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Global Business Ethics


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Global Business Ethics

  1. 1. Members  Junaid Tahir  Abdul Samad  Junaid Yousaf khan  Junaid ul Hassan  Muhammad Aleem Ullah
  2. 2. Introduction  Business Ethics:  Business ethics’ is the application of ethical values, such as integrity, fairness, respect and openness, to business behavior  There are no standard definitions  A lot of the choice depends on the perspective of what is good for the business and from whose point of view.
  3. 3. GLOBAL BUSINESS STANDARDS CODEX 1. The Fiduciary Principle (Diligence, Loyalty). 2. The Property Principle (Protection, Theft). 3. The Reliability Principle (Contracts Premises, Commitments). 4. The Transparency Principle (Truthfulness, Deception, Disclosure, Candor, Objectivity).
  4. 4. 5. The Dignity Principle (Respect for the Individual, Health and Safety, Privacy and Confidentiality, Use of Force, Association & Expression, Learning & Development, Employment Security). 6. The Fairness Principle (Fair Dealing, Fair Treatment, Fair Competition, Fair Process). 7. The Citizenship Principle (Law & Regulation, Public Goods, Cooperation with Authorities, Political Noninvolvement, Civic Contribution. 8. The Responsiveness Principle (Addressing Concerns, Public Involvement). GLOBAL BUSINESS STANDARDS CODEX
  5. 5. Introduction: News Corporation  The News Corporation or News Corp. is a American multinational mass media corporation headquartered in New York City. It is the world's second-largest media group as of 2011 in terms of revenue, and the world's third largest in entertainment as of 2009
  6. 6.  As the Company says, Trust is built on commitment. The Company is committed to our employees and our stockholders. We also recognize our commitments to free markets and to the global community, especially the public that consumes our content. These commitments form the foundation for these Standards  Trust in the Workplace  Trust in The integrity of our employees  Trust in our Business ethics – our commitment To The free market  Trust in The law – our commitment To The global community The Fiduciary Principle
  7. 7. Property Principal  Corporation is following the principal of property As company says “We protect “ The Company’s reputation and asset “  Avoiding Risk to Reputation  Personal Gain  Protection of Company Assets  Electronic Communications  Intellectual Property
  8. 8. The Transparency Principle  We protect our reputation for honesty, transparency and fair competition. Our credibility is at the core of our success  Providing Truthful and Complete Information in Financial Records o We maintain accurate and complete financial records o We each take responsibility for recording clear, accurate and complete information on any and all Company records we produce. o We immediately bring to the attention of a manager in Human Resources or an attorney in the Legal Department any suspected fraud or financial irregularity.
  9. 9. The Reliability Principle The News Corporation is following the principal of Reliability. i. Equal Opportunity ii. Non-Discrimination iii. Harassment iv. Health and Safety v. Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities vi. Drug-Free Workplace vii. Data Privacy viii. Crisis Management ix. On Site Security x. Maintaining Credibility xi. Fair Competition and xii. Antitrust xiii. Bribes and Kickbacks xiv. Self-dealing xv. Truthful Statements to the Company xvi. Misleading Others into Thinking
  10. 10. The Dignity Principle  The dignity principal related to Respect for the Individual, Health and Safety, Privacy and Confidentiality, Use of Force, Association & Expression, Learning & Development, Employment Security.  News Corporation provide • Health and Safety: • Privacy: • Equal Opportunity: • Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities:
  11. 11. The Fairness Principle  We engage in fair competition in the free market, obeying all applicable antitrust and competition laws in the countries in which we do business  Employees do not: 1. Discuss or agree with competitors on anything pertaining to the division or allocation of markets, customers or territories; 2. Discuss or agree with competitors on the fixing or coordination of prices, expenditures or material terms 3. Discuss or agree with competitors or customers on the exclusion of other competitors from the market, or, absent review and approval by the Legal Department, agree on refusals to deal with customers or competitors
  12. 12. Good Citizenship Principal  socially responsible  Providing truthful and accurate information  Follow the Law of the countries where we do business  We respect with the environmental laws.
  13. 13. The Responsiveness Principle  We take our corporate social responsibilities seriously. Specifically in the context of our business, which is news, information and entertainment, we are always and everywhere dedicated to advancing our core values of free inquiry, free speech and free expression for all people.