, such as borders. Many magazines do not usually use borders. I also used some unconventional photos, such as the ones on the double page spread – the ones which have 3 images in one frame.
  2. 2. I think that my product would be best distributed as a ‘free’ magazine supplement, to be given away with a larger more popular magazine. I feel it is unsuitable for mass production and would probably not sell very well on its own. Alternatively it could be published on the internet, on one of the other ‘alternative’ magazine’s websites as a free supplement.
  3. 3. The target audience for my product will be 16-20 year old males and females who are interested in alternative music. Some articles in my magazine may not be suitable or interesting for younger people. I think the audience are first attracted by the magazine’s appearance. The red title with the white background, jumps out at the audience and the fonts used suggest the genre of the magazine. Once the audience has been caught by the magazines features, they are drawn in by the articles. The cover acts as a teaser with only a few articles and a competition opportunity.
  4. 4. During this project I have learned more about the magazine industry and the media. I was able to research many existing magazines and learn more about each one. I can now distinguish between the different genres with a lot more ease, and associate certain band names with each genre. I have learned how to make a magazine look more professional and I now know what kind of articles, language and photography is used in certain genres of magazine. Through the process of constructing my magazine, I have learnt how to use photo editing software and how to use presentation software. This has increased my skills into developing photos.