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Abiro - Service Offerings - Twitizer


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Send long messages, pictures, videos and audio clips to Twitter from your mobile or PC.

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Abiro - Service Offerings - Twitizer

  1. 1. Tweet with Multimedia Anders Borg 2014-09-06
  2. 2. Tweet with Multimedia • Send one or more images, videos, audio and long messages to Twitter via Twitizer Uploader, e-mail, MMS or • The message gets posted as a tweet with a link back to a Twitizer page showing the full content
  3. 3. Benefits, compared to Twitter #1 • Twitizer messages can contain any amount of text – Tweets are limited to 140 characters • Converts e-mails to tweets – Twitter doesn't support this • Twitizer is optimized to be a media service – Twitter is optimized for short notes • Full-resolution pictures can be downloaded by any user – Twitter doesn't provide full-resolution pictures, and pictures are compressed aggressively • Up to 200 pictures or other media can be uploaded per message/tweet (currently only via e-mail) – Twitter only allows 4 (and only 1 via API)
  4. 4. Benefits, compared to Twitter #2 • Videos are uploaded to YouTube and referenced from tweets automatically • Twitter only references videos, and you need to upload videos separately • Possible to edit message texts (both subject and long message) at any time – Tweets can't be edited • If the message has a location, it will be shown as a map directly on the message page, unless deactivated • Twitizer Uploader makes uploading media very simple – Twitter clients are generally harder to use for specifically that • Messages and timelines can be shared easily to any destination
  5. 5. Tweet with text and link Image, video, audio or long message Link to landing page Principle 1. 2. 3.
  6. 6. Via Twitizer Uploader • Twitizer Uploader makes it very easy to tweet images, videos, audio and long messages • Available for Android 1.5 and later • Intuitive user interface with a minimum to configure • Shows up in sharing/send lists • Optionally adds the phone’s location • Uses Twitizer’s API
  7. 7. Via e-mail or MMS • Send messages with multimedia from phones and PCs • Use your unique Twitizer alias, a la • Attach one or more multimedia files • Possible location stored in a photo (via EXIF) is used at
  8. 8. Via • Works like normal tweeting with the addition of multimedia • Attach multimedia files via the File button • Handles long messages in the input field • Available on all relevant pages after logging in
  9. 9. Result on Twitter (1 picture)
  10. 10. Result on Twitizer (100+ pictures)
  11. 11. Features • Use your existing Twitter login, without separate registration on Twitizer • You get a unique e-mail address to send messages to via e-mail or MMS • Works on any mobile phone with data connection and supports any mobile phone multimedia format
  12. 12. Features • Anything posted to Twitizer will be tweeted to your Twitter account and retweeted to @twitizerpublic • Timeline can be sorted, filtered and searched, and shown as a list or as a gallery • Messages can be rated and commented on – a reply tweet is then sent to the message creator
  13. 13. Features • Photos can be rotated – persistently for authors • Messages can be edited • Messages and comments can be removed • Messages with location show a map • Hovering over thumbnails shows message info
  14. 14. Teaser Page
  15. 15. Timeline (public)
  16. 16. Timeline (personal)
  17. 17. Timeline (gallery)
  18. 18. Accolades • Quotes by actual users: – ”I tried to use other Twitter photo apps before and Twitizer is best by far. I recommend it to anyone who'll listen.” (undisclosed) – “Thats brilliant. Thanks Anders. Just got to have a look then! I noticed you changed the speaker beside each upload! I liked that! The microphone is good too though, so is the whole look, nice!” (undisclosed) – ”It’s so good I use it myself on a regular basis” (me)
  19. 19. Marketing and Information • When a user registers, a teaser tweet is sent to the user’s Twitter account and to @twitizerpublic • Each received message is sent to the user’s Twitter account and to @twitizerpublic • News: and @twitizercom • Basic information: • Detailed information: • Android app information: ro.uploader
  20. 20. Business Model • Currently: – Advertising in Android app and at • Future possibilities: – Premium functionality (e.g. large size content) – Partnerships with other microblogging services – Licensing of private labelled hosted instances or source code – Cooperation with a multimedia streaming service – etc
  21. 21. Considered Features • Integration with more social networks – Yet, manual sharing is supported via AddThis • iOS app • Geochaching functionality • Community in itself, independent of Twitter • More information requires NDA
  22. 22. For Partners • A public API is available – Used by Twitizer Uploader, so it’s robust – Can also be used by third party on request – For details, see • Private-labelled versions can be provided – Abiro takes care of re-branding, adaptations and hosting • Source code can be provided via buy-out
  23. 23. • Located in Lund, Sweden • Consulting and product development • Mobile services and applications • Focus on innovative and practical uses of mobile technologies • Anders Borg is CEO and founder of Abiro • Companies in the business network can provide complementing competences and solutions
  24. 24. Contact Information • Anders Borg, CEO, Abiro • +46 705 22 76 44 • •