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In what ways does your magazine use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

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Question 1

  1. 1. Question 1<br />Evaluation <br />
  2. 2. Use Front cover<br />Banner<br />Main Image<br />font<br />Number box<br />Banner<br />On my pop music magazine I have used the idea from the X Factor magazine of having banners at the top and bottom of the page, this is because I feel it gives a good edge to the page. I have also taken the inspiration of the main image. I took the big smile and how most of the images are on a slight angle and the medium close up shot type. To create a more full page I took used the inspiration of the “ number of ways” type box that appears on the magazine giving a taster of what people can expect to see within the magazine while not revealing too much. The fonts on the X factor magazine is very striking and bold , which is why I used a similar font type to draw peoples attention to the magazine.<br />
  3. 3. Use Contents page<br />Editors welcome<br />Colour boxes <br />For my contents page in my music magazine I have used a couple of ideas from the X Factor magazine. The first thing that I have used is the idea of having a little welcome section from the editor of the magazine . I thought this was a great idea when I saw this as it creates a more personal feel to the magazine for the viewer to have a connection with the editor. The other thing i have used is the idea of having the heading in coloured boxes ; I thought this was a really eye catching structure , with the page numbers also being in the same colour as the heading box.<br />
  4. 4. Use Double Page Spread<br />Heading<br />Large image<br />Columns <br />On my double page spread I have used a few ideas from another magazine. When I saw this double page spread I really liked how there was a big image on the page , which was taken with the model in a set up photo shoot , in a typical pop genre way. Another feature I used was the heading of the double page spread. I really liked the idea of using a quote that was embedded within the article as the heading, this was because it creates the question in the views mind of “ what did she say that about?” The final element used was the structure of columns as it makes the page look neat and also its easier for the audience to read.<br />
  5. 5. Develop Front Cover<br />Masthead<br />Image<br />The front cover I produced did develop from the real music magazine that I looked at for inspiration, starting with the masthead. The masthead on the x Factor magazine is a symbol in the top left hand side of the page, even though my masthead starts at the top left of the page , I have made the text go behind the main image . The image on the page of my music magazine is the typical big smile but instead of the model being face on to the camera I took the medium close-up on an angle to bring a more dimensional view on the page. <br />
  6. 6. Develop Contents Page<br />Contents<br />Images<br />After looking at the X Factor contents page I developed their idea of the written information that is placed upon the contents page giving the viewer the information needed to find out what is on each page. I chose to develop the idea by having all the text to do with content all down the left hand side instead of a mixed placement about the page. Also I developed the picture placement as I chose to have more images on the page to relate it more to the age range in which the magazine is aimed towards.<br />
  7. 7. Develop Double Page Spread<br />Image<br />The double page starts to look different from the model double page spread that I had used for inspiration , from the image. The image on the real magazine is large but goes across the two pages with the addition of a smaller image at the bottom of it; however my double page spread image covers the whole of the second page , drawing the readers attention as with my age range big images are normally used as posters. <br />
  8. 8. Challenge conventions Front cover<br />Masthead<br />Page numbers<br />To my front cover of my music magazine I challenged the conventions by making the masthead go behind the models head because<br />the Masthead is still legible but at the same time it is not the only thing at the top of the page. I have also added page numbers to my front cover so they can find that story straightaway within the magazine.<br />
  9. 9. Challenge conventionsContents Page<br />Upon the contents page I challenged conventions by having an image that was about the story on the front of the magazine; the image is different from the front cover just to make people to read that story more. Also under each of the images I have paced the page number in which you can find the article which goes with that image – to again make people want to go through the magazine more.<br />
  10. 10. Challenge conventionsDouble Page Spread<br />To the double page spread I challenged conventions by placing the text on top of a pink box to really make the copy of the page stand out and neatly placed upon the page. Also I have added to the double page spread a ‘PLUS’ box to advertise the new album that Katie is bringing out soon .<br />