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Alpha rashidi mshihiri – career highlights and aptitudes


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Alpha rashidi mshihiri – career highlights and aptitudes

  1. 1. Alpha Rashidi Mshihiri – Career Highlights and Aptitudes
  2. 2. Alpha Rashidi Mshihiri has a plethora of rich experience working in Business Process Management, Process Management Organization, Business architecture engineering, and a number of related technologies. He has been praised by his bosses and upper management for his analytical and interpretation skills. He has taken a lead role in developing, setting, managing key performance indicators within the business processes and organizations as a whole.
  3. 3. He has proven himself time and again with his ability to analyze and translate complex customer requirements into innovative solutions. Some of the tools he has experience using include Integrify, Appian, and Pagasystems. He has extensive experience using MS office suite, MS Project, MS Visio, Smart Draw, Time Management Tools, and PBM tool.
  4. 4. His database expertise includes, SQL Server, MSAccess, and XML. Methodologies that he excels at include Six sigma, TOC, SDLC, AUP, RAD, RUP, Prototyping. During the course of his ten year career in the field, he has lent his expertise to a number of industries such as Healthcare, Brokerage, Airline, Financial Services, Telecommunications (Mobile), Technology, Direct Mailing, and Government.
  5. 5. Key leadership areas for Alpha Rashidi Mshihiri include Process Optimization, developing and managing KPEs, developing and managing client deliverables, Strategic Planning, Project Management, and Market. His work portfolio is extensive and includes employment with a number of well known companies like Fingerhut, Compendium, Wells Fargo Mortgage, Pristine Finance, Choice Capital Management, New Breed Mobile, and Hollstadt and Associates.
  6. 6. Outside of work, Alpha Rashidi Mshihiri is a complete family man. He spends as much time as possible with his wife and three children. His hobbies include reading for self development and writing professional articles and books, playing soccer with his younger son, playing basketball with his older son, mentorship, and helping others discover their true potential. He believes that it is important to contribute and give back to society both financially and personally. He leads by example, and hopes that he will set forth the right principles for his children to follow.
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