Nathan Dack Research And Planning


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Nathan Dack Research And Planning

  1. 1. Music Magazine Development and Analysis
  2. 2. Preliminary Task New School Magazine Top Tips To deal with Exam Stress and Boredom Exam Bores Also in This Issue For The Common Room? Your vote on Page 4 New Toy for The weights Gym? More on Page 5 New School Magazine Top Tips To deal with Exam Stress and Boredom Exam Bores Also in This Issue For The Common Room? Your vote on Page 4 New Toy for The weights Gym? More on Page 5 My photo
  3. 3. Questionnaire <ul><li>The questionnaire I wrote was the one which showed me which genre to select and other features amongst that. </li></ul><ul><li>These are the questions I used </li></ul>
  4. 4. Analysis of Existing Magazine Massive Magazine brand in red eye catching colour Well Known star playing Glastonbury Festival Eye catching Headline in Big white and Red colours Sub stories done in same style to be just as appealing Tagline made Huge to capitalise on Glastonbury hype Massive Picture of Jay-Z makes for good selling point
  5. 5. Analysis of NME Contents Page More Reiteration of NME Column of band index lets the reader know which bands will be included Picture takes up a major proportion of the page Sub Article to keep the reader more interested Contents itself separate from other area of the page Advert for subscription early on in the magazine while the reader is still interested
  6. 6. Analysis of Double page spread Massive Headline Article writing kept in line in columns to appear more organized for the reader Sub headline used mid page to highlight an important part or the article Article uses double line spacing to appear that more has bee written Massive pictures cut down to smaller pieces to look like more is written with smaller captions Not Much White Space
  7. 7. Hand Drawn Design of Contents Selling line to make the magazine seem more important A smaller story than the cover story but still important A list of smaller stories which aren’t important enough to be cover stories Cover story emphasised for effect Image made huge to make it look better Tag line for the customer to make the magazine more attractive Massive title for effect Colours Used Red and black for attractivness
  8. 8. Design of Contents A way to appeal to the reader and show positive feedback Small Article much like NME’s contents Subscription with website to interest the reader early on Big image to catch attention Contents kept separate so as to keep the page organized Title to establish the magazines presence Colours used Red and Black for effect and keeping with magazines house colours Columns used to keep it organized or to make it appear more organized so it is easy on the readers eyes
  9. 9. Design of Double page spread Images of each band Member Biography on each band member with false names and stories Interview style organized into columns to keep it looking neat Big image of the band together Page numbers at the top Colours used Red and black to keep with the House style etc.
  10. 10. My magazine Analysis Front cover Massive title, Exclusive suggests the magazine was made just for them or contains things other magazines wont have Smaller sub story given its own image and tailored sub headline Smaller sub stories listed down the side to give the reader a taste of what's in store Fonts used will be consistent throughout to avoid any clashes with other styles As will the colours used Massive headline for the story emphasises its importance Words were made to be associated with what they stand for e.g. whiskey in the style of that which you may find on a whiskey bottle Tag line used to make the reader feel special Selling line to appeal to readers making the magazine seem popular
  11. 11. My Magazine Analysis Contents Reiterates the magazine publication for effect Reader comments box allows for comments that readers have made to give us feedback Subscription advert shown early on to appeal to readers while they are still interested Editors note box: many magazine sometimes do this, it is used when a magazine want to commemorate an editor for doing an excellent job Original image used Contents section kept separate to distinguish each part for neatness Page is kept organized in columns and boxes to make it easier on the readers eyes
  12. 12. My Magazine Analysis Double Page Spread 2 Original images used as band members Biography style article to gain insight on the new band Black dividers used to distinguish area of the article Final original image used as a band pose Interview style article e.g. questions and answers Page number at the top to make them noticeable Colours and fonts remain the same for house style purposes
  13. 13. Original images Used <ul><li>I used 5 original images in the production of my music magazine. The ones which include the band member s were taken on the principle that they had to look like a real band but a fun band rather than the kind which get serious, so it was decided that I should take it in a light area to get emphasis on their happiness as sunshine is a symbol of happiness. </li></ul><ul><li>The poses they did in the photos with them separate had to be medium close up so the audience got a good feel for them rather than the band images which were taken a little further away, as I have said lighting played a huge part as the band were supposed to appear less gothic than a new alternative band but still produce the same music so the lighting helped pull that off. </li></ul><ul><li>The photo of the editor (top left) had to be one that was less professional as many magazines when they do this get ‘mug shots’ of their editors to use if they are going to edit them so this photo was immediately perfect. </li></ul>
  14. 14. Fonts <ul><li>Their was were a few specific fonts that I used throughout this magazine, the most recurring was the main one, which was called ‘Feast Of Flesh BB’ this was the font that was used to write the articles and the titles of the magazine, it was chosen because of its look and its rock feel to it, it was a perfect choice as it can be seen on the right. </li></ul><ul><li>There were not many other fonts used in the creation of my magazine as the one which summed it up very well was Feast of Flesh. </li></ul><ul><li>However their were other fonts which made small appearances in the magazine, the first was the posh curly hand writing (example on the right) used to make the word Pope in the Pope discredits Metallica story, this was chosen because it highlighted the class of the pope and how he would most probably write and because it went well with the story and image used. </li></ul><ul><li>The other was another custom text called Metallica, this one was used in the same story and was chosen because it was the same writing that Metallica use, and it seemed to fit the story well, much like the posh writing for the pope. </li></ul><ul><li>The other font used was in the subscription advert on the contents page which was a bold font, this was used because it was the best thing to use to make an advert stand out, as it represents big block letters in white to stand out from the black to get the readers attention. </li></ul>Pope