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Birkram Yoga


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Spiritual

Birkram Yoga

  1. 1. Research Study: Bikram Yoga inSaint Petersburg Abigail Yoong Julia Niazov Zoe Chuyu Zou Teresa Cortez Aleksandar Devok Tereza Bartikova
  2. 2. Background/Introduction Theory Ethnography Design Experimental Design Quantitative DesignConclusion
  3. 3. - 26 poses- Based on hatha yoga- 40.6 C, 40% humidity- Relieves stress- Increases flexibility- Removes toxins- Helps recovery frominjury
  4. 4. Two main trends in Russia popularity of yoga popularity of sauna/banyaWe wondered if the two could be combined via Bikram (hot) yogaTo understand whether it’s possible, we will conduct: ethnographic research, exploratory research, and quantitative research
  5. 5. Purpose:To understand the particular experience that people seek from Yoga and Banya.To explore the potential of combining Yoga and Banya by comparing differences and similaritiesSample Questions:1. Intensity of perspiration2. What is the usual duration of one session?3. Are participants engaged throughout the activity?4. What is the attitude after the session5. Social interaction during the session
  6. 6. Russian yoga teacher interviewPurpose: Willingness of teacher to teach Bikram yoga Interest of Russians to try Bikram yoga Additional feedback about Bikram yoga in Saint Petersburg
  7. 7. Focus groupPurpose:Finding out what “St. Petersburgers” think about Yoga, particularly Yoga in a hot place, what kind of offers would they rather have available and how do they think we can get there.- When thinking about yoga, what comes to mind?- Yoga Classes/Experiences a. In what ways were the classes/experiences helpful to you? b. In what ways do you feel that the classes fell short in helping you reach your goals?
  8. 8. Purpose:To identify our target group’s demographics and lifestyle.To determine motivations for exercising and develop a good positioning for heat yoga.To determine a pricing strategy.To identify a consumer’s willingness to take up heat yoga if they are currently pursing a similar form of exercise.
  9. 9. Risks - Small sample sizes/sample bias. - Responses that are ideal rather than truthful. - Inability to complete a true experiment. - Language differences/problems. - Choices limited by options given. - Ethnographic observation is subjective.Our ethnographic, experimental, and quantitative studies will allow us to understand whether the success of Bikram Yoga is possible in Saint Petersburg.
  10. 10. 1. Majority Gender Group Male Female2. Majority Age group 20-35 35-55 55+3. Temperature in the room (F) Low – 70-90 degrees Medium – 90-110 degrees High – 110+4. Intensity of perspiration Low Medium High
  11. 11. 5. Position during the session Active (constantly moving) Passive Changing positions over time6. Are participants in good physical shape? Low ( somewhat fat) Medium (normal) High (sporty look)7. Attitude during the session – what can be read from facial/body expressions Relaxation Happiness and fun Physical and / or psychical stress8. Drinks consumed during the session: Water Other drinks
  12. 12. 9. Amount of clothing worn during the session Low (nothing/swimsuit) Medium (sports equipment) High (cotton materials, long pants etc)10. Social environment during the sessionDo they communicate to one another or remain silent during the session.11. Is there a block of sessions that is complete in a certain period of time (e.g.sauna-shower-sauna-shower in half an hour)?12. What is the duration of a single session/ Are participants engaged from thebeginning until the end of the activity?13. What is the attitude after the session? Relaxation Happiness and fun Physical and/or Psychical stress
  13. 13. Purpose: Finding out what “St. Petersburgers” think about Yoga, particularly Yoga in a hot place, what kindof offers would they rather have available and how do they think we can get there.1. Let’s do a quick round of introductions. Can each of you tell the group your name, if you are studying orworking, and if you consider yourself and active and health-concerned person?2. When thinking about yoga, what comes to your mind?3. Now we would know like to hear about the yoga classes you have taken/the yoga experiences you havehada. In what ways were the classes/experiences helpful to you?b. In what ways do you feel that the classes fell short in helping you reach your goals?4. Have you ever been a sauna? How often? Was it a good experience?5. Now imagine you have the opportunity to combine both experience in hot Yoga. Would you like to try?Where would you like to have this service? Would it be a substitute or an adjunct to the othersports/activities you usually do?6. Is there anything else we haven’t discussed yet that you think is important for our group to know aboutas we consider tailoring this type of Yoga to the Russian market?
  14. 14. 1Q: Do you exercise?• Yes• NoIf YES – continueIf No – skip to 6Q2Q: How often do you exercise in a month?• 0-5 times• 5-10 times• 10-15 times• More than 15 times3Q: What is your motivation for exercising?• Be healthy• Loose your weight• Slim figure• Build muscles• To socialize• Others____________
  15. 15. 4Q: How much do you usually spend on physical activities (Gym, fitness classesetc) each month?• 0 – 3000 rub• 3000 - 6000 rub• 6000 - 9000 rub• More than 9000 rub5Q: Have you tried yoga before?• Yes• NoIf Yes - Skip to 7QIf No - Continue to 6Q6Q: Have you tried Pilates before?• Yes• No7Q: Are you willing to try yoga in a 40.6°C environment?• Yes• No
  16. 16. 8Q: Have you heard about Bikram yoga before?• Yes• No9Q: How much will you be willing to spend per session?• 0 – 150 rub• 150- 200 rub• 200- 350 rub• More than 350 rub10Q: Who would you practise Bikram yoga with?• Friend• Family member• Alone• Others11Q Would you be willing to try Bikram if the following promotion were offered?• Free trial for the first visit• Free weekend entry for family/friends• Gym related gift hampers and vouchers (Worth Up. 3000rub)• Unlimited sessions per month for 1000 rub
  17. 17. 12Q Gender• Female• Male13Q Please tick on the age group you fall under.14Q Income category per month• 0 – 15000 rub• 15000 - 30000 rub• 30000 - 45000 rub• More than 45000 rub