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UST - AST Remote Vaults


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Published in: Business, Technology
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UST - AST Remote Vaults

  2. 2. Remote Vaults in Tank-hole (dual product vault on right) Note the spill bucket locations
  3. 3. Product Lines to Vaults (from front islands)
  4. 4. Product and Stage II Lines Entering Pipe Chase Above Vaults (fuse welded seals)
  5. 5. Product and Stage II Lines: Interior of Pipe Chase (fuse welded UPP pipe)
  6. 6. Product Lines in Pipe Chase (pre-mounted in factory) Applies to both regular STP and Fill riser
  7. 7. Product and Stage II Lines Entering Connecting Conduit (incomplete)
  8. 8. Vault and Pipe Chase Ventilation Piping (under construction)
  9. 9. Vault Communication Conduit (18” Dia)
  10. 10. Front Product Islands UPP Pipe (stage II to be installed)
  11. 11. Typical Dispenser Sump (stage II to be installed)
  12. 12. 2 nd Vault Product Lines and Vapor Manifold in Vault (pre-mounted) Egress Holes: Diesel STP, Vent Line
  13. 13. Accessories Chase Overfill Ball Float Vault Access Ladder
  14. 14. THANK YOU