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Study Guide

  1. 1. Study Guide- Matter Test<br /><ul><li>Matter is an object, Mass is how much stuff the object is made of, volume is how much space the object takes up.
  2. 2. If I took a pencil and a desk to California, how would their mass be different than it is here?
  3. 3. Why would Tiger Woods weight not be the same on the moon, but his mass would?
  4. 4. Why would you expect the mass of a baby tiger to change, but not the mass of lawn mower?
  5. 5. In order to measure the volume of water correctly, which part of the meniscus would you use?
  6. 6. If I knew the volume of a container that was holding carbon dioxide, what would the volume of the gas be?
  7. 7. Why are weight and mass NOT the same?