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Mshihiri alpha mshihiri a snapshot of his key skills and attributes


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Alpha Rashidi Mshihiri is a responsible, motivated and compassionate individual. Alpha Rashidi Mshihiri worked as a Senior Consultant and BPM Specialist, where he reviewed and analyzed various products, and business processes, identified challenges, and opportunities so as to provide meaningful feedback to business on how they can improve the quality of service.

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Mshihiri alpha mshihiri a snapshot of his key skills and attributes

  1. 1. Mshihiri Alpha Mshihiri- A Snapshot Of His Key Skills And Attributes
  2. 2. Alpha Mshihiri is an extremely capable professional with years of experience in business analysis. He has worked with numerous companies in various industries like Brokerage, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Airline, Technology, Financial services, Direct Mailing, and Government. He has over three years experience as a business architecture and a little over ten years with the experience as a Business Analyst and Business Process Manager. Apart from this, he has experience in leadership in various positions from COO to CEO.
  3. 3. Mshihiri Alpha Mshihiri was appointed as the president at Pristine Finance, where he successfully planned and directed various aspects of organization activities including the company's vision, goals, and objectives. He was able to lead the company from zero to fifty five million dollars in sales with little over twenty employees, which is a brilliant testimony to his allegiance, professionalism, and perseverance
  4. 4. His outstanding ability to enhance organization's performance and achieve strategic goals while making a significant contribution to various aspects like revenue generation, process optimization, cost control, and client satisfaction makes him an indispensable asset for every organization he works with. He is well versed in developing, setting and managing KPIs within business processes. He has extensive experience using a range of applications like MS Office Suite, MS Visio, MS Project, Smart Draw, Time Management Tools and PBM tool. And his database expertise includes MS-Access, SQL Server, and XML.
  5. 5. He excels in methodologies like Six Sigma, TOC, SDLC, RAD, AUP, RUP, and Prototyping. Alpha has proved his expertise time and again by working with a number of reputed organizations like Fingerhut, Compendium, Wells, Fargo Mortgage, Choice Capital Management, Pristine Finance, NewBreed Mobile, and Hollstadt & Associates.
  6. 6. Alpha Rashid Mshihiri is a responsible, motivated and compassionate individual who strongly believes in making a positive contribution to the society, both financially and personally. He loves spending time with his wife and children and also helps others in discovering their true potential through counseling.
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