Abiquo Appliance Manager


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This presentation shows the new feature added on abiCloud 0.7.0 that offers la capacity to connect to a remote appliance repository, download the appliances that you want and include them automatically into the cloud, ready to be used.

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Abiquo Appliance Manager

  1. 1. What is and what AbiCloud Appliance Manager will be In few words…
  2. 2. What did happen when people download abiCloud? I’m very interested to test abiCloud, the package is comming… Oooh! It’s easy to install, easy to use, but... I DON’T HAVE VIRTUAL IMAGES TO TEST!!! Ok! AbiCloud, another NICE product Pfff! Too boring
  3. 3. … and abiquo Labs started to work… Community problems Customers needs Crazy ideas
  4. 4. And the result is here!! Appliance Manger AbiCloud_Server AbiCloud_WS Appliance Manager Remote space Remote space Remote space
  5. 5. But what is this really? APPLIANCE MANAGER HADOOP OBJECT REPOSITORY INTERNAL API EXTERNAL COMM NFS FACADE AbiCloud_Server AbiCloud_Client Remote Space Http FTP S3 … OVF library Remote zones where appliance providers can expose OVF packages Remote zones where appliance providers can expose OVF packages Distributed and scalable Tier 2 appliances repository NFS facade to move virtual images on cloud platform
  6. 6. But what is this really? Remote Space OVFIndex.xml  The list of appliances OVF appliance 1 definition OVF appliance 2 definition OVF appliance 3 definition Disk 1 Disk 2 Icon Disk 1 Icon Disk 1
  7. 7. But what is this really? OVFIndex.xml Example <ns2:OVFDescription ns2:OVFCategories=&quot;OperativeSystems&quot; ns2:OVFFile=&quot;debian/description.ovf&quot; ns1:instance=&quot;&quot; ns1:class=&quot;&quot;> <ns1:Info>Debian Server Distribution</ns1:Info> <ns1:Product>Debian 5.0 Lenny Server</ns1:Product> <ns1:Vendor>Debian Fundation</ns1:Vendor> <ns1:Version>5.0</ns1:Version> <ns1:ProductUrl>http://www.debian.org/</ns1:ProductUrl> <ns1:Icon ns1:fileRef=&quot;http://abiquors.s3.amazonaws.com/debian/debian.jpg&quot; ns1:mimeType=&quot;image/jpeg&quot; ns1:width=&quot;32&quot; ns1:height=&quot;32&quot; /> </ns2:OVFDescription> <ns2:OVFDescription ns2:OVFCategories=&quot;Abiquo&quot; ns2:OVFFile=&quot;mw/mw.ovf&quot; ns1:instance=&quot;&quot; ns1:class=&quot;&quot;> <ns1:Info>mw</ns1:Info> <ns1:Product>mw</ns1:Product> <ns1:Vendor>mw</ns1:Vendor> <ns1:Version>9.04</ns1:Version> <ns1:ProductUrl>http://start.ubuntu.com/9.04/</ns1:ProductUrl> <ns1:Icon ns1:fileRef=&quot;http://abiquors.s3.amazonaws.com/mw/abiquo.jpg&quot; ns1:mimeType=&quot;image/jpeg&quot; ns1:width=&quot;32&quot; ns1:height=&quot;32&quot; /> </ns2:OVFDescription>
  8. 8. Example of use I abiCloud Remote space Appliance Provider rPath Cohesive … I love internet !
  9. 9. Example of use II abiCloud Remote space Software companies Remote space Remote space Now I can test my favorite applications without think in complex installations or incompatibilities
  10. 10. Example of use III abiCloud Remote space Colaborative Environment abiCloud Remote space abiCloud Remote space
  11. 11. A new day for abiquo community I’m very interested to test abiCloud, the package is comming… Ok! Now is time to connect to abiquo remote space in order to download appliances to test the platform Now, I have time to test and colaborate with my feedback Remote space
  12. 12. THE END
  13. 13. Oohh! No!! One more thing…
  14. 14. What will come…? Private image repositories Secured public repository Earn money with your appliance Create your OVF appliance with abiCloud and share with the world
  15. 15. More information…. http://community.abiquo.com http://jira.abiquo.com [email_address]