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Assignment 15

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Assignment 15

  1. 1. Assignment 15: Primary & Secondary Research Have video games evolved for the better or the worse? Abigail Menzies Pamela Younes Jodie Foster-Pilia Laura Cuk
  2. 2. Jodie foster-Pilia
  3. 3. Females represented in video games Damsel in distress • Female characters are often cast in a role of damsel in distress and their rescue as the final objective of game • They are belittled in a sense as they are shown to be quite vulnerable and weak His task is to rescue the princess and bring her back to safety Here is a game where a woman is represented as a damsel in distress The male (The prince) is expected to fight the guards inside a massive castle where the princess is trapped
  4. 4. YouTube video (female represented as a damsel in distress) She explains that women are normally represented as a damsel in distress in video games. Damsel in distress comes from the french word Damoiselle en détresse. Damoiselle meaning young lady and detresse meaning anxiety and despair caused by abandonment or helplessness The damsel in distress is a plot device, in which a female character is placed in a situation which she cannot escape alone and she must be rescued by a male The woman is provided as a motivation for a male quest
  5. 5. Flirtatious/Sexual Her clothing differs from what is usually associated with princesses, instead of having a feminine dress, she has revealing clothing, showing her belly and legs. The princess is wearing Red which is a sophisticated and seductive colour immediately changing the innocent and needy princess into a more seductive princess (Negative stereotype) The body language shown by the princess is also quite flirtatious, due to her leg positioning which seems rather alluring. (Negative stereotype) The idea of a defenceless woman is challenged as she is equipped with her own weapons, and armour indicating that she can defend herself (positive stereotype)
  6. 6. Female Domestic Roles This is a children's game, and therefore is influencing domestic roles of women at a young age The stereotype of women being domesticated is reinforced. The game ‘Cooking Mamma’ evolves chopping frying etc. which is targeted at a female audience. The fact the stereotype of women being domestic could be seen as both a positive or negative stereotype. Negative in the sense that women do much more than just cook, and positive in the fact that women aren't undermined by being sexualised
  7. 7. Public interviews Expert interviews Name: Jerome Name: Miss Sylvester charles Age/A Gender: Female Age: 19 Gender: Male Women in video games are always sexy, they are typically brunettes or blondes, with a curvy body. Women are used as a selling tool because if men see this on the front of a game cover they would be more likely to purchase the game Name: Mafalda Age: 17 Female Gender: There aren't many females in video games it is mostly males but if so, they are portrayed as being sexual to seduce a particular male. Women are massively degraded when it comes to video games, they are seen to be exploited and demoralised as they are mostly seen to be in there underwear or even totally in nude. This then socialises younger girls negatively as they may aspire to be this way.
  8. 8. Article on portrayal of women in videogames Is the sex appeal in women in video games ‘nothing but harmless entertainment or is it ‘degrading women everywhere?’ What is the difference between ‘acceptable socialisation’ and ‘over sexualisation of female characters is video games? is there actually such a thing as "acceptable sexualisation"? Or does the very fact that a character was designed to look sexually appealing in the first place already classify such a character as "over sexualised"? videogames are entertainment after all, and sex appeal is as valid a part of entertainment as any other.
  9. 9. Challenges/positive stereotype • Strong and independent portrayed and highly capable woman. • Skilled at hacking and engineering and easily able to hold her own in a fight, • Cheerful, witty and even practically attired, • Fully clothed, decent (not sexualised and revealing
  10. 10. •Here I decided to play the game, ‘Grand theft auto’. My character was a male and I experienced, for myself how women are presented in these types of games •I was able to pay for a woman to give me an erotic lap dance •Playing this game immediately gave me a feel of discomfort and uneasiness. Due to the vile images shown of women. •During the game I was able to touch and caress the women in anyway I pleased as if she were some sort of object. Here the woman was give the male a sexual lap dance
  11. 11. Questionnaire I questioned 10 people regarding females in video games. Females are represented positively in video games I Females are represented negatively in video games IIII IIII Females are represented correctly in video games Females are represented wrong in video games III IIII II Males are seen as more dominant than females in video games Females are seen as more dominant than males in video games IIII IIII •9/10 people think that females are represented negatively in video games •7/10 people think females are represented wrong in video games •10/10 people think that males are seen are more dominant than females in video games
  12. 12. How are males represented in video games?
  13. 13. What are tropes? • A trope is a common pattern in a story or a recognisable attribute in a character that conveys information to the audience. • A trope becomes a cliché when its overused. • Some of these tropes often perpetuate offensive stereotypes.
  14. 14. Primary research: How are men represented in video games? How are men represented in video games? Stranger (Gender – Female) (Age – 18) I believe that males are represented as a heroic dominant gender. However, I think this is a negative stereotype considering the female heroic games like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Pedro (friend) (Gender – Male) (Age – 16) They are not real, I mean only characters can be represented in a strong muscular way, but this representation has a negative influence on males. Blessilda (friend) (Gender – Female) (Age – 17)
  15. 15. Secondary research: How are males represented in video games? Source: Wikipedia The portrayal of men in video games Men are shown as being big in all aspects. They are shown to be the more dominant gender role. Stereotype of male characters in video games: • Rescues the damsel in distress • Strong/muscular • Aggressive/violence • Some are villains • Dominant gender role
  16. 16. Primary research: Do you think male are being portrayed as a negative stereotype in video games? YES NO The respondents were from a variety of 14-18 years old They were both males and females All British I interviewed 18 people, strangers and friends Most males that I interviewed said yes because they believe it is a negative body image.
  17. 17. Secondary research: Do you think male are being portrayed as a negative stereotype in video games? YES NO Most respondents said yes to males being portrayed as a negative stereotype in games. Most believed that the male characters are not real and have a huge influence on society. Also some said that they would like to see changes in the portrayal of male characters that they do not currently observe.
  18. 18. Secondary research: How does male representation impact on society? Children: Boys come to see Spiderman as a masculine symbol because of his heroic persona. Adults: Males are affected by male representation in video games. Masculine symbols become a part of a child’s identity. Males see these characters as the ideal male and try to gain weight/muscle mass to become this image.
  19. 19. The advancement of video game technology
  20. 20. Evolution of video game graphics • • • As technology advances over the years so does the quality of video games Video games are now more realistic and as well as interactive This evolution of video games and their graphics has now blurred the line between fantasy and reality as they become more life like Evolution of fighting games over the years This timeline shows how the graphics for video games has advanced over the years allowing it to be more detailed as well as violent
  21. 21. Evolution of video game violence •With the evolution of video game violence comes the evolution of video game violence •Over the years video games have becomes more detailed in their portrayal of violence Death Race •Involves the player driving over gremlins •Played in black and white and looks simple however story behind the game is violent Mortal Kombat •In this fighting game you can pull out your opponent’s heart •Decent quality, blood looks cartoonish but still portrays violence Solider of Fortune •First shooting game where you can shoot off the body parts of enemies •Blood and damaged body parts are not designed in much detail but idea of shooting enemies’ body parts is gruesome Gear of Wars 2 •Can chainsaw enemies in half •Blood looks more realistic and designed in greater detail
  22. 22. Realism of video games • Due to the advancement of video games and their graphics, some players can’t tell the difference between the real life and the life of video games and become addicted html •This guy (his name isn’t told) believes his brain can no longer tell difference from real life and virtual world of video games •Describes life of video games as his ‘virtual reality’ •He believes to some degree gaming has taught him how to drive “Greater realism leads to greater immersion; greater immersion leads to greater effects. One of those effects can be increased aggression.” - Marina Krcmar (associate professor of communication)
  23. 23. Some argue video games need to be more realistic •This article shows how many video game developers try to base their games on as much characteristics of the real world as possible but these games still need to be more sense of realism •Mr. Entis (chief technical officer at EA games) says that “game worlds must not just look lifelike, but also react in a realistic manner too” •Charities like the Red Cross have argued that war games need to be more realistic by reinforcing the laws of war for example; punishing the player for killing civilians or using torture to get information Games like Call of Duty try to avoid this criticism by not including civilians in their games at all
  24. 24. convenience-and-realism-in-video-games-letstalk-about-the-weather/ 10/14/the-burden-of-realism-in-grand-theftauto-5/
  25. 25. Audience views on the realism of video games Name Age Gender Role/Profession Opinion Matthew 14 Male Student Realism in video games is good cause now I can relate what I see in video games to every day real life situations e.g. the change of weather in grand theft auto Tracey 37 Female Mother The realism can be seen as both positive and negative cause you have some video games real enough that you can learn from and you have negatives ones that can warp your mind and make u want to do it in reality Deandre 16 Male Student I think how video games have become so realistic is a good thing as myself as the gamer feel more engaged and apart of the video game world but at the same time this is a bad thing as video games are now a huge part of my life
  26. 26. Dwight 46 Male Account manager for commercial printing Development of gaming units (xbox, ps3 etc) has made all the difference . Video gaming now has a more 3 dimensional look apposed to 2D look of the past. Video games now look and feel more life like due to new technology
  27. 27. Evolution of interactive video game consoles • Platforms like the Wii, PlayStation move and the Kinect emphasises how the video game technology has advancement to make the player feel more engaged and apart of the virtual world of video games December 2006 Designed to allow users to control the game with physical gestures as well as button-presses November 2010 December 2012 September 2010 Allows the user to interact with the console through motion and position in front of a PlayStation camera Enables users to control and interact with the Xbox 360 without the need to touch a game controller, through a natural user interface using gestures and spoken commands Can be used alongside Wii console to enhance virtual experience
  28. 28. Pamela Younes The Affects of the body and the mind
  29. 29. How it affects body and mind… Primary Research Body Mind Obesity Changes their perception of the real world Laziness Mental Tired Aggressive Not facing reality
  30. 30. Advantages of video affecting the body/Mind Primary Research /Secondary Research a video game in which players pilot Roxxi the nanobot through the bodies of fictitious cancer patients, zapping cancer cells with the Chemoblaster, the Radiation Gun Would keep us thinking, such as the war games you would think where to go etc. Wii fit would keep us active Source: ng-health-benefits-video-games
  31. 31. Disadvantages of video affecting the body/Mind Primary Research it would make the body lazy where they would prefer playing video games rather than going outside and playing football, whereas they prefer playing it on their game console It makes the mind aggressive, this can be due to when the person loses on a game and then becomes aggressive It can make the person gain weight, where they wouldn’t be active as there sitting on the sofa and playing games, whereas if they play outside, there being active and leads to becoming fit. changes their perception of reality, such as GTA makes the brain think that all women would be represented that way also the men. Can change there schema in the real world.
  32. 32. How do others Feel about this Primary Research Name / Role Age / Gender Opinion Diana - Mother 35 – Female Its not good, when there playing it everyday as it effects the brain by making children more aggressive Elias – Father 42 – Male its good when it cones to the Wii, it makes them more fit as they keep moving not sitting down, maybe that’s one of the reasons why they designed the Wii. Sally – cousin 15 – Female I personally don’t think its bad, because its entertaining and at least it makes your head work as we would be thinking when playing Mark – Friend 19 – Male I think that video games does effect the body / mind. But there is obviously a limit, I'm a video game player and I realised that its changes the way we think about the world, which is completely wrong.
  33. 33. What do experts/Theorists say about this topic? • Primary Research Dr Lewis HMV “Its good and bad in the same way, it good as it makes the children focus, but its bad if they are on it for too long, can effect there eyes” “we need to keep the people entertained, and the only way is to keep updating out games” “some specific games are good such as the brain age, as they have specific games to make” “if we don’t update our games, we’re falling behind with technology, we need to keep up, by improving our games”
  34. 34. Educational Game  Keeps the brain thinking as there are maths problems  Educational in an entertaining way  This would be good for the mind as its solving problems such as Sudoku
  35. 35. Source: Have been many case studies on this… • Dr. Vincent Matthews designed an experiment 8. their brain functions still weren’t quite the same as before they were exposed to the violent games. 1. looked at what happened in the brain in 28 students who were randomly assigned 7. When Matthews brought the participants back after a week of not playing video games, their brain activity had changed again, reverting to more normal reactions 6. Researchers found that those who played the violent video games showed less activity in areas that involved emotions, attention and inhibition of our impulses 2. play either a violent, firstperson shooter game or a nonviolent one every day for a week. 3. None of the participants had much previous gaming experience. Dr. Vincent Matthews 4. At the start of the study, researchers used functional MRI to scan brain activity in the participants 5. The participants were then scanned again while they repeated the same tasks, after a week of playing the video games.
  36. 36. Source: Why does this exist? Cause laziness It helps heal cancer, as there's a special game where it triggers it Obesity Distraction Good for education as it keeps the mind thinking Great impact on the children who play, as different games can be very stereotypical, and the children would get the wrong perception of reality


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