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Learn a little bit more about what pinterest is.

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  • Hello, my name is Abbie Jordan and I am here today to tell you a little bit about what Pinterest is and some ways it can be helpful.
  • Pinterest is a type of blog site where many people, mostly females go to get ideas, especially for craft projects. Pinterest is divided up into many diferent categories including Education, Outdoor, Home Décor, and Technology. Each person who creates a pinterest, also called a pinner, creates as many boards and they want to and categorizes them with different titles. Once a pinner creates a board, they can pin whatever they choose to pin onto that board whether it be a repin from another person, a link to another website, or a pin someone uploads themselves.
  • There are many different reasons that any person may have a pinterest. These are just some of the different examples of what people can find on pinterest. Many college students have pinterests and some of their board ideas include ideas for a wedding or for a dream home. The reason I use pinterest the most is to save recipes that I want to try at some point in my life. Pinterest also has a lot of creative ideas for craft projects and ideas to use in a classroom.
  • There are many different ideas on planning a wedding and a reception under the category Weddings. There are a lot of pictures from people’s weddings that have been posted that are really cute ideas that a pinner could recreate for their own wedding. There are also ideas for a way to make cute invitations, like the save the date picture that is shown above. There are many ideas for both the ceremony and reception such as table markers. The picture of the song names is a cute way to mark tables and then when the song plays the table gets up to get dinner if it is buffet style.
  • You can find just about any recipe on Pinterest under the category Food and Drink. There are recipes for Dinner dishes, quick breakfast ideas and just about any type of dessert that you might want to make. There are also appetizers, side dishes, and some snack ideas. Given the title food and drink, there are also many different drink ideas including Watermelonade.
  • The original reason for creating a Pinterest was to look for many different craft ideas, there are thousands of different craft projects on pinterest now. There are ideas for making your own jewelry or you could find and idea for a gift such as a homemade ornament. There are many ways to reuse things for craft projects such as the wine cork cheese knives listed above. There are also some great organization ideas on pinterest including the weekly calender shown above mafe of picture frames with scrapbook paper in them which can be written on with markers.
  • Pinterest can also be used in the classroom; there is a category titled education which has many different ideas for teachers that are most often posted by other teachers.You can find great ideas for how to decorate your classroom for the first day of school and the different holidays throughout the year such as Halloween. There are also great ideas for science projects and lesson plans for new teachers. The Build Your Rainbow is just one exmple of a behavior chart where the students add the colors of the rainbow throughout the week and are rewarded based on the amount they have at the end of the week.
  • There are so many different reasons to use this media outlet whether you are looking for a recipe to make for dinner or something fun to do with in your classroom. If you don’t already have a Pinterest, go out and make one today.
  • Pinterest

    1. 1. PINTEREST By: Abbie Jordan
    2. 2. What is Pinterst? Pinterest is an online site where people find many different ideas There are many reasons to get a pinterest Pinterest is organized by categories Each pinner creates their own boards and can pin whatever they choose to
    3. 3. What can you do withPinterest? Plan a wedding Save your recipes Find your style Craft Projects Home Improvements Classroom Ideas
    4. 4. Planning a Wedding Picture Ideas Invitation Ideas Reception Ideas Ceremony Ideas
    5. 5. Recipes  Dinner  Breakfast  Dessert  Appetizers  Side Dishes  Drinks
    6. 6. Crafting Present Ideas Jewelry Recyclable Craft Projects Organization Picture Ideas
    7. 7. Classroom Ideas  Classroom Decorations  Science Projects  Rewards for Good Behavior  Lesson Plans