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Reflecting on my work – The music video<br />914400166370<br />I think the music video storyline is very good. It is imagi...
Reflecting on my work   music video
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Reflecting on my work music video


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Reflecting on my work music video

  1. 1. Reflecting on my work – The music video<br />914400166370<br />I think the music video storyline is very good. It is imaginative, funny and unique. The music video itself, I believe is not the best that it can be, some shots are consistent with effects and transitions whereas some jump from one to another which makes the video look amateur. I think it could have been improved with different camera angles and shots like point of view shots for the nerds instead of just filming what was going on in the scene from a witnesses point of view. The ending of the music video wasn’t really clear as it froze at the end where the nerds jump in the air but then carries on after a blank black canvas screen to show one of the nerds falling over, this looks like a blip. At the beginning of the music video there is an almost 3second gap which just shows a blank screen, this highlights that the video editing was not accurate. All these problems can be adjusted in the final cut of the music video.<br />To gather more opinions and feedback on the rough cut of the music video, we have posted the video on a popular broadcasting site; YouTube and have considered and took in account opinions for when we improve our music video for the final cut.<br />Here is a comment that was made: “I enjoyed the humour in the music video and the twist where the nerds took revenge on the bullies in their little dream. I think that if there was effects in the music video then it would look much better. I like the fact that you had some steady shots and some hand held shots. The music video would have been better if there were different camera angles and shots.”<br />We have considered what our audiences have said about the music video and will take this into account when we improve it.<br />