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a short presentation on architect Alvar aalto


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a short presentation on architect Alvar aalto

  1. 1. A presentation on architect Alvar Aalto PRESENTER : 130124
  2. 2. •Hugo Alvar Henrick Aalto was an Finnish architect. •In his career , he did many projects in home and abroad. •He also designed many furnitures.
  3. 3. Work styles of Aalto
  4. 4. Composition with primary elements •Linear elements are found in his design. Finlandia hall •curve lines can also be seen. Saynatsalo town hallHousing complex, Italy
  5. 5. Use of planes Depressed base plane In both of these examples, Alvar Aalto defined a reading area within a larger library space by dropping its floor plane below the main lavel of the library. The vertical surfaces are the storage for books . Vyborg library Library in Rovaniemi Vertical planes
  6. 6. Use of planes Overhead planes Alvar Aalto mainly used the overhead planes as the source of skylight and diffused light. Helsinki University of TechnologyRiola Perish ChurchKunsten Museum of Modern Art
  7. 7. Use of planes L shaped planes Architect’s studio, Helsinki
  8. 8. Use of planes U shapped planes Hotels for students at Otaniemi
  9. 9. Use of Forms (regular / irregular) Aalto used both regular and irregular types of shapes. Cemetery, Lyngby(Denmark)
  10. 10. Use of Forms (regular / irregular) Aalto used both regular and irregular types of shapes. Church, Imatra
  11. 11. Use of Forms (regular / irregular) Irregular shapes within regular form. Water tank at polytechnic, Otaniemi
  12. 12. Spatial Organization Mainly two types of spatial organizations can be seen in the projects of Alvar Aalto. 1. Linear organization 2. clustered organization
  13. 13. Spatial Organization Example of linear organization Paimio Sanatorium M.I.T. Senior Dormetory, CambridgeTown Hall, SenazokiEkennas Savings Bank
  14. 14. Spatial Organization Example of clustered orgnization Lappia radio building and theatre, Rovaniemi Vyborg libraryExtention to the university swimming pool, University of Jyvaskia
  15. 15. Spatial relationship Spaces within space Headquarters for the Enso-Gutzeit Company Residential house, Tammisaari
  16. 16. Spatial relationship Spaces linked by common space Paimio sanatorium Museum of fine art, Iran
  17. 17. Spatial relationship Adjacent spaces
  18. 18. Ordering principals Radial Repetition is the main focus of Aalto’s works.
  19. 19. Types of Openings Alvar Aalto used regular openings. Almost three kind of openings (within planes, at corners and between planes) can be found in Aalto’s designed built forms.
  20. 20. Types of Openings Between planes Chalet mairea
  21. 21. Types of Openings Within planes Paimio sanatorium Saynatsalo town hallSummer house
  22. 22. Types of Openings At corners
  23. 23. Works on light Aalto is famous for his works on skylight and diffused light.
  24. 24. Works on light kunsten museum of modern art His works on skylight and diffused light in the kunsten museum of modern art is world famous. This museum is called the light machine .
  25. 25. kunsten museum of modern art Circulation elements Entry An oblique entry
  26. 26. kunsten museum of modern art Circulation elements Configuration of path Spiral Path space relationship pass through spaces Form of circulation space enclosed
  27. 27. kunsten museum of modern art Circulation elements Color and texture Highly pleasant color and texture
  28. 28. kunsten museum of modern art The light machine
  29. 29. Sources: Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia Works and projects of Alvar Aalto : Karl Fleig  Kunsten museum : The light machine- Youtube Thank you …