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Aalto - Virtual Teams and Community


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Published in: Education
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Aalto - Virtual Teams and Community

  1. 1. Nokia  Terminology  Localisa2on  -­‐  A  case  study     Robert  Brooks     Tuesday  4th  March,  2014   @RobiBrooks                                Digital  Communica2ons  and  Media                                                        Aalto  BIZ  
  2. 2.        
  3. 3. The  standard  solu2on  flowchart   Is  there   a  problem?   No   Great!   Carry  on,  then.   Yes   Do  we   have  to   change   something?   No   Great!   Carry  on,  then.   Yes   Forget  it!   Now,   back  to  work.  
  4. 4. We  also   put  all   the  relevant   informa2on   in  one  place  
  5. 5. We  called  it:  Crowd  Valida2on     But,   what  did   it  look   like?  
  6. 6. community   noun     1.  A  group    of  people  living  in  the  same   place  or  having  a  par2cular   characteris2c  in  common.       2.  The  condi2on  of  sharing  or  having   certain  aTtudes  and  interests  in   common.