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  1. 1. Best of 2011 Top 10 PulseSpotlights of the Year
  2. 2. BEST OF 2011 Top 10 Pulse Spotlights of the YearWhat a year! We kicked off our popular Pulse series in 2011 with several basic ideasin mind. We wanted to cover fun topics that people could enjoy and share. Wewanted to establish credible-but-relaxed criteria for selecting the top results. Wewanted to use a combination of organic search results, data metrics leveraging theSysomos MAP social media monitoring and analysis tool, and even anecdotalstories as our bases of choice. Lastly, we used a touch of editorial prerogative tohighlight examples of important social media behaviors and best practice principlesworth featuring on a weekly basis.We’re taking a look back at some of our favorites from the series to celebrate itssuccess. Maybe you’ll pick up something you missed before. Maybe you’llremember your favorites and share them in the comments below. At 126,000+combined views on alone, we’re pretty happy with the results, so seewhat you think …
  3. 3. 1. Show Me the MoneyOverall Most-Viewed Winner Hard economic times call for a focused approach to career building. You showed us that location and salary are big draws for PR pros. Our Show Me the Money - 10 Best Places for Top Paying PR Jobs offering received over 35,000 views! Apparently, you are all on the lookout for the best home base possible for your PR careers. New York City is by far the hands down repeat winner when we take a glance across many of our Pulses. This bustling metropolis is a world-class hotspot, full of opportunity and financial reward. We are hoping someone out there will send us a postcard from Times Square soon. BEST OF 2011Top 10 Pulse Spotlights of the Year
  4. 4. 2. Social Media Influencers Is All Publicity Good Publicity? We opened a social media can of worms with this one. Lots of people read and shared it, coming in with 26,000+ views last week alone. We got tons of kudos for serving up some unconventional, and perhaps unexpected, choices. That’s the good news. The bad news? We caught some heat for not being more data-driven in our choices. We inspired response videos, blog posts, and snarky Twitter repartees. We caught so much heat, in fact, that the writer (our own Vicki Flaugher) published a pushback commentary. We caught your attention and got you talking. We count that as a win. BEST OF 2011 Top 10 Pulse Spotlights of the Year
  5. 5. 3. Top Social Media Meccas Worldwide Connections Matter We have been fascinated with which subjects intrigued you the most. This third place most-viewed Pulse, at 19,000+ views and counting, touched on the places in the world where the social media connection is wide, deep, and prevalent. We traveled in the US, to Indonesia, France, India, Canada, the UK, Korea, and Brazil. The world tour was well received. Washington, D.C. came in on several of our Pulse lists, but really shined for this topic. On every front we looked at— Facebook and Twitter users per capita, overall Twitter usage, traffic generated by community networks, and more—the Beltway City came out the winner. If you want to get connected, get there. BEST OF 2011 Top 10 Pulse Spotlights of the Year
  6. 6. 4. The New Breed Bloggers with Chutzpah! PR blogs were the featured star in this Pulse and we found some great examples of professional work. 5,000+ views of this offering got some fresh eyeballs on those sites and we’re glad to help. Sharing the spotlight is one of our favorite things to do. One of the interesting things about this Pulse is that the views were greatly assisted by one of the featured blogs. Media Culpa, a media/PR blog out of Sweden, led the way by embedding the Slideshare into their site, garnering 1,000+ views alone. They pulled in more views than the same post on site! Kudos to them for leveraging the mention. That’s chutzpah and we like it! BEST OF 2011Top 10 Pulse Spotlights of the Year
  7. 7. 5. Top Tweeting BrandsTwitter Winners Cross Industries Variety is the spice of life. Sure, we could lean on “nothing but numbers” to serve up the same old list of top Twitter brands. The usual suspects with the most followers represent a pretty easy data pull, but that’s not that interesting if you ask us. Instead, we like providing examples across industries to inspire you. The NBA, Whole Foods Market, and Mashable were more obvious choices. But we also featured Cisco (a B2B brand), Lennar (home builder), and Solazyme (who makes fuel from bio sugars). These brands are leveraging Twitter off the beaten path, and that’s noteworthy. At 3200+ Pulse views so far, seems like you like a bit of variety, too! BEST OF 2011 Top 10 Pulse Spotlights of the Year
  8. 8. 6. Global PR Agencies Facebook Friends Forever We traveled all around to the world to find our favorite Facebook pages owned by global PR agencies. These agencies best demonstrated great social media verve, flair, and competency. In a land of giants, these were the ones who shined. So far, 3,200+ of you have joined us on our journey. We started with the Holmes Global 250 report and looked at not only the numbers but also what made these agencies unique, how they engaged, and their ability to actively amplify their brands on social. A particularly solid example was Edelman. Time and time again, much of their social is exemplary. Check them out! BEST OF 2011Top 10 Pulse Spotlights of the Year
  9. 9. 7. Coolest Agency Lobbies Crowdsourced Creative Spaces This Pulse was especially fun. We polled agencies and asked them to send in photos of their reception areas. They described what was interesting or unique about the space to give us some background. Little did we know what gorgeous spaces we’d get to see! Some highlights included antique carousel horses in China, a dedicated barista bar in Canada, a refurbished 1930’s automobile dealership in Roanoke, Virginia, and a spiral slide that customers used to celebrate a deal close in Rochester, New York. To hear employees celebrate their workplaces was an inspiring experience. To have almost 3,000 of you tagging along was even more special. BEST OF 2011 Top 10 Pulse Spotlights of the Year
  10. 10. 8. Show Me the Money II Marketers Get Their Turn We felt that marketers deserved a look at top money cities, too. We included the best cities by salary for SEO specialists, executive positions, mobile marketing jobs and more. If you are a marketer and want to know where to move to for the best salary and advancement opportunity, this Pulse is a must-read. This Pulse included some surprise twists, but also quite a few of the usual suspects —Washington, D.C., New York City, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles. We like to toss in left-field alternatives, but sometimes it pays to follow the path to the tried and true. It looks like 2,700+ of you agreed! BEST OF 2011 Top 10 Pulse Spotlights of the Year
  11. 11. 9. Holiday Wish List Hi-Tech Stocking Stuffers This list is still fresh, but 2,000+ of you are already showing yourselves to be digital gadget lovers. That’s how many of you dropped by to get the inside scoop for gifting within this Pulse so far. The gifts included items to help you live an easier, better life as a marketer, not so much to help you serve your clients better. We featured a GPS golf course watch. We presented a supermodel demonstrating the durability of an external hard drive. We even offered a surprise non-digital item called IdeaPaint that can turn any wall into a dry erase board. Creativity and fun prevailed and we hope you got at least one of these items in your stocking. BEST OF 2011Top 10 Pulse Spotlights of the Year
  12. 12. 10. Reputation Is EverythingBrand Ambassadors to the Rescue! The 10 Companies with Stellar Employee Brand Ambassadors Pulse sought to find the proverbial “X factor” for brands. Which companies were truly engaging on social media? Which were reaching across all social media channels to enrich their image and satisfy their fans? We wanted to know and 2,000 of you did, too. The most controversial of the picks was likely Goldman Sachs. Reviled by many for their participation in the 2008 government banking industry bailout, Goldman’s employees—homegrown internal brand ambassadors—really stepped up to help refurbish this company’s reputation. We think that level of loyalty demands note. BEST OF 2011 Top 10 Pulse Spotlights of the Year
  13. 13. BEST OF 2011 Top 10 Pulse Spotlights of the YearWe Don’t Mean to Brag ...2011 was certainly a good year for The Pulse. What started as a simple contentcollaboration between and Marketwire+Sysomos has become regularreading option for thousands of PR and marketing professionals.The Pulse numbers and engagement keep growing. For that, we would like to thankyou. We value and NEED your participation and attention. We could not have hadthe year we did without you ... and we look forward to an even more engaging 2012with you at our side. If you have a topic you’d like us to cover, please note it in thecomments below and we will do what we can. Happy New Year to you and yours -thank you again!To read all the Pulses and other presentations, click here.
  14. 14. BEST OF 2011 Top 10 Pulse Spotlights of the Year Next on “The Pulse”: SCORE! Top 10 Athletes on Twitter and Social Media THE PULSE: Delivering shareable and shareworthy content with a twistso integrated marketing and communications professionals can work smarter, succeed and enjoy. BROUGHT TO YOU BY Follow us on Twitter: @Marketwire, @Sysomos Follow us on Twitter: @Commprobiz Follow us on Twitter: @smartwoman