Eco plaza


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Eco plaza

  2. 2. Use appropriate building sites Preserve open space Reduce slump Develop brown fields Safeguard endangered species Restore damaged environments Design to optimize sun , wind & light
  3. 3.  Paints are, by and large, one of the largest areas of construction material that can have undesirable environmental effects. Oil and latex paints can wreak havoc on water treatment facilities if they find their way into drains and are difficult to otherwise dispose of properly. Milk-based paints are becoming a popular alternative to these harsh chemical paints and feature an ingredient list that excludes any carcinogenic.
  4. 4.  Finally, both plastic and metal have been used in furniture for years. Since both materials are very recyclable, they have the potential to be as eco-friendly as other solutions. This is only if the materials are, indeed, recycled, however.  When you look for furniture of any kind consider not only where the material came from (recycled, organic, etc) but how easily it can be disassembled and recycled after you are ready to replace it. In order to keep the cycle of reusable materials circling, we all have to consider where our consumed material is going; not just where it’s been.
  5. 5.  Traditional insulation is manufactured from virgin, harsh materials that are also difficult to dispose of properly. Newer insulation developments include insulation materials that are made of recycled materials and are bio-degradable. These materials include newspaper, old blue jeans, and recycled fiberglass. Proper insulation can make or break the energy efficiency of the home as well and these “alternative” insulation materials have been thoroughly tested to meet or exceed the effectiveness of more outdated, harmful materials.
  6. 6.             Green or vegetated roofs are becoming increasingly common. These roofs reduce the impact that sprawling development has on storm water problems, especially in urban areas. With a green roof, a portion of the rain is absorbed by the plants and soil, and over time is returned to the atmosphere through evaporation and transpiration similar to an open lawn or field. Using plants or vegetation that are low maintenance and drought resistant decreases the upkeep of the roof. Green roofs also reduce heating and cooling costs, filter pollutants, and block sound
  7. 7.  While most tiles are used from materials such as ceramic and glass, many forward-thinking companies are taking recyclable materials and turning them into tiles that are nothing short of works of art. These materials include ceramic and glass as well, but also materials such as granite and aluminum. Any time that recycled materials are purchased, it promotes the market and helps it grow to hopefully become the leading manner that these materials are produced.
  8. 8.  Using of recycled water  Reducing the wasting of water  Generating self electricity  Planting wind mills  Or by using the solar energy  Getting materials in the local areas itself which is needed for the construction of our plaza  It will reduce the cost on transportations
  9. 9.  MERITS Lower operating costs (by 30%- 40%) Improve occupant health Reduce pollution Reduce water usage (by 20%- 30%) Eliminates creation of waste Reduce power consumption (by 40%- 50%)