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2004 dbq activity 2011

  1. 1. DBQ ESSAY Practice like you play!
  2. 2. So . . .• 50% of your score is the multiple choice.• 50% of your score is from the three essays.• Comparative• CCOT• DBQ
  3. 3. Basic Core• Initial 7 points . . .
  4. 4. • The thesis is really important in scoring three of the points.• Answer THE question!
  5. 5. Using Documents• EVERY DOCUMENT must be mentioned in your essay.• You cannot ―double-dip‖ for document points. You must use documents more than once for it to count more than
  6. 6. Using Documents• #2 = Understanding means you interpret it correctly (by grouping or describing it).• #3 = You then use the document as evidence for your thesis.• #5 = To get points for grouping, you show how groups of documents are similar.
  7. 7. Point of ViewYou score points for #4 by telling WHY the author says what he or she says.The author says _______ because __________.
  8. 8. Additional Doc• Give two types of additional sources or perspectives that are missing or would be helpful in answering the prompt.• You also need to explain why that source is needed to score the point.
  9. 9. DBQ PRACTICE - 200410 minute reading period• Read the prompt and underline key words -- what is it asking?• Read the documents. . . As you read, think about or write… – subject words – possible groupings ―responses to Buddhism‖ – Use all documents in at least one group – you can use documents in more than one group• Write the group names and the doc #s that go in those groups.
  10. 10. WRITE IT! DBQ 20041. Write a thesis paragraph. Restate the prompt in the first sentence. “There were many responses to . . .” Write your thesis sentences that includes your groups that answer the prompt. “The responses were . . .”
  11. 11. WRITE IT! DBQ 20042. Write a body paragraph about one of your groups. The topic sentence gives one of your groups with the document #s.“Some responses to the spread of Buddhism were _______ (Docs 12, 11, 7)” Then write a sentence or two that explains each document in the group and/or shows how it fits in that group.“In Doc 12, Bob Smith writes ____. Tim Jones in Doc 11 also _____ because he
  12. 12. WRITE IT! DBQ 20043. Choose three documents, and a write a paragraph about the point of view of those authors.The topic sentence can be . . . “The authors of each doc has his or her own point of view about the spread of Buddhism.”Then give the point of view of three authors and explain why they have that point of view.“Bill Jones was writing during a time of war in China, so he supports Buddhism
  13. 13. WRITE IT! DBQ 20044. Write a short paragraph about an additional document that is ―needed‖.The topic sentence can be . . . “Additional documents could provide other responses to Buddhism.”• Region, class or group, time period that’s missing.• ―Flip the perspective‖. Find a document that is about a person or group of people but their views are NOT presented—then that type of
  14. 14. WRITE IT! DBQ 2004• You need to explain briefly why that document is needed.“An additional document could be a statement from a Chinese merchant. Merchants may view Buddhism in a different way than others in China. (or merchants may have supported Buddhism because it might help in trade connections.)”
  15. 15. ScoringThesis – located at the beginning or the end, must include specific references to types of responsesUses and understands the basic meaning of 5 documents.Supports thesis with evidence from 4 docs.POV in two documents. ―Student may not copy source verbatim from the documents.‖Grouping –positive (1), 2, 3, 5Negative 4, 6Responses during times of crisis 2, 3Fear of outsiders/ traditional confucianism 4,6Blended responses 2, 3, 5, (1