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Alpha rashid mshihiry a successful business analyst


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Mshihiri Alpha Mshihiry is a motivated professional. Mshihiri Alpha Mshihiri has always been a dedicated and hardworking individual. He received his Bachelor's degree in science in MIS/ Strategic Management from Metropolitan State University.

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Alpha rashid mshihiry a successful business analyst

  1. 1. Alpha Rashid Mshihiry- A Successful Business Analyst
  2. 2. Alpha Rashidi Mshihiry has ten years of hands on experience in business analysis and business process management.  He is a skilled and resourceful employee who has worked at different positions with some of the leading and reputed organizations like Hollstadt & Associates, Pristine Finance, NewBreed Mobile, Choice Capital Management, Compendium, and Fingerhut.  He also got the opportunity to directly work with executive leadership team on redesigning business processes. 
  3. 3. As a Lead BPM Consultant at NewBreed Mobile Inc., Alpha Mshihiri redefined and aligned business processes against organizational vision and goals so as to enhance productivity, decision making process, and flexibility within business services in order to create substantial business value.  Apart from this, he played an instrumental role in building BPM practices and resources to manage the entire practice. 
  4. 4. He also worked as a senior business process analyst with Wells Fargo Mortgage, where he helped redesign and execute business process solutions that reduced the time frame for a new development cycle, enhanced customer service and profitability and also reduced wastage.  He worked closely with executive management, and articulated their visions into functional business activities. 
  5. 5. Alpha Mshihiri completed his Associate in Arts degree from North Hennepin Community College and later went to Metropolitan State University and received a Bachelor's of science in MIS/ Strategic Management.  He was also a board of director with Metro State Alumni for five years.  Alpha strives for the highest standards of integrity and excellence in all his professional pursuits which is probably the reason for his successful career profile. 
  6. 6. He has proved his expertise with his ability to analyze and translate complex customer requirements into innovative solutions.  He has and continues to perform exceptionally well in all his professional pursuits which makes him a vital asset for every establishment he works with.  His ability to proactively connect with others helps him to develop and maintain customer relationships and match the diversified needs of the clientele. 
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