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Advocating Sensible Sanitation in North America: What Works


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Advocating Sensible Sanitation in North America: What Works

  1. 1. A presentation to the World Toilet Summit Durban, South Africa on 6 December 2012 by Abigail Brown, PHLUSH
  2. 2. Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human (PHLUSH) Portland, Oregon, USA Advocating Sensible Sanitation in North America: What Works
  3. 3. Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human All-volunteer group founded in 2005 in Portland, Oregon. Sanitation advocacy and education in North American context. Started with public toilet design and expanded to other toilet topics.
  4. 4. PHLUSH believes toilet availability is a human right and that well-designed sanitation systems restore health to our cities, waters, and soils.
  5. 5. 1. Public Toilet Design 2. Emergency Toilets 3. Ecological Sanitation PHLUSH GoalsGoals
  6. 6. Public Toilet Design ChallengeChallenge Public toilets closed in Portland due to budget-cuts. Public defecation on sidewalks downtown. Lack of knowledge public toilet locations and some public toilets unsafe. Re-design/design current and future toilets. PhotoCourtesy:UniversityofOregonLibraries
  7. 7. 1. Cost Effectiveness 2. Max Function/Min Space  3. Safety 4. Accessibility 5. Availability 6. Attractiveness 7. Ease of maintenance Public Toilet Design ActionAction PhotoCourtesy:PHLUSHRestroomDesignPrinciples
  8. 8. Public Toilet Design ResultResult PhotoCourtesy:CarolMcCreary
  9. 9. Emergency Toilets ChallengeChallenge Major subduction zone from Canada to California. Earthquake of 8.5 overdue. Risk managers say 6 months to 1+ years for repair of sewer. Local emergency providers not giving detailed long- term sanitation information. PhotoCourtesy:UnitedStatesGeologicalSurvey
  10. 10. Emergency Toilets ActionAction Adapted emergency toilet used in Christchurch, NZ. Two buckets, lids, and seat organic fiber, hygiene kit. Created outreach materials about simple solution called Twin Bucket Toilet. Partner organization MDML created long-term composting guide. PhotoCourtesy:CarolMcCreary
  11. 11. Emergency Toilets ResultResultPhotoCourtesy:CarolMcCreary
  12. 12. Ecological Sanitation ChallengeChallenge Closed-loop sanitation systems poorly understood in US. Appropriate for rural areas, earthquake risks, and water shortages. Lack of research for efficiency of US eco-san systems. Code barriers to sustainable sanitation. PhotoCourtesy:EMSWCDPhotoCourtesy:MadisonCo.
  13. 13. Ecological Sanitation ActionAction Bring together people working on US eco-san. Make eco-san information available. Have eco-san webpage and mobile library. Refer people to SuSanA forum, SSWM Toolbox, EcoSanRes, and more. PhotoCourtesy:CarolMcCreary
  14. 14. Ecological Sanitation ResultResult PhotosCourtesy:MDML
  15. 15. SummarySummary PHLUSH challenges: public toilet design, emergency sanitation, ecological sanitation. Talking toilets locally and globally in North America. Cross-cultural info-sharing valuable for toilet design and awareness. Questions moving forward: water, climate change, and sanitation.
  16. 16. Thank you for your attention. Let us join together for toilets and sustainable sanitation for all! Abby Brown @waterfortheages PHLUSH @PortlandPHLUSH