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Greater Reading Hug - Buyer Personas (7-9-14)


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At HubSpot, we like to say buyer personas are relevant to B to H industries, which stands for Business to Human. That's because regardless of our business model, our product, or our services, buyer personas are one of, if not the most important components of a successful inbound strategy. They represent who we are trying to create content for, who we are trying to reach, and ultimately, who we are looking to sell to and delight. This talk will cover why it is so critical to create excellent buyer personas, regardless of which industry we are in.

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Greater Reading Hug - Buyer Personas (7-9-14)

  2. 2. 1 Welcome and introductions 2 Personas and their importance 3 Workshop 4 Networking and Q&A AGENDA
  4. 4. Isaac Moche @Isaacmoche
  5. 5. Enough about me. What about you? Find someone in the room that you don’t already know, and learn their name, and what they do for work.
  6. 6. TODAY’S GOAL: Learn how to create buyer personas – and walk away with at least one in hand!
  8. 8. Your buyer personas are who you’re trying to reach. Instead trying to attract, convert, close, and delight all 3 billion people on the internet, focus on those most likely to become promoters.
  9. 9. What is buyer persona?
  10. 10. Semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer based on real data and some select educated speculation about customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. They’re NOT: target markets, job titles, or specific real people. They ARE: common motivations, shared pain points, universal goals, wishes, and dreams, general biographic/demographic information. BUYER PERSONAS
  11. 11. Personas help you create the right content. The right content will most effectively attract your ideal visitors, convert them into leads, and close them into customers. Content to attract visitors Content to close customersContent to convert leads FLICKR USER INPRAISEOFSARDINES
  12. 12. How to create buyer personas.
  13. 13. Identify questions to ask to develop your persona (use the Persona Profile Checklist in the class resources below for information about what to ask—and paraphrase them as necessary). 1 STEPS TO CREATE BUYER PERSONAS Determine how you’ll research your personas and how you’re going to get those persona-building questions answered. Print out a Buyer Persona Development Worksheet (see resources below) for each persona you might have. This worksheet acts as a framework for your persona & can guide your research. Compile research and answers to your paraphrased version of questions on the Persona Profile Checklist. Look for trends in the responses you get and add these to the Persona Development Worksheet. Use the buyer persona-building best practices to transform your worksheet into a complete persona. Tell your persona’s story using the 5-chapter format and following best practices. 2 3 4 5 6
  14. 14. Do research HOW TO CREATE BUYER PERSONAS: QUICK START VERSION 1 2 3 Identify trends Create persona profile stories
  15. 15. DO RESEARCH1
  16. 16. Buyer personas must be based off of research, not assumptions. FLICKR USER SEEMINGLEE
  17. 17. CONDUCTING PERSONA RESEARCH Ask questions. When you’ve asked all your questions, ask some more.
  18. 18. Persona Detail Questions to Ask Role Whatis yourjob role/rolein life? Yourtitle? Howisyourjob/rolemeasured? Whatis a typicalday? Whatskillsarerequired? Whatknowledgeand toolsdo youuse? Whodoyou reportto? Whoreportsto you? Company/Organization Whatindustryorindustriesdoesyourcompanywork/is yourrolein? Whatis thesizeof yourcompany/organization(revenue,employees)? Goals Whatare youresponsible for? Whatdoesit meanto besuccessfulin yourrole? Challenges Whatare yourbiggestchallenges? WateringHoles Howdoyou learnaboutnew informationfor yourjob? Whatpublicationsorblogsdoyouread? Whatassociationsandsocialnetworksdoyou belong? PersonalBackground Age, Family(married, children),Education ShoppingPreferences Howdoyou preferto interactwith vendors?(email, phone,in person) Do you usethe internetto researchvendorsorproducts?If yes,howdoyousearchforinformation? PERSONARESEARCH:Questionsto Answer
  19. 19. 1 Interview current customers 2 ? 3 ? 4 ? 5 ? PERSONA RESEARCH: How to answer the questions
  20. 20. What are some ways you could do persona research?
  21. 21. 1 Interview current customers 2 Survey 3 Use HubSpot lead intelligence 4 Talk to Sales/Services PERSONA RESEARCH TECHNIQUES
  22. 22. . Always focus on the ‘why’.. FLICKR USER E-MAGIC Motives, not actions.
  24. 24. Bucket research findings. FLICKR USER SHEEP R US As you do your research, collecting all data in one place reveals trends and similarities in the types of responses people give. These trends or common responses are what should make their way into your Persona Development Worksheet.
  25. 25. Persona Development Worksheet download in the resources section below
  26. 26. Sneak preview
  28. 28. Focus on motives behind behaviors: pay attention to not just what someone is doing, but why they’re doing it. BEST PRACTICES FOR BUILDING BUYER PERSONAS Keep personas fictional, but still realistic. No one has a one-size fits all customer; don’t define your persona by describing just one real person. Tell your persona’s story. Don’t just list facts about them; weave those facts into a detailed representation of who this persona is as a person.
  29. 29. 5 CHAPTERS TO BUILDING BUYER PERSONA STORIES 1 Job and demographic information 2 What does a day in their life look like? 3 What are their goals, challenges and pain points? 4 Where do they go for information? 5 Common objections to products and services
  30. 30. Maryis 42 years old and has a Bachelor of Communications from Syracuse and an MBA from Babson. She is married, has 2 kids, and runs the marketing department at her company. outbound and traditional marketing, with 5-15 years of experience. She worries about her hired a firm to redesign her website. She outsources a fair amount of activity because she has getting budget than headcount. Mary craves education; she wants to know the latest in what and why she should invest in one area over another. A lot of Mary's job is "keeping things running" - supporting sales, updating the website, (rarely with a concrete goal in mind). Mary needs a simple, integrated tool that will help her do effectively and also make it easier. If she screws that up, she risks getting yelled at by the the CEO. Mary dresses “business casual” and does most of her shopping at Ann Taylor. She uses the with friends, email communication, and is starting to play around with social media accounts uses LinkedIn, Facebook (for family photos), and Twitter (recently got a company account with
  31. 31. Your persona story and HubSpot’s Personas Tool Your 5-chapter persona story What goes in the Persona tool
  32. 32. WHY USE THE PERSONAS TOOL? • Helps you define who your buyer personas are and gives you an example that you can share with others in your company. • Ties the personas you create on paper to your business actions within your HubSpot portal. • Sets up a field you can use on your forms to ask your leads which persona they fall into. • Builds lists of those personas that you can use to segment and market to your leads, divided logically by persona (this one is BIG).
  33. 33. QUESTIONS?
  34. 34. THANK YOU. Rachel Goodman Moore @goodmanre #HubSpotting