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Annual report final for print

  1. 1. ABLE CHARITIESHEPLING THE HELPLESSANNUAL REPORTYear 2010-11A helping handto the underprivileged
  2. 2. 1 Able Charities Annual Report, Year 2010-11| •MissionABLEs mission is to improve the quality of life for people living invillages in general, especially orphans, widows and their children, byoffering medical services, education, and vocational activities in anenvironment that is affordable, congenial and rural based.VisionABLEs vision is to be a leading transparent and professionallymanaged non-profit organization addressing healthcare, education,and employment in rural India. It is the vision of ABLE to make anhonest endeavor to ensure provision of healthcare and education tothat segment of rural poor (orphans and children of widows) which isdeprived of these basic facilities due to acute poverty and ignorance.
  3. 3. Annual Report, Year 2010-11 • Able Charities 2|The story of ABLE Charities is a saga of service, honesty, compassion and love forthe downtrodden including orphans, poor widows and their children, and slumchildren. Set up in 1993 in a single 150 sq. ft. room, in a remote village about75kms from Delhi (on way to Agra), ABLE Charitable Hospital has grown to being a50000 sq. ft. 100 bed hospital.ABLE today provides free education and healthcare to 75 orphans in 7 differentvillages of Palwal district. Besides, 1000 children of poor rural widows in 25 villagesare being supported by ABLE in education, medical and psychosocial services sinceJanuary 2010. Further, ABLE has been supporting the education of 600 children indifferent slums of Faridabad through six non-formal education centers.IntroductionNearly 1700 children are presently in ABLE’S education program.Free distribution of clothes to poor in villagesMeeting and interacting with widows in a village
  4. 4. 3 Able Charities| • Annual Report, Year 2010-11Dear Friends,It is with sense of joy and pride; we bring out the annual review for the period of 2010 - 2011. Our joy comesfrom the fact that we have by Gods grace been able to work with families and communities to ensure wellbeing of their children.ABLE has initiated many programs this year -"If children do not go to School, then School should go to the children" is the motto. ABLE - the largestoperational NGO in District Palwal exists for. Over the past 18 years, ABLE has facilitated and witnessed thejourney of many to look beyond the slums to a life of self reliance. This year many children have gone back toSchool, with clean uniforms and books.ABLE launched a Mobile Hospital. It is a unique modified ambulance that includes a modern laboratory systemand other medical facilities. Through this we are providing on the spot medical services in the slums ofFaridabad and a few villages of Palwal district.ABLE positively discriminates towards the girl child who helps build her self confidence; she can thus not onlyface the world, but challenge it too. The impact of education also encompasses her family, her friends and hercommunity. ABLE has initiated two major programs exclusively for girl that - Scholarship program for ruralbright girls and annually Mini Marathon on save the girl child.We want to thank all our donors and sponsors whose trust in us has been a great blessing. We acknowledgethe unstinting support that various government officials at various levels have provided.With Regards,Prem Kumar KhullarSquadron Leader (Retd.)PresidentABLE CharitiesFrom the President Prem Kumar Khullar
  5. 5. Annual Report, Year 2010-11 • Able Charities 4|In Jan. 2010, ABLE India took an initiative to start six non formal education centers in different slums ofFaridabad with the objective IF CHILDREN CANNOT GO TO THE SCHOOL, THEN SCHOOL SHOULDGO TO THE CHILDREN. At present, ABLE is educating 600 slum dwelling children in Faridabad. Thesecenters provide need based educational services to the marginalized children in the following ways:• Non formal educational services for the young adults of any age to reduce the rate of drop outs frommainstream schools.• Admission of non school goers to the Govt. schools.• Try to improve the reading, writing and arithmetic levels of the children.Locations of our Non formal Education Centers are as follows:1. Sihi Village Slum, Faridabad2. Ram Nagar, Faridabad3. Jalghar, Sec-4, Faridabad4. Ram Temple, near Ganda Nala, Ballabgarh Dividing Road Faridabad5. Ram Temple, 36 gaze slum, Near Sec-3, Faridabad6. Tirkha Colony, FaridabadABLE India – Welfare programs (2010-2011)Educational Activities (Non formal Education Centers)Progress in 2010-11: Highlights of key Programs
  6. 6. 5 Able Charities| • Annual Report, Year 2010-11In 2011, 72 orphans and 1000 children of widows were supported through thisprogram, in which ABLE Charities provided school fees, books and schooluniforms according to the needs of each child. Under this program, we regularlymonitor the attendance of children in schools and motivate the (widowed)mothers and/or guardians to attend parent- teacher meetings regularly. This isan ongoing program of ABLE Charities and we intend supporting 1500 childrenof widows and 120 orphans in 2012.Orphans and Widows Childrens Education Program, PalwalThe International Womens Day, celebrated on 8thMarch is a universal day for all women around theworld. It endows them with a sense of honor, dignityand self respect for being the person that they are.This day marks a celebration of the economic, social,cultural and political achievements made by womenover the years.A special event was organized by the ABLE charitiesin honor of all women associated with theorganization. The event started with specialpresentations by the girl child depicting “The genderdiscrimination in Haryana and importance of education for girl child”. The students put up many cultural showsthrough skits, dances, songs & specially organized games programs for the widows. The celebrations wereconcluded with a community lunch. Mr. T.K Sharma, IAS, commissioner, Gurgaon was the chief guest.International Womens Day, 2011Holi celebrationsOn 17th March 2011, ABLE members celebrated Holi with childrenof different slums of Faridabad. Holi celebration programs werearranged with the support of teachers from ABLEs non formaleducation centers. The children played Holi until every inch of theirbodies were covered in colors and all that remained were smilingteeth and happy gazes.Mr. Bir Singh Kali Raman, IAS, Joint Commissioner MCF was thechief guest. The celebrations were concluded with distribution ofcommunity boxes to all the 100 children who were present for thecelebrations.It was a great feeling for everyone to see the children laughing and enjoying themselves at the Holi celebrations.
  7. 7. Annual Report, Year 2010-11 • Able Charities 6|On 25th May 2011, our president got the opportunity tohave a dinner cum addressing the students at one of thebiggest college at Kent, Chatham, England.Where he addressed and had a dinner of 500 students.Dinner with British Students at Kent,Chatham, United KingdomIn June 2011 a meeting of widows was organized with the purposeof creating awareness in them with respect to parenting skills,community, health diseases and property rights of widows. . A totalof 120 widows participated and the program was very wellreceived.In July 2011, another meeting of widows was organized with theco-ordination of Lions Club, Palwal to distribute 10 kg Attaamong the most vulnerable / needy widows.Resource Persons – Dr Amod Kant from St.StephenHospital, New Delhi Ajay Pratap Singh SeniorJournalist, Palwal, Mr P. K. Khullar, President ABLERegular Social Awareness ProgramsOn 16th April, 2011, ABLE Charities took part in the Baisakhi Melaat the Community Center, Sector -15, and Faridabad. There was lotof enthusiasm amongst the young volunteers from various schools,and they managed a big stall of goodies and also provided someentertainment to the visitors at this annual spring festival. The profitswere donated to ABLE for the education of slum children inFaridabad. These volunteers also urged the people of this poshsector to support various activities of ABLE in aid of the very poor.Baisakhi Mela
  8. 8. 7 Able Charities| • Annual Report, Year 2010-11ABLE India celebrated its 19th Annual Day on 18th September2011; Mr Kulbeer Singh, M.D of Gartar Concept Clothing Ltd wasthe Chief Guest. A foundation stone for a “HOME FOR 100GIRLS WITHOUT HOME” was laid. A colorful cultural programpresented by the children of ABLE School and trainees of theVocational Training Centre made the Annual Day an enjoyableevent. Working in the rural areas for now well over 18years we keepon getting offers from very poor widows to take away theirdaughters, since they cannot feed or look after them. Invariably, ifwe do not accede to their requests, then dispose off their daughtersby marrying them off at very early ages (as young as 13 or 14years). It is to avoid this situation that we, at ABLE, plan educate afew hundred homeless or orphaned girls.The 2 hour function was followed by community lunch.19th Foundation Day of ABLE CharitiesTeachers DayOn 5th Sep, 2011, a teachers day meeting with ABLE President wasorganized at School No – 5 in Tirkha Colony, Faridabad. 13 teachersparticipated in the meeting. A lecture by Mr. P.K. Khullar was deliveredon how to become a good teacher using minimum resources. It wasalso impressed that since the children with us belong to the poorestsections and cannot afford anything, the teachers must try to accordthe maximum attention to them and never ill-treat them at any cost.A Legal Awareness Program was conducted to enable women and girls to know their legal rights and tounderstand the procedures and methods of access to the legal systems.Some important issues taken up by us included:-• Gender and Law Enforcement• Impact of Displacement of Women• Sexual Harassment at Workplace• Women in Detention• Political Empowerment of WomenChief Guest: Mr Sanjeev Mangla, Advocate from District Court, PalwalLegal Awareness Program
  9. 9. Annual Report, Year 2010-11 • Able Charities 8|From 20th Oct. to 4th Nov. 2011, Mr. Paul Horseman from AbbeyCourt School Kent, England, visited ABLE India and stayed with us atour ABLE guest house in Palwal for a fortnight. He played with theorphans, visited the rural schools as well as the biggest and richestschools at Faridabad. His aim was to see for himself the work beingdone by ABLE FOR THE POOR CHILDREN and the quantum andquality of help required to improve the education to the very poor.A INTERNATIONAL GUEST VisitOn 22th & 23rd of Oct., 2011, Diwali Mela was organized by ABLE Youth atGymkhana Club, Sec – 15, Faridabad. Seven stalls were managed by nearly50 students of ABLEs Youth who were drawn from Delhi Public School,APEEJAY School and Manav Rachna School in Faridabad. The childrenwere so enthusiastic about the work that for months they made things at theirhomes which they then displayed and sold with so much gusto that thevisitors to the show bought their wares, thus generating a profit which whatthen donated to ABLE for the education of children living in slums.Diwali Mela“Mini Marathon” –“SAVE THE GIRL CHILD”On 2nd Dec, 2011, ABLE Charities organized a MiniMarathon in association with Women EntrepreneursClub (W.E.C.) Faridabad, and 6000 children fromdifferent schools of Faridabad and around 500 otherindividuals participated in the event. The slogan for thisMini-Marathon was “SAVE THE GIRL CHILD” and theevent was a great success for ABLE Charities and W.E.C.because it raised awareness among the local peopleabout the issue of female foeticide in the state ofHaryana, where the sex ratio is 845 girls for every1000 boys, as against the national average of917 girls for every 1000 boys.
  10. 10. 9 Able Charities| • Annual Report, Year 2010-11On 17th Dec, 2011, ABLE India organized a WinterCarnival at Gymkhana Club, Sec- 15, and Faridabad.Members of ABLES YOUTH worked hard to get thehandicraft items made and sold to raise funds for ABLEprograms.Winter Carnival, 2011On 18th Dec, 2010, ABLE India was organized awinter carnival with ABLE Youths members atGymkhana Club, Sector -15, and Faridabad.The dedicated children from the best schools ofFaridabad gave considerable time and effort to sellvarious items of handicraft and other things donated bywell meaning people to garner profits which will beused for the schools in the slums.Winter Carnival, 2010On 27th Dec, ABLE was organized a one day careercounseling program with 250 students from differentschools in the district of Palwal. The purpose of thisprogram is to guide the students and make themaware about different scopes of education like shortterm courses, different types of diploma and degreecourses, technical and vocational courses etc for theirbetter future.One day program of careercounseling in Dist. Palwal,HaryanaOn 29th Oct, a community lunch with orphans andtheir guardians was organized. The idea behind thisannual lunch is that since the poor orphans do notpartake any good wholesome meals for most of theyear, hence we should try to satisfy their stomachs andpalates and make them happy at least on this day ofnational festivities.Community Lunch with Orphansand their Guardians on theoccasion of Diwali
  11. 11. Sponsoring Heart Surgeries for the DestituteVery poor children or orphans covered by ABLE are even operated for heart surgery at no cost to them. During thepast three years, ten children have been operated upon for heart disorders. On 15th of September 2011, a childnamed Deepak, son of a laborer, underwent surgery for implanting a heart pacemaker at MEDACITY Hospital inGurgaon.ABLE a learning place for the students in area of social sectorStudents from different colleges associate with ABLE for their internship every year.In 2011, the following students interned with us:Rural Internship Program1. Geke Soulier, Vismarkt yb, 3511KR Utrecht, Holland.2. Annelien de Kat, Van der Mondestraat 702, 3515 BA Utrecht, Holland.3. Achal Seksaria4. Yash Kumbhani5. Nalin Patidar6. Sushant(Interns 4 through 6 above are all students of Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information andCommunication Technology, Near Indroda Circle, Gandhinagar - 382007 Gujarat, India.)Milestones of ABLE Charities In 2011Annual Report, Year 2010-11 • Able Charities 10|ABLEs motto is…“IF CHILDREN CANNOT GO TO SCHOOL,THE SCHOOL SHOULD GO TO THE CHILDREN”Kindly join our Birthday Club & donate 1 Rupee a day,minimum Rs.365/- on your birthday.“Let your birthday become the reason tosend a child to school.”You can also donate old furniture, old clothes,old shoes, surplus medicine and stationery athome & office and collect the same fromfriends and relatives.ABLES BIRTHDAY CLUB
  12. 12. 11 Able Charities| • Annual Report, Year 2010-11ABLE India – Medical Programs (2010-2011)ABLE India has a modern and fully facilitated 100 bed Charitable Hospital.Highlights1 The focus during the year has been onReproductive Child Health, introducing familyplanning, increasing the number of institutionaldeliveries and immunization of newborns. Therehas been a remarkable improvement in all theabove areas.2. The average number of patients attending theclinic per day has increased from 35 in 2009-2010 to 50 in 2010-2011.3. A constant schedule of awareness programs hashad a significant impact.4.Our Medical Camp enables us to provide support and assistance for health related problems. We conductthese camps to enlighten people about the benefits of remaining healthy and fit. Besides, we conducttraining programs that educate people about hygiene. This helps in increasing life expectancy.5. Awareness programs on issues of Immunization, Breast Feeding, Antenatal Care and Postnatal Care,Anaemia, Tuberculosis, Water-Borne Diseases, malnutrition, Pneumonia, HIV/AIDS, Old-Age relatedproblems and others were held throughout the year.Community Health Program in various villages of Palwal, HaryanaWith linkages with various hospitals and medical centers, ABLE Charities endeavors to put quality healthcarewithin reach of various poor communities in Faridabad and the Palwal districts of Haryana. The ABLE Hospitalteam visits communities in various villages of Palwal on a weekly basis and provides them basic medical needson-site. Surgical cases are referred to the Hospital.Highlights1. Over 330 patients attended Awareness Camps on Family Planning and 6500 availed of the various servicesprovided.2. Weekly Immunization camps were conducted in various locations of Palwal and over 5000 widows andchildren benefited.3. Awareness Camps on Tuberculosis, HIV, Anemia deficiency and Prevention of other communicable diseaseswere held throughout the year at various locations in Palwal.
  13. 13. Annual Report, Year 2010-11 • Able Charities 12|On 11.11.2011, ABLE Charities launched a Mobile Hospital;it is a modified ambulance that includes a modern laboratorysystem and many other medical facilities. We are providing onthe spot medical services in the slums of Faridabad and a fewvillages of Palwal district. A recent launching of the mobilehospital in the slums of Faridabad is the latest work of ABLE--anearly self contained mobile hospital known as “HOSPITALON WHEELS“costing about Rs.18 lakhs. It is meant to servethe women of the slums/villages who are unable to go to thelady doctors for one or the other reason. They are open tounnecessary diseases just because they do not have anyfacilities for hygienic living whatsoever. These unfortunatewomen have a life of utter physical suffering and they keep onwith this life as the medical facilities are far away and theycannot go unescorted as most of the time husbands orsome male members are not available and hence wehave launched this project to EDUCATE thesehelpless women how to have preventive actionand if they still suffer then they should haveaffordable medical cover from us.Launching of Mobile Hospital (Hospital on wheels)Driving special medical services to the slums and villages of Faridabad and PalwalOn 30th Dec, ABLE launched Rohan Malhotra Poor Girls Scholarship Scheme with 250 mothers of the children for100 poor girls in the district of Palwal. After the program, ABLE organized a community lunch with the mothers of thechildren.Launching Rohan Malhotra Poor Girls Scholarship Scheme
  14. 14. 13 Able Charities| • Annual Report, Year 2010-11HELP US TO HELP THOSEWHO CAN NOT HELP THEMSELVES.I WOULD LIKE TO DONATEFor bank details & addresses in respective countries contact :E-mail : website : Mobile : 00-91-9811157104| |Proposed Poor ChildrenThe Existing Hospital - Expansion &ImprovementOne Big WardOne Big Room in the HospitalHeart HospitalDONATIONS CAN BE MADE IN ANY OF THE COUNTRIES WHERE IT IS TAX EXEMPTABLE Charities in NewsOne Small RoomOne Major OperationOne Year Education of a Child of Widow /OrphanOne year Medical Insurance of a Widow orChildUSA:ENGLAND:CANADA:INDIA:ABLE USA Inc. Charity Number DLN17053260015033 as per IRS letter dated Jan 13, 2004.ABLE Charitable Trust. UK Regd. Charity No 1067010.ABLE Foundation of Canada, Charity Registration No. 837526540 RR 0001e.mail: ablefoundationofcanada@yahoo.caABLE Charitable Hospital, Charity No. S/25077 of 1993 (Delhi)
  15. 15. She also dreams to be agreat woman one dayEncourage her to live to her dreams
  16. 16. For further details contact:885, Sector – 15, Faridabad (India) – 121007Ph. +91-1294166214, Mobile: +91-9811157104ABLE CHARITABLE HOSPITAL atVillage: Behrola, Palwal, Faridabad (Haryana) IndiaE-mail: ableindia@yahoo.comWebsite: www.ableindiacharities.comMajor Sponsors & Donors: