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Yac power point_presentation

  1. 1. By Abigail Chase, Teah Dimico & Abbie Gross
  2. 2. Teacher Talk  Teacher Talk is directed to students from Elementary school all the way though College.  This app is also directed to teachers of various schools so they can communicate to their students to provide guidance for their students.
  3. 3. This app will help kids catch up with school work, or if they have questions about their learning, it’s crucial that they seek guidance from a teacher. • If they have the app, Teacher Talk, they can easily communicate with their teacher/s so they can be caught up with their work, and won’t fail the class. • Teacher Talk allows students to communicate with your teacher though a computer screen using instant messaging, which will prevent you from falling behind in class!
  4. 4.  How can we connect the app with the internet to send the messages to the person you are texting?
  5. 5. • Some students in elementary schools don’t have a phone to contact their teacher. • Some kids may think it’s a bit awkward to ask their teacher for a phone number. • Teacher Talk allows any student to contact their teacher/s with ease, without making them feel uncomfortable.
  6. 6. Our team, The NerdZ, is developing a mobile app to help any student who is enrolled in school contact their teacher/s for help. Whether they have a question about homework, or if they are absent from school, they will always have a way to communicate with their teacher/s to improve the student’s education! 
  7. 7. Name: Kelsi McCracken Age: 12 Occupation: 7th Grader at Sacajawea Middle School Spokane, Washington Name: Marrianna Weishaupt Age: 13 Occupation: 7TH Grader at Sacajawea Middle School Spokane, Washington Name: Sam Ferguson Age: 12 Occupation: 6th Grader at Forks Middle School Forks, Washington Name: Ren Dimico Age: 15 Occupation: Sophomore at Lewis and Clark High School Spokane, Washington Name: Jehmaisa Griffin Age: 13 Occupation: 7th Grader at Sacajawea Middle School Spokane, Washington Name: Mayté Losada Age: 12 Occupation: 7th Grader at Sacajawea Middle School Spokane, Washington
  8. 8. Marrianna Weishaupt • This app could be helpful I would buy it Jehmaisa Griffin • This app could work, but I probably wouldn’t buy it Sam Ferguson • I would use the app because I would like to have a talk with my teachers if I needed help with a project • This might be better than student email Phil Cambell • Yeah I would use it, to assign places to my students to photograph near the university • They can see my grading on the places and quality of the photos, so then they can see what they need to make up or improve • To talk to me about any questions they have, that’s great so they can see if they are on their to gain their social graphic degree
  9. 9. Ren Dimico • My question would be, would the teachers have office hours and I would suggest putting a system that the students can see the status of their teacher, if they are online or unavailable • I believe there are still some boundaries that need to be established but if I would be able to see the status of my teacher I would defiantly use the app Kelsi McCracken • I like the idea that you can get help from a teacher right away instead of waiting until the next day, when it is due, for an answer • There are a few minor setbacks, like what happens if your teacher doesn’t have the APP? How would you contact them? If those issues can be resolved, I would definitely download Teacher Talk! Mayté Losada • It should have a help page • I would use it but only if my teacher had the app • There should be a different language selection (She came to test out our app)
  10. 10. [Key wireframes 2/3]
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