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Review of previous students film opening


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Review of previous students film opening

  1. 1. Abigail FaponlePrevious students film openingsReview: ‘The List’After briefly going through a range of different film openings from previous students the ‘The List’was the only one that stood out by far and automatically grabbed my attention. Although theopening was traditional and followed all the conventions of an average film opening, it still kept meon the edge of my seat with all different questions wandering through my mind.Aspects of the film that kept me suspicious and intriguedwere definitely the props and use of the camera. In thebeginning there was a close-up of a character putting on thestove.Fire represents all things destructible and dangerous. Thiscould foreshadow some destruction later on in the film orhappened. The close-up of the fire starting could mean thatdanger is fairly close.Another scene that was very disturbing was the cutting of thered onion and pounding of the red meat with bloodsplattering. The colour red is used a lot throughout this thrilleropening which symbolises danger and warning. There was agood use of props and colours for representation. Thecharacter was acting very violent and aggressive with eachaction including the battering of the meat, the chopping of theonions and it showed her vigorously eating the meat like someof animal. I would say my favourite scene is when the character pourssome sort of red substance/liquid that looked like blood into awine glass of water. The action was slowed down which clearlyshowed the water being diluted which was very effective.Through-out the thriller opening there was a range of close-upsat different angles, which was good because us as the audiencecould recognise the mise en scene and every prop.There were short sound clips of diagetic sound such as thesizzling of the butter on the pan, the fire starting at thebeginning and the sharpening of the knives. Other than that, itthere was a non-diagetic instrumental that created suspenseand gave a tense atmosphere.
  2. 2. Abigail FaponleThe mise en scene during the opening was carefully laid out, it was clear that the scene was in akitchen. The shadows of the sharpening of the knives contributed to the purpose of the film andmade the scene look even scarier. The lighting was dim, at some points it seemed the only source oflight was from the fire which was very effective. The editing of the titles was very rough and looked scary which contributed to the atmosphere and affect it gave on us as the audience.Altogether I think this thriller opening done everything it was supposed to do and kept me wantingmore, if this was extended into a film I would definitely pay money to go and watch it!