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Antwone fisher reaction paper

  1. 1. 01-26-2012 ANTWONE FISHER 1. What did Fisher mean I’m from under a rock? Fisher meant that he is under pressure. He felt that he is in the dark with no one to hold. Hefelt that there is a weight pushing him and there is no one to help him since he has no familywhen he grew up. 2. What were the reasons why Antwone Fisher ended up fighting? Antwone ended up fighting all the time because if we are to trace back from his childhoodexperience, he didn’t had a happy and fruitful childhood life. He was abused physically, mentallyand emotionally by his foster parents. He was abused when he was young, and if he felt the needto fight, he suddenly loses control and starts a fight with whoever made his day go bad.According to him, when he starts to fight back with his foster mother, he felt good with it and hestarted to have that temper during 17 years old and adapted it until he became an adult. The impact of childhood experiences on later life experiences of Antwone was verydemoralizing. Because of the circumstances that Antwone went through, it made him had avolatile temper in which he has easy to get into fights, was very ignorant and violent. In themovie he stated that “No matter what you tried to do, you just couldn’t destroy me, I’m stillstanding, I’m still strong…..” Antwone grew up without a mother to nurture, cherish and care forhim, a father to train, mold and teach him certain values, morals and principles or even agirlfriend to encourage and stand by him. He had his childhood stolen from him and everyone hehas ever known was casting him off, by this he thought that everything was going wrong. 3. What is the meaning of rainy days feelings? Rainy days feeling is what Antwone felt because of the absence of his parents. He wasabandoned. In Cleveland, it doesn’t rain too much but when it rains, to a child’s perception whowanted to go out and play, it felt like it rains too much already. Rainy days are the sadness that achild felt when he loses hope whenever he felt the need to achieve something that will make himhappy. There is a hope of seeing a mother that would love and care for him and the hope to goout and play with his friends. 1
  2. 2. 4. Explain why Antwone felt he didn’t need a family? When he was very young, Antwone found refuge from this painful life in his ownimagination. He felt that he don’t need a family because he grew up without the love and care ofhis parents or even the foster parents who adopted him. He never experienced the warmth of amother’s embrace. When he was a child, he hoped that his real mother would come and get himbut it didn’t happen. He felt the abandonment and the feeling of being unwanted. He would cryhimself to sleep, he wrote, "asking God why--why I had to live with the Picketts, why I couldntknow my parents, why it was taking so long for the good part to come." 5. Identify the spiritual needs of Antwone. Antwone needs to be loved. He needs to have faith in God. There is a missing link in his lifethat is why he felt that he is under a rock and that he is under pressure. He needs to find the truthin order to move on and go on smoothly with his life. The truth about his family and trusting Goddespite of all the negative experiences he had in his life. 6. Give the scenario which showed the identified need? At first, Antwone is refusing to find his family. He felt that he doesn’t need to find the reasonwhy his mother didn’t even find and get him when he was a child. There is feeling of hatred withregards to his family. Another scenario is whenever he can’t control his temper, gets angryimmediately when a negative stimulus sets in, and then fights to whoever blocks his way orbelittles him. When he feels so alone, he never looked up to God to ask for help. 7. How Dr. Jerome Davenport did helped Antwone overcome his problems? Dr. Davenport helped Antwone realize every bad thing that he does. First, he assessed thebackground of Antwone and from that assessment, Dr. Davenport could trace why Antwonereacts that way. In order for the therapist to understand, predict and control Antwone’s behaviourhe had to: Arrange numerous counselling sessions. Open up his own feelings in order to helpAntwone get in touch with his. Be patient with Antwone, in other words time was given forAntwone to open up. Be observant to everything Antwone was saying. Try to perceiveAntwone’s side of the story and assess his situation. Question Antwone and in turn find answersto Antwone’s questions. Find solution to his problems and helped him deal with his past. 2
  3. 3. It was evident based on the movie that the psychiatrist was successful in achieving thesemissions as it relates to Antwone’s issues. This is so because Dr. Davenport got through toAntwone in that he made Antwone trust in him and shared all this problems, traumas andexperiences. Another reason is that he learns to come to grips with his life without blaming theworld. Despite almost of the overwhelming anger that stemmed from his cruel upbringing, Fisherwas able, with the help of a navy psychiatrist, to confront his emotional problems and eventuallyestablish himself as a successful screenwriter, husband, and father. Dr. Davenport suggested thatAntwone must first look for his family or even his mother so that he could ask her about theentire why’s in his head. Antwone go out for a leave to search for his mother and there he wasable to meet her and say all the things he wanted to say. He was able to release all the feelings inhis heart and was able to meet his relatives. 8. Describe how Antwone was able to overcome his problems? Antwone go out for a leave to search for his mother and there he was able to meet her andsay all the things he wanted to say. He was able to release all the feelings in his heart and wasable to meet his relatives. He learned to love and forget the bad sexual experience when he was achild. He was able to fall in love with his girlfriend in the film. He was able to develop a goodrelationship with the psychiatrist and also with the family of Dr. Davenport. He learned to overcome his problems when he started to open up all the feelings he haveinside his mind and heart. He was able to listen to the advice of his psychiatrist and with the helpof his girlfriend as well. Developing a positive attitude and by building trust to the personsaround him helped him too. He was able to smile and start living his life with faith, hope, trustand love to God and others. 9. Discuss how the ideas in this film help in meeting the spiritual needs of our patient? A famous quote in the bible teaches that “what man meant for evil, God uses it for good.”The quote would imply that whatever people/men thought and were doing to bring downAntwone, the Lord took and used it to fortify him. That is why; through all this, I believe theLord had a special plan for Antwone. He healed him through the help of a caring Psychiatrist anda supportive girlfriend who saw something good in him. In addition, the Lord inspired him andgave him hope, a father figure to respect (Dr. Davenport) and a girlfriend, (Cheryl). 3
  4. 4. This film showed a lot of heart breaking scenario which could happen to anyone. The idea ofgrowing up without the love and care of your real family might be a very big problem as wegrow up and requires a lot of effort in order for the child not to feel unwanted. In a person, whodoesn’t know his family and who wasn’t able to get near and know God, the experiences ofAntwone would give a picture of a person who needs to return and be enlightened by God’skindness and love. With God’s love and help, thru prayers, Antwone would be able to surpassany tragedy or circumstances that he would be facing all throughout his journey. The love andtrust for other person would be seen in this film also. It showed that a person needs somebodyelse that would listen, to talk to and share what is bothering him/her and suddenly the burden thathe/she feels inside would be lighter. 10. Discuss how Antwone’s problem help solve the problem of Dr. Jerome Davenport and his wife. There were many instances where psychiatric issues were handled outside of the office, a feware: Antwone was allowed to visit the psychiatrist’s home. The psychiatrist invited Antwone to afamily dinner at Thanksgiving and they met in a jail cell. The Psychiatrist also gave Antwonehis phone number to call him anytime. Another important boundary that the psychiatrist crossedwas that he exposed himself to Antwone; he spoke openly about his wife and their relationship.He assisted Antwone in approaching his prospective girlfriend, he gave him tips and what toexpect when dealing with her. Finally with this experience with Antwone, Dr. Davenportdeclared that he became a better therapist and husband by just working and understandingAntwone. 11. Give your personal insights on the film. The film made me feel blessed. I’ve seen that Antwone had a lot of circumstances that wouldreally test your faith in God. All the obstacles and problems that a person may have experiencedhappened to Antwone. It taught me to be firm and strong enough to have faith in God. God willnot give problems which I cannot solve. I know that God is always there for me through goodtimes and bad times. He will be there to carry my burdens so that I won’t get lost. He will directmy path to Him. Even though we walk to the darkest place or the dangerous side of the earth, weshouldn’t fear for He is always there. He will comfort us and He won’t let anything harm Hischildren. 4
  5. 5. I’ve learned the importance of having a friend whom you trust and whom is always there tolisten to your problems. It is good to control your temper and ask God to give you patience inevery situation to prevent fights. Therefore, the movie depicts the concepts of flexibility, the ability to rebound or recoverfrom terrible, unusual and high risk factors for psychological and social adjustment. 5