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Autism: Dad is Comming Home


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Autism: Dad is Comming Home

  1. 1. Autism: Dad’s Coming Home Sponsored by: Able Pathways Military Families: Deployment, Discharge, Return, and Change of Duty Station Pictures and Content Copyright Matthew A. T. Lehman, BCBA
  2. 2. Speaker Background• BCBA• Why this population
  3. 3. What Brings YOU Here?• Deploying, Returning, Looking at Retirement?• Just Arrived? or Heading out?• Recent Diagnosis / At Risk Status ?
  4. 4. Presentation Goals– Identify common problems– How to minimize the impact– Proven techniques– Transitioning services
  5. 5. The 4 C’s: Consistency– Consistency • Maintaining your child’s program • Adding back in a new team member • Rules and Regs of the Home
  6. 6. The 4 C’s: Concern– Concern • Let your kiddo in on the changes And your spouse too! • Re-establishing the parent-child bond • Let your kids feel like they have some control – within limits
  7. 7. The 4 C’s: Change– Change • Its Inevitable, it sucks, its life…– Big Changes  Big Behavior • This is true for all your kiddos– Consistency • Here it is again
  8. 8. The 4 C’s: Care– Care or rather self- and spouse-care– Take some time for yourselves • Use that respite! • Find the humor– Setup a Support System
  9. 9. Best Resources• TriCare/TriWest• Regional Center• Schools• Other Insurance• Community
  10. 10. TriCare/TriWest• Benefits / Limitations – $36,000 Service Cap – Limited parent training • Special Offer from Able Pathways! – BCBA level supervisors – Ends when you retire• Contacts – Online BCBA Provider List – FRO, EFMO, STOMP Network
  11. 11. San Diego Regional Center• Benefits / Limitations – New ABA 101 Class – Parent training – Funding limits – (new) 2 year cap on ABA – NO social Skills• Potential Gap Coverage
  12. 12. Schools• Many options – Pubic – Private – Behavior Needs Specific
  13. 13. Other Insurance• Medicare – Doesn’t often cover ABA or BCBA’s• Self-Insured Companies• Takes a LOT of work (Hang in There!) – Business of denying claims – SB 946• Some Success with Private Insurance – in some places
  14. 14. Community• San Diego is BIG – Services for You – Services for your Family• Agencies and Related Service Options
  15. 15. PEERS (a small service promotion)Making & Keeping Friends: Program for the Education and Enhancement of Relational Skills• 14-week group therapy training for middle and high schoolers• Each session lasts 1.5 hrs and includes parent training• Evidenced based and research backed program that makes a BIG difference• Best of All: Some Insurance programs cover part or all of this critical service.
  16. 16. Enrollment and Group InformationPEERS may be appropriate for teens with:• ADHD• Asperger’s Disorder• Depression• Other social & behavioral problems• High Functioning Autism• PDD• Anxiety
  17. 17. In closing“This world is not what I expected it to be . . . But for all the strains and struggles, the heart break and hardships, I wouldn’t change a single moment – for it brought me you.” - anonymous • •