Bloomingdale’s Digital Marketing Strategy


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Bloomingdale’s Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Bloomingdale’s Digital Marketing Strategy ALLISON LACEY
  2. 2. Like No Other Store In The WorldWhen people think of Bloomingdale’s, one of the firstthoughts that pop in their minds is high-end, trendydepartment store.Bloomingdale’s is more upscale than aJCPenny’s, Sears, or even its parentcompany, Macy’s; it is less posh and ostentatiousthan a Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus.Bloomingdale’s falls perfectly in the middle and hasbecome the symbol of classy, fashionable, Americandepartment store.
  3. 3. Who is a Bloomingdale’s Shopper?Bloomingdale’s appeals to a younger target audience intheir advertisements but that does not mean that anolder audience does not appreciate the lengthy list ofdesigner handbags, shoes, clothing, jewelry, makeup andmore offered. The Bloomingdale’s shopper is up on thelatest trends and designer fashion. They appreciatequality products and value nice things. However, theseshoppers can’t afford to walk in and not look at a pricetag. Bloomingdale’s acknowledges this and offers theircustomers numerous sales, free returns, special shoppingevents, and more.
  4. 4. 2012 Digital Strategy ProposalBloomingdale’s already has a strong social media presence, asolid website, and invests in Internet marketing. The next step isto take a specific department within Bloomingdale’s – somethingthat makes it stand out from its competitors – and build acampaign around it.The first part of the campaign to be rolled out will be focused onBloomingdale’s Bridal Registry. This idea is one that isspecifically searched for online and that an entire social mediacampaign can be devoted to. Bloomingdale’s will be able to reacha wider audience that may not have been aware ofBloomingdale’s Bridal Registry or is unsure of where to register.This campaign will feature social media, Internet marketing andmobile strategies.
  5. 5. Social Media StrategyBloomingdale’s is currently active on Facebook, Twitter and foursquare. Whilethey are successful with engaging with their target audience through thesechannels and conveying the essence of the Bloomingdale’s brand, it would be ahuge mistake for the company not to create a Pinterest account.Pinterest exploded onto the social media scene within the past year and, evenmore amazing, customers are turning to brand’s Pinterest accounts to shoponline. Bloomingdale’s could have different boards for each of theirdepartments, the latest trends, inspiration for their style, and even specialboards devoted to brides and weddings. When someone views a pin on one ofthese boards, they are taken to the retailer’s site, which then suggests that thecustomer make the purchase.The main focus of Bloomingdale’s 2012 Social Media Strategy is to create aPinterest account just as engaging and appealing as their website and currentsocial media accounts. This will allow for the brand to reach a larger audienceand show up in results when users search for specific terms, such as “weddingideas” or “bridesmaids’ gifts.”
  6. 6. Google AdWords CampaignAn AdWords campaign will allow Bloomingdale’s to reach their target audience as theyare searching for products they need. Whether customers are searching specifically forBloomingdale’s or generically for “bridal registry,” an AdWords campaign will guaranteemore visits to the Bloomingdale’s website, a larger target audience reached, higher searchresult ranking, and ultimately more online and in-store sales traffic. One example of anAdWords advertisement for the Bloomingdale’s Bridal Registry is: Bloomingdale’s Bridal Register and receive special offers! Click to see today’s exclusive perk advertisement catches the eye for many reasons: the word “bridal” appeals thosesearching for bridal needs, not just for Bloomingdale’s. Also, it has a call to action toregister, and includes language about special offers and perks.
  7. 7. Mobile StrategyFor the mobile strategy, a Bloomingdale’s Bridal Registrysmartphone app will be created for soon-to-be-brides.Brides with smartphones will download the app and,once registered, will be able to do all of their giftregistering and other bridal essentials from their phone.This makes Bloomingdale’s even more appealing bymaking it most convenient for the bride – she doesn’teven have to come in the store to do her registering! Thisway, she is able to easily share ideas with her family,friends and fiancé on-the-go and will be able to completeher registering in what normally takes hours in minutes.
  8. 8. Measurement and ResultsThere are several ways to measure the campaign’s success. For the Google AdWordsCampaign, a special formula can be used so that every time a consumer clicks on the ad, theycan be tracked for 30 days to see if they make a purchase. We will also analyze page views andsales results to see if there is an increase in both of those. This AdWords campaign will not onlyincrease traffic to the Bloomingdale’s sight, but will also reach a broader target audience andincrease sales.The Pinterest account will be measured similarly to other Bloomingdale’s social media sites. Anincrease in traffic to the Pinterest site, “likes” or “repins,” and traffic and sales from thePinterest account to the Bloomingdale’s website will be factored in to the measurement.As for the Bridal Registry smartphone app, the number of downloaded apps, an increase inBridal registration, and an increase in traffic and sales from the app to the Bloomingdale’swebsite will all be used to measure the effectiveness of the app.
  9. 9. Timeline and BudgetDue to the projected size of the campaign and the benefits forBloomingdale’s, the budget is currently set at $250,000.Wedding season is year-round – there is no seasonal peak or best time of yearto promote Bridal Registry. Instead, this phase of the campaign will focus ondifferent seasons, for example, “Winter Bridal Needs and Registry.”Once the Bridal Registry campaign evolves into another department, forexample, Designer Handbags, the timeline will revolve around the newseasonal product lines.Each seasonal part of the campaign will be allocated $62,500. The majority ofthe budget will go toward the Google AdWords campaign and the creation theBloomingdale’s Bridal Registry smartphone app.
  10. 10. ConclusionIt is the hope that through the 2012 Bloomingdale’sDigital Strategy that there is an increase in sales, websitetraffic, social media engagement, and brand awarenessand loyalty.With the extensive research done on the Bloomingdale’sbrand, their target audience and current strategies, thiscampaign encompasses everything that will takeBloomingdale’s to the next level.Through social media, Google AdWords and mobilemarketing, Bloomingdale’s is sure to be America’s topdepartment store and an iconic brand.