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reading and writing


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Reading and Writing Skills

Published in: Education
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reading and writing

  1. 1. CONTENT CONTENT STANDARD PERFORMANCE STANDARD LEARNING COMPETENCIES TOPIC INSTRUCTIONAL DELIVERY ASSESSMENT Textas connected discourse The learner… Realizesthat informationina writtentextmay be selectedand organizedto achieve a particular purpose. The learner… Critiquesachosen sample of each patternof development focusingon information selection, organization,and development. The learner… 1. describesa writtentextasa connected discourse 2. identifies propertiesof a well-writtentext a. organization b. coherence and cohesion c. language use d. mechanics Propertiesof awell-writtentext:  organization  coherence andcohesion LearningMaterials  Anticipatingthe Dream  My GreatestInstrument Pre-reading 1. Videoclip presentationof drama anthology.(Maalaala Mo Kayaand Magpakailanman) 2. Testof prior knowledge  There will be five questionsbeing asked. 3. Lecture/Discussion  Firsttwo properties of a well-written text  organization  coherence and cohesion Reading 4. Sample narrative  Anticipatingthe Dream  My Greatest Instrument 5. Evaluationof the sample narrativesin termsof:  organization  coherence and cohesion 6. Comprehension Questions Writingactivity usingthe adopted analyticrubric
  2. 2. a. b. Critical Thinking Questions a. b. 7. Videoclip presentationwhich servesasthe conclusion Post-reading 8. Test of knowledge  Answerthe followingquestions: e.g. Cohesionmeans that all the parts are relatedtoa single keyidea. True or False  Put a (⁄) mark on the blankif the givenparagraphs show organization and coherence and (X) if otherwise.  Differentiated Instruction (Writing)  Low Performing Students– (Controlled Practice) Arrange the following sentencesto
  3. 3. forma well- organizedand coherent paragraph.  Average Performing Students–Write a two-paragraph narrative on howto identify your weaknesses and howyou can transformthem intostrengths.  HighLevel-Write a three- paragraph narrative on howyou can capitalize on your strengths to succeedin life. 9. Assignment 1. Look for a sample narrative.Then, point out parts of the narrativesthatshow:  organization  coherence and cohesion 2. (AnticipatedLesson)  language use
  4. 4.  mechanics Researchonthe definitionof the other twopropertiesof a well- writtentext:  language use  mechanics Then,compare them withthe firsttwo propertiesthatthey have learned. Preparedby: Group I Reading and Writing