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Errors in research

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Errors in research

  1. 1. Errors In Research Presented By: Team 18 Abinesh Raja M Raghu Priya Rajeshwaran Sriram Kumar Vijayalakshmi S
  2. 2. Agenda 1 Introduction To Research Errors 2 Common Errors In Research 3 Implications of Research Errors Research Errors Leading to Marketing 4 Failure 5 Steps to Reduce Research Errors
  3. 3. Qualitative and Quantitative research Quantitative Qualitative Deductive Inductive Tests hypotheses Produces theories Positivism Phenomenology Objectivism Constructionism Employs measurement Does not employ measurement Measures objective facts Constructs social meaning Focuses on variables Focus on interactive processes Reliability is key Authenticity is key Independent of context Context constrained Statistical analysis Thematic analysis
  4. 4. Quantitative Errors Population Specification Error Sampling Error Selection Error Non Response Error Surrogate Information Error Measurement Error Experimental Error
  5. 5. Qualitative Errors  Selective observation  Inaccurate observation  Overgeneralization  Made-up information  Ex post facto hypothesizing  Illogical reasoning  Ego involvement in understanding  Premature closure of inquiry  Mystification
  6. 6. Common Errors In Research Questionnaire Studies  Using a questionnaire to work with problems that lend themselves better to other research techniques.  Not giving enough care to the development of the questionnaire and not pretesting it.  Asking too many questions, thus making unreasonable demands on the respondents time.  Overlooking details of format, grammar, printing, and so on that can influence respondents. first impression. Interview Studies  Not adequately planning the interview or developing the interview guide.  Not conducting sufficient practice interviews to acquire needed skills.  Failing to establish safeguards against interviewer bias.
  7. 7. Experimental Studies  Inadvertently or otherwise treating the experimental and control groups differently, thus leading to biased findings.  Using too few cases, leading to large sampling errors and insignificant results.  Failing to divide the main groups into subgroups in situations where subgroup analysis may produce worthwhile knowledge. Observational Studies  Not sufficiently training observers and thus obtaining unreliable data.  Using an observation procedure that demands too much of the observer.  Failing to safeguard against the observer’s disturbing or changing the situation being observed Relationship (Correlation) Studies  Assuming that a correlation between pieces of data is proof of a cause-and effect relationship.  Using a sample in correlational research that differs on so many variables that comparisons of groups are not interpretable.  Selecting variables for correlation that have been found unproductive in previous studies.
  8. 8. Implications of Research errors Purpose: Support or Contradict a proposed business decision…. Market Academic Research Research Highly important to 1.Wrong decision be error free as it 2.Loss of capitol acts as a guide for 3.Shut down future references by many Example: New product Must be a good fit development or in the view of a market introduction single drop inside may fail due to error an ocean. in research
  9. 9. Exceptions HAWTHORNE STUDIES….. Group PURPOSE: Status To study the effects of lighting and other factors Group on employee efficiency and Internal work efficiency….. Organizati on
  10. 10. Research Errors -> Marketing Failures
  11. 11. Steps to Minimize Errors A proper literature review Statistical tools for adjusting Increase in measurement sample size error Double entry of Pilot testing data Training for Interviewers and observers
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