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Mc phillips integrated management system manual


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Mc phillips integrated management system manual

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Mc phillips integrated management system manual

  1. 1. Integrated Business Management System ISO 9001 2008 ISO 14001 2004 OHSAS 18001 2007 McPhillips (Wellington) Limited Horton House Hortonwood 50 Telford Shropshire TF1 7FG Tel: 01952 670440 Fax: 01952 670388 This integrated business management system is authorised in its entirety (i.e. to incorporate all pages), as the definitive document defining the Business Management System at McPhillips (Wellington) Limited. Controlled Copy Signed: Safety, Training & Quality Manager Management Systems Policy Manual. Issue No: 5 27.03.13 Page 1 of 15
  2. 2. Revision Record Sheet Date Section Page No. New Issue No. Reason for Change Authority 27.01.09 27.01.09 04.03.09 01.09.11 07.11.11 27.03.13 Throughout document Exclusions Section headed “Exclusions and Justifications” deleted, including “Scope Exclusion” SHE Appendix – 4.5.2 Evaluation of Compliance 4.6 Management Review All relevant sections 1 6 6 14 15 All 2 2 3 4 4 5 Amended to read ISO 9001:2008 Scope of Cover clarification Deletion of Exclusion from scope of cover. Revision to detail of Evaluation of Compliance Combined Management Review process Organisation Changes J Butler J Butler J Butler J Butler J Butler S Bishop This page will be re-issued to holders of controlled copies of the Business Management System, together with the revised page(s), by the Management Representative, whenever pages are revised. Management Systems Policy Manual. Issue No: 5 27.03.13 Page 2 of 15
  3. 3. COMPANY PROFILE McPhillips (Wellington) Limited was founded by Jim McPhillips in 1963 and became a limited company in December 1964. The Company has enjoyed sustained growth over the years and currently employs approximately 250 people providing award winning civil engineering and building solutions throughout the Midlands, North West England and Wales. The Company remains family owned and managed with Peter McPhillips and Nicholas McPhillips as Joint Managing Directors. McPhillips has been based in Shropshire since its inception and moved to its present purpose built headquarters at Hortonwood, Telford in 1989. This extensive facility incorporates modern office space with fully integrated IT infrastructure, Plant Maintenance Workshop and a bespoke Training Centre. McPhillips has always carried out operations utilising its directly employed workforce which currently stands at over 210 highly trained, skilled and experienced construction personnel. McPhillips believes this strategy provides reductions in risk, as well as advantages in the control of quality, resourcing, co-ordination and health & safety. The Company is committed to local employment, with 92% of personnel living within 20 miles of its Telford offices. A modern fleet of plant and equipment ensures that the correct apparatus is available when required. An in-house Plant Department provides approved servicing, repair and calibration to maintain these assets and a rolling replacement programme guarantees efficient and reliable machinery. Management Systems Policy Manual. Issue No: 5 27.03.13 Page 3 of 15
  4. 4. MANAGEMENT POLICY PRINCIPLES McPhillips are committed to setting and maintaining high standards of system management and co-operating with all regulatory authorities to ensure a safe, healthy and environmentally acceptable code of working practices for its activities. Our aims are to manage and reduce any negative impacts of the business on our Employees, stakeholders and the environment. Other detailed policies are available in support of this declaration and publicly available. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this policy is to give the overall intentions and the direction of the organisation as related to Quality, Health, Safety & Welfare of our employees, Stakeholders, our Environment and the international standards to which we subscribe. This Policy is subject to annual review or following significant changes to our business practices, it is also available to any interested party and provides the framework for establishing Quality, Health, Safety, Welfare and Environmental Targets and Objectives. This policy is a living document and is a formal statement of direction endorsed by the Senior Management Team and the Managing Directors. The following statements are made in support of the Management system. STATEMENTS OF INTENT • We will implement and maintain a documented SHEQ management system. • We will provide adequate resource, time people and finance. • We will ensure that all our employees and associates who come under our control have the requirements of our standards communicated to them and also that we will ensure these requirements are understood. • We are committed to continual improvement of the integrated management system with regard to SHEQ activity. • We will strive to prevent injury and ill health to employees or stakeholders who are subject to our activities. • We are committed to prevention of pollution. • We will comply with all relevant current and future legislative and other requirements. • We will review our SHEQ performance through appropriate measurement & Analysis to support our continual improvement of the Management system and our associated business performance. Mr P F J McPhillips Mr N P J McPhillips Joint Managing Director Joint Managing Director Management Systems Policy Manual. Issue No: 5 27.03.13 Page 4 of 15
  5. 5. Scope of Cover McPhillips (Wellington) Limited is committed to maintaining and improving its service to its customers for: - “Civil Engineering and Building Contractors incorporating the management of design and development of a wide range of construction projects to the private & public sectors.” Quality Management McPhillips (Wellington) Limited will monitor its performance in line with Customer Satisfaction and the international standard ISO 9001:2008 and will manage its business to meet the Business Objectives of which the measurable Key Performance Indicators are listed below and at the same time strive for Continual Improvement in the Business. Business Objectives & KPI’s • Safety & Health • Environmental • Quality • Economic Sustainability • Honesty, Respect, Integrity • Customer Satisfaction Management Systems Policy Manual. Issue No: 5 27.03.13 Page 5 of 15
  6. 6. MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DOCUMENTATION The documented management system implemented at McPhillips (Wellington) Limited is based around this level 1, Policy Manual, level 2, Process Procedures, level 3, Quality Documents, level 4, Work Instructions. This document sets the management’s policy and plan for the Company. Process Procedures describe mandatory controls for all activities; from the processing of an enquiry, to the receipt of payment for services provided. There is a quality document matrix McP 01 that controls the issue status of all documents in level 3. The above-mentioned documents are all based upon the requirements of nationally / internationally recognised models / requirements / standards / specifications. Documented System Structure Level 1 Policy Manual Level 2 Processes / Procedures Level 3 Documents / Forms Level 4 Work Instructions Management Systems Policy Manual. Issue No: 5 27.03.13 Page 6 of 15
  7. 7. Corrective Action QAP 05 Control of Documents QAP 01 COMPANY PROCESS MAP Control of Records QAP 02 Non- Conforming Product QAP 04 SUPPORT ACTIVITIES Internal Audits QAP 03 Tendering QAP 08 Contract Awarded QAP 09 Management of Design & Drawing Reg. QAP 11 & 20 Construction QAP 10 & 22 QAP 21 Suppliers QAP 12 Purchasing / GI / Inv. QAP 13 & 14 Calibration QAP 16 Competency & Skills QAP 15 Valuation & Costing QAP 19 Preventive Action QAP 06 Management Review QAP 07 Plant QAP 18 Customer Feedback QAP 17 Management Systems Policy Manual. Issue No: 5 27.03.13 Page 7 of 15 CUSTOMER INPUT Customer Communication COMPANY CORE ACTIVITIES COMPANY CORE ACTIVITIES SUPPORT ACTIVITIES CUSTOMER FEEDBACK
  8. 8. Organisation Structure BOARD OF DIRECTORS Safety, Health Company Secretary Training and & Safety Quality Manager * Consultant Commercial Director Contracts Director Deputy Quality Manager ** ***Environmental Manager Contracts Manager Plant/Transport Manager Purchasing Site Agent Yard Manager Fitters/ Manager Mechanics Site Foreman Site Engineer Yard Foreman Lorry Drivers General Machine Operative Operator * Safety, Training & Quality Manager - Stuart Bishop ** Deputy Quality Manager - Andrew Dunham *** Environmental Manager - Stuart Mackenzie Management Systems Policy Manual. Issue No: 5 27.03.13 Page 8 of 15
  9. 9. Roles, Responsibility, Accountability & Authority Responsibility & Authority Managing Directors SHEQ Manager Commercial Director Contract Director Company Secretary Accountant Contracts Managers Site Agent Site Foreman Strategic Development Marketing & Sales Financial Matters Quality Assurance Client Relationship Workforce / Plant Prog. IT System Reliability Staff Training &Competency Health & Safety Environmental Primary Secondary Management Systems Policy Manual. Issue No: 5 27.03.13 Page 9 of 15
  10. 10. Appendix 1 HSE Management Requirements. 4.1 General Requirements Objective. To implement and maintain a documented integrated Management System which along with the internationally recognised standards satisfies our wider business objectives and meets our Corporate Social Responsibility obligations. The Business Management System scope includes the meeting of ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001:2004 & BS 18001: 2007 standards in full. The system is fully integrated utilising both electronic and paper media. The core processes are ISO 9001: 2008 with supporting activities arranged for management of Health, Safety and Environment. Process / Procedure. N/A Documents Business Manual Document. Owners: Stuart Bishop, Andrew Dunham & Stuart Mackenzie 4.2 Policy The following document is a statement of intent specific to the requirements of Environmental Management Systems 14001:2004, Quality Management ISO 9001:2008 and Health & Safety BS 18001: 2007. Objective. To ensure that all our employees, associates, members of the public, any other interested party or any other body employed on our behalf is aware of our intentions with regard to Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment while carrying out our Business Activities. Process / Procedure. N/A Documents Integrated Policy Document. Page 4 of manual. Owners: Stuart Bishop, Andrew Dunham & Stuart Mackenzie. 4.3 Planning – The following procedure defines how our Business Management System satisfies the requirements of our Business Activity, ISO 9001: 2008, 14001:2004 & BS 18001: 2007. Business planning is core to the success of our operation and the following activities are specific our Objectives. 4.3.1 Aspects and Impacts. Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control. Objectives. To ensure that all our activities whether administrative, support such as maintenance and supply yard, site work evaluate their activities with regard to Environmental impact. Analysis will determine our organisational activities that have an interaction with the Environment. We will endeavour to evaluate both site and Head Office. When established our Aspects and Impacts evaluation will be the basis for generating meaningful, measurable and achievable targets and objectives. Specific controls will be in place to mitigate any potential adverse effects; these may take the form of Training, Inspections, Communication, and Work Instruction, Toolbox talks. Consideration will be for normal and abnormal scenarios. Management Systems Policy Manual. Issue No: 5 27.03.13 Page 10 of 15
  11. 11. Process / Procedure. N/A Documents. Aspects and Impacts Register SHEQ KPI’s HS Risk Assessments Env. Risk Assessments Training Database Owners: Stuart Bishop, Andrew Dunham & Stuart Mackenzie 4.3.2 Legal & Other Requirements. Objectives. To ensure that the organisation and its activities fully comply with current & future Legislation and also to any other requirements that may have influence on the organisations activities. Our Organisation will evaluate the applicable legislation that applies, we will endeavour to meet all current and future legislative requirements, we will review our continuing compliance by regular reviews at agreed frequencies, action plans will be implemented with timing and responsibility allocated to ensure satisfactory closure. We will also meet any other applicable requirements that may apply due to the customer or sector requirements or indeed any positive influences that the company my deem benefit. Process / Procedure. N/A Documents Environmental Legislation Register Health & Safety Legislation Register Management Review Minutes. Other Requirements. Owners: Stuart Bishop, Andrew Dunham & Stuart Mackenzie 4.3.3 Targets and Objectives Objectives. A management programme will be developed, establishing measurable, quantifiable standards, measured in comparison to an agreed normalisation factor. The targets and objectives will be meaningful, responsibility will be allocated and targets will be allocated achievable time frames. Targets and Objectives will be established in line with our Policy, The Business & Financial influence, Interested parties and the wider global issues that affect us all. As a result of historical analysis and our review of significant Aspects and Impacts we will establish, review and meet an agreed annual programme of action, which will be a demonstration of our continual improvement and commitment. Process / Procedure. N/A Documents. KPI’s Owners: Stuart Bishop, Andrew Dunham & Stuart Mackenzie Management Systems Policy Manual. Issue No: 5 27.03.13 Page 11 of 15
  12. 12. 4.4 Implementation and Operation 4.4.1 Resources, Roles, Responsibility, Accountability & Authority. Objectives. To ensure all employees engaged whether indirectly or directly involved in our business activities has a complete understanding of their obligations with regard to Quality, Health, Safety and The Environment. Process / Procedure QAP 15 Competency and Skills. Documents Zone Plan. Site & HQ. Organisational chart. Defined Roles & Responsible. See HR records. Owners: Stuart Bishop, Andrew Dunham & Stuart Mackenzie. 4.4.2 Competence, Training, Awareness. Objectives. To ensure all employees and company associates engaged by or on behalf of the company, full or part time, Head quarters or site specific have the required competence to fulfil their obligations with regard to SHEQ. All employees, associates and contractors employed directly or indirectly are involved in the company 14001: 2004 training and Awareness process. Records of these activities will be maintained. Process / Procedure QAP15 Competency & Skills. Documents Induction. Training Evaluation Questionnaire. Environmental Facts Mc Phillips certification / Training Data base. CITB Training Plan. Owners: Stuart Bishop, Andrew Dunham & Stuart Mackenzie 4.4.3 Communication. ( Participation & Consultation) Objectives. To establish effective, useful and appropriate mediums of communication with a view to supporting our commitment of endeavouring to ensure our employees associates and interested parties understand our intentions in regard to SHEQ. Process / Procedure. N/A Internal Communication – Presentations & Tool Box Talks Documents Notice Board. Newsletter. Web site. Induction. Owners: Stuart Bishop, Andrew Dunham & Stuart Mackenzie. Management Systems Policy Manual. Issue No: 5 27.03.13 Page 12 of 15
  13. 13. 4.4.4 / 4.4.5 Documentation & Control of Documentation Objectives. To identify and control the required documents for the system, to ensure availability where required, to ensure the latest authorised version is only available, to retain, locate and dispose of spent documents in the approved manner. Process / Procedure QAP 1 Control of Documents Documents. Document Matrix. Owners: Stuart Bishop, Andrew Dunham & Stuart Mackenzie. 4.4.6 Operational Control Objectives- To ensure all our activities are controlled in both normal and abnormal circumstance. Process / Procedure Operational Control EP 55-EP59 - EP64 Operational Control HSP 01- Site Operational Control HSP 02- Workshop & Depot Operational Control HSP 03 - Offices Documents – Permits to Work – Safe Systems of Work (Risk Assessments) – Method Statements Work Instructions Waste Management Plans & Analysis. Certification. Licences. Consents. Environmental Risk Assessment Suppliers, Contractors & Purchasing. HO Site Plans including drains, utilities, fire hydrant, local watercourses, Emergency lighting and call points, chemical and fuel storage locations. Owners: Stuart Bishop, Andrew Dunham & Stuart Mackenzie. 4.4.7 Emergency Preparedness and Response Objective- Our objective is to ensure we mitigate the adverse effects of any foreseeable Emergency scenario wherever our business activity is involved, we will practise our response scenario, measure, analyse and improve on it. The objective is to protect Human Beings, Safe Guard the Environment and ensure our business can be swiftly brought back on line; our philosophy is that of prevention. Documents Computer Back Up Environmental Risk Assessments Environmental Work Instructions H & S Risk Assessments H & S Work Instructions Emergency Response Performance Analysis. Owners: Stuart Bishop, Andrew Dunham & Stuart Mackenzie Management Systems Policy Manual. Issue No: 5 27.03.13 Page 13 of 15
  14. 14. 4.5 Checking 4.5.1 Performance, Monitoring and Measurement. Objective- To ensure suitable monitoring & measurement of both system and business activities are in place to ensure suitable ongoing targets and objectives are established, driving the organisation forward in the spirit of continual improvement with mutual benefit for the business, the community, our employees and the Environment. The following influences are an example but not an exhaustive list of suggested measurable. An appropriate normalisation factor will be agreed to ensure the measures have meaning. Reduction of skips used M3. Quantity of Construction material recycled Wood, Polythene, Brick and Mortar etc Fuel used in litres converted to C02. Conversion factor is 2.68. Kwhrs of Electricity used converted to C02. Conversion factor is 0.43. Kwhrs of gas consumed converted to C02. Conversion is 0.19 Kgs of paper recycled against quantity purchased. Litres of water used / saved. System performance audits completed on time, concerns closure in target. RIDDOR Accident Statistics, Near Miss and Health issues Process / Procedure N/A Documents Business KPI’s Owners: Stuart Bishop, Andrew Dunham & Stuart Mackenzie 4.5.2 Evaluation of Compliance. Objectives- We have established a method to ensure our business and the system is and remains fully compliant with all its Legal and other Requirements. Process / Procedure. Evaluation of Compliance – Environmental Legislation Evaluation of Compliance – H & S Legislation Documents SMS Internal & External Audits R G Wilbrey – Facility, Equipment & Site Inspections Review of Near Misses & Risk Assessments Contract Managers and /or Directors Observations EMS Internal & External Audits Regulatory Inspections – i.e. EA & Clients Review of Incidents Environmental Managers and /or Directors Observations Management Review Owners: Stuart Bishop, Andrew Dunham & Stuart Mackenzie. Management Systems Policy Manual. Issue No: 5 27.03.13 Page 14 of 15
  15. 15. 4.5.3 Non Conformity, Corrective Action, & Preventive Action. Objectives- to ensure all environmental concerns whether a near miss, actual situation, concern raised as a result of any of our SHEQ triggers is progressed to satisfactory closure. Process / Procedure QAP 04 – Control of Non-Conforming Product QAP 05 – Corrective Action QAP 06 – Preventive Action RG Wilbrey (Consultants) Ltd –Monthly Site Inspection Reports Documents. NCR Monitor Observations Monitor Complaints Register Owners. Stuart Bishop, Andrew Dunham & Stuart Mackenzie 4.5.4 Control of Records. Objective- To identify, store and dispose of all required Management System Records. To ensure they remain available and legible, they are not circulated to unauthorised recipients whether intentionally or not, records subject to Data Protection Act will be treated accordingly. Records can be hard paper, Marketing material, magazines or electronic and includes our intranet facility. Process / Procedure. QAP 2 Control of Records. Documents Quality Document Matrix. Owners: Stuart Bishop, Andrew Dunham & Stuart Mackenzie 4.5.5 Internal Audits. Objectives- To establish a full programme of auditing activity to ensure continuing suitability of all system Manuals, Policy, Procedures, Documents, Work Instructions and statutory obligations are effective and opportunity for improvement is identified. Process / Procedure QAP 3 Internal Audit. Documents. Quality Audit Programme Environmental Audit Programme Health & Safety Audit Programme Owners: Stuart Bishop, Andrew Dunham & Stuart Mackenzie 4.6 Management Review. Objectives- To ensure at least once per annum our complete management system is reviewed for continuing suitability. Process / Procedure. QAP 0 7 Management Review EP 54 Management Review H&S Management Review Documents Owners: Directors & Safety, Training & Quality Manager & Environment Manager Management Systems Policy Manual. Issue No: 5 27.03.13 Page 15 of 15