Social Media Research Communication and Development


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A writeup on the use of social media in research, as the tool for interactive analysis. One of the greatest asset of the internet is tilted towards social networks, so the need for blogs to boost research and development in the society is the propeller of communication and publication...

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Social Media Research Communication and Development

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA RESEARCH COMMUNICATION The social media is one of the greatest tools on the internet, today. There are about 3billion people on the internet, daily and social media accounts for about half of these people. This is quite disturbing in this jet age, as the technology of the new generation is online, so researchers need to go online to reach the next generation; in fact, there’s a tool for everything online from driving lessons to cooking manuals. Now the need for real time technology has given the social media a boost, thereby giving it an edge over other communication medium. It is true that research dissemination is a key bane to the knowledge database, but though the internet has broken the barrier, the social media is taken it to the next interactive level. A post in the social media gets likely over hundred times views than any other means of publication. This is evident when you compare the print media of the newspaper to the online versions, as also compared to electronic media. Now this is the breaker, when the newspapers engaged the social media their viewers turned over in hundred folds and that is the magic wand for Researchers. Recently, a class was given an assignment to publish the curriculum of their course in any media of choice, some went to the newspapers, which is now in the archives; some had radio broadcast/jingles, which has been overtaken by events; others went to Television to make productions, of which were not mostly aired, but the ones that explored the use of the social media are still getting views and reviews to the extent that they have formed an online community. There are different social media from Networks, News, Media Sharing, Business, Research etc. The topmost are Facebook, Linkedln, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr etc. These are all avenues of communicating research, as it cuts across all strata of the society. Not to mention is use of these in recent developmental phenomenon like the Obama campaign and Jonathan declaration to mention just a few. Today, both Politicians and Policy makers have recognised and identified with the social media, as a step ahead. Even Organisations and Parastatals are exploring the social media to reach their target audience, so researchers need to capitalise on this trend, for effective communication.