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abitha-pds inheritance presentation

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abitha-pds inheritance presentation

  1. 1. Inheritance By…, R.abitha
  2. 2. The concept of inheritance and hierarchy are closely related. Hierarchy : hierarchy is defined as ranking or ordering of abstraction. .An introduction.
  3. 3. Inheritance is the most important kind of hierarchy and is the essential part of object-oriented systems. The most general class is the base class and the derived class.
  4. 4. Base class: The base class defines all property that will be common to any derived data. *derived class: the derived class inherits those general properties of base class and adds properties that are specified to the class. Base and derived class
  5. 5. Single inheritance Multiple inheritance Multiple inheritance Multilevel inheritance Hybrid inheritance Types of inheritance
  6. 6. *Inherited from the single base class. Single inheritance: parent child
  7. 7. Multiple inheritance: Grand father father child
  8. 8. Multilevel inheritance Hybrid inheritance Hierarchal inheritance. Inheritance;.
  9. 9. Thank you