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  1. 1. Human ResourceManagement
  3. 3. Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited, Rawalpindi Authorized Strength Department Staff Workers Temporary Total Sal./Wage BudgetSpinning 68 1189 56 1313 4579218Processing 87 400 0 487 2300000Stitching 49 64 599 712 Not FixedFolding 12 234 0 246 747910Eng. Services 25 99 7 131 625050HR/Admin 55 7 32 94 527715Quality Assurance 25 0 0 25 158900PPC 7 0 0 7 64400Marketing Export 30 0 0 30 659889Marketing Yarn 13 0 0 13 158170Finance 50 0 0 50 652591Main Store 27 0 0 27 123000Purchase 14 0 0 14 143094G. Sales & D. Control 6 13 10 29 125600Power Plant 57 8 2 67 496998Diaper Plant 20 4 22 46 198309Lohore + Karachi Office 67 0 0 67 633830Total 612 2018 728 3358  
  4. 4. HR / Admin Department Organogram Salary / Wage Budget
  5. 5. HR / Admin Organogram Manager HR / Admin Dy. Manager HR/Admin Training Health &Human Resource Officer Safety Officer Industrial Relation Assistant Admin Officer& Labor Welfare OfficerChief Security Inspector Civil Engineer
  6. 6. HR / Admin Authorized StrengthSr Job Code JS-Designation Grade Auth. Strgth CategoryHR / Admin1 50101 Manager M-16 1 01-Staff2 50102 Dy. Manager M-15 1 01-Staff3 50105 Office Assistant E-01 1 01-Staff4 50106 Peon E-01 1 01-StaffHuman Resource1 50201 Human Resource Officer M-13 1 01-Staff2 50203 Time Officer M-11 1 01-Staff3 50205 Office Assistant E-03 2 01-Staff4 50207 Time Keeper E-03 6 01-Staff5 50208 Peon E-01 1 01-Staff
  7. 7. Training, Health & Safety Officer1 50301 Training Health & Safety Officer M-13 1 01-Staff2 50303 Fire Supervisor E-04 1 01-Staff3 50304 Dispenser E-03 1 01-Staff4 50306 Medical Consultant Contract 1 01-Staff5 50310 Fireman   4 02-WorkerIndustrial Relation & Labor Welfare1 50501 IR & LWO M-13 1 01-Staff2 50503 Office Assistant E-03 1 01-StaffSecurity1 50601 Chief Security Inspector M-11 1 01-Staff2 50602 Gate Inspector E-03 4 01-Staff
  8. 8. Administration 1 50401 Asstt. Admin Officer M-12 1 01-Staff 2 50402 PA to MD M-11 1 01-Staff 3 50403 P.R. Assistant E-04 1 01-Staff 4 50404 Sr. Telephone Operator E-04 1 01-Staff 5 50405 Telephone Operator E-03 2 01-Staff 6 50406 Khateeb E-04 2 01-Staff 7 50407 Photstate M/C Operator E-02 1 01-Staff 8 50408 Field Assistant E-02 1 01-Staff 9 50409 Driver E-02 11 01-Staff 10 50410 Cook E-02 3 01-Staff 11 50411 Security Guard E-01 2 01-Staff 12 50412 Waiter E-01 1 01-Staff 13 50413 Peon E-01 2 01-Staff 14 50414 Tel. Technician   1 02-Worker 15 50416 Moazan   2 02-Worker 16 50417 Cooli   2 02-Worker 17 50420 Dispatcher   1 01-Staff
  9. 9. Building1 50701 Civil Engineer M-15 1 01-Staff2 50702 Building Engineer M-13 1 01-Staff3 50703 Draftsman E-04 1 01-Staff4 50704 Office & Site Assistant E-03 1 01-Staff5 50711 Carpenters   6 02-Worker6 50712 Masons   6 02-Worker7 50713 Polish-man   1 02-Worker8 50714 Helpers   11 02-Worker Total Strength = 94
  10. 10. Human Resource Management Activities that managersengage into attract and retainemployees and to ensure thatthey perform at high level andcontribute to accomplishment of organization’s goal
  11. 11. HRMFunctions
  12. 12. HRM Functions Recruitment & Selection Training & Development Performance Appraisal Compensation & Reward Industrial Relation Safety, Health & Environment
  13. 13. Recruitment & Selection  Staffing encompasses the activities designed to secure theright employees at the right place at the right time . Organizations face several strategic HR choices in recruiting , selecting and socializing employees
  14. 14. Training and DevelopmentTraining and developmentactivities are designed to help an organization meet its skill requirements and to help its employees realize their maximum potential
  15. 15. Performance AppraisalManagers assess how wellemployees are carrying out their assigned duties by conducting performance appraisal
  16. 16. Compensation & RewardCompensation and reward is the payment that employees receive in exchange for their labour and motivation.
  17. 17. Industrial RelationEmployees and labor relation refers to the interaction between workers ( either as individuals or as representedby a union) and management.
  18. 18. Safety, Health & Environment  The challenge of true accident prevention is to change attitude of minds by efficient and regular safety training for all level of management and workers. This requires combined commitment of management and workers for implementing industrial safety, health & environment schemes.
  19. 19. Recruitment&Selection
  20. 20. Recruitment & Selection Job Standard Job Description Induction Test Flow Chart (Recruitment SOP) Induction Training (SOP) Workers Hand BOOK
  21. 21. Job Standards 04-Finance Minimum  S Designatio Educatio Professional  MinimumSec. Job n Grade n Education Experience Skills  Remarks01-Accounts Manager  1 40101 M-16 Accounts           Accounts  2 40102 M-13 Officer           Accounts  3 40103 M-12 Executive           Accounts  4 40104 E-04 Assistant           Controller of  1 40201 M-17 Accounts           Dy.  2 40202 Manager M-15 Finance            3 40203 Accountant M-11           Accounts  4 40204 E-04 Assistant          
  22. 22. Job Description
  23. 23. Induction Test
  24. 24. Flow Chart Recruitment SOP
  25. 25. Induction Training SOP
  26. 26. WorkersHand Book
  27. 27. Attendance System
  28. 28. Staff
  29. 29. Workers Attendance Card Sheet Badly Report
  30. 30. Training&Development
  31. 31. Training &Development Procedure
  32. 32. List of Training Courses Spinning Department Processing Department MPG 001Sr. Course Code Course Title 1 Pad Steam dyeing Machine Operation MSP 0061 MPG 002 Mixing 2 Standard Operation Condition of L. Box MSP 0022 MPG 003 Carding Machines 3 Chemical Test L. Box MSP 0013 MPG 005 Blow Room 4 Standard Operating Procedure of Singe MSP 0034 & Desize Machine Drawing, Simplex and Comber MPG 008 MSP 004 5 Standard Operating Procedure of Stenter5 Ring Technical Training Machine MSP 005 MHR-0096 6 Winding Technical Training Chemical Handling MSP 007 MPG 0287 7 Packing Printing Operation Management
  33. 33. Stitching Department Folding Department MST 001 MPG 0181 1 Inspection and Cutting of Cloth Inspection of Finished Fabric MST 0022 MPG 019 Made Ups Inspection 2 Rolled Fabric Methods MST 0033 MPG 017 Packing According to Customer 3 Requirement Packing of Rolls and Bales MST 004 MPG 0374 4 Stitching and Machine Operation Receipt & Issuance MST 006 MPG 0385 How to control Quality System 5 in Made Ups Cloth Inspection
  34. 34. Engineering Service HR / Admin Department MMN 001 MSI-0051 Machine Maintenance and 1 Overhauling Management Techniques MMN 008 MHR-0152 2 Safety Practices during Machine Role of Supervisor Maintenance MHR-021 MMN 0153 3 Understanding Preventive Maintenance MMN 018 SA-80004 Safety Measures in MHR-017 Electrical Operation 4 Statistical Techniques Quality Assurance MHR-019 MCO-001 51 Occupational Health & Safety ISO 9001:2000 Awareness MHR-009 MQA-009 62 Fire Fighting & First-Aid General Procedures
  35. 35. Training ReportsInternal & External
  36. 36. Training Course Material (Syllabus)
  37. 37. Competency Grid
  38. 38. TrainingReports(Miscellaneous)
  39. 39. Health& Safety
  40. 40. Safety PlanFireZone AllocationEmergency ExitsEscape Routes
  41. 41. Medical Check-UpColor Blindness Test
  42. 42. Health & Safety Training FireFighting & First Aid Occupational Health & Safety Chemical Handling MSDS
  43. 43. Health & Safety Survey Noise Level Survey Illumination Level Survey Risk Assessment / Hazard Survey Drinking Water Analysis
  44. 44. Health & SafetyPublicationsSafety PostersHealth & Safety Manual
  45. 45. Machine SafetyGuards
  46. 46. MSDSMaterial SafetyData Sheets
  47. 47. PPEPersonal ProtectiveEquipments
  48. 48. Civil DefenseInspection
  49. 49. First Aid Box LocationsSr. Location Supervised by Sr. Location Supervised by1 Engraving Dy. Manager 14 Folding Finishing Folding Manager2 Workshop Incharge 15 Stitching Hall Prod. Coordinator3 Elec. Workshop Incharge 16 Printing Section Printing Manager4 Spinning Lab QC Manager 17 Dying Section Dying Manager5 Packing Section Incharge 18 Bleaching Store Incharge6 Canteen Incharge 19 Stitching Hall Prod. Coordinator7 Main Store Store Officer 20 Carpentry Shop Building Engineer8 Blow Room Foreman 21 Main Gate Supervisor9 Cotton Godowns Incharge 22 Main Store Tel. Exchange10 Folding Grey Incharge 23 Fire Office Fire Supervisor11 Processing Lab Dy. Manager 24 Power Plant Manager12 Boiler House Boiler Engineer 25 Diaper Plant Manager13 Sanitary Incharge 26 Maint. Processing Dy. Manager
  50. 50. Fire FightingArrangements
  51. 51. Building Evacuation ProcedureIn Case of Emergency
  52. 52. PerformanceAppraisal
  53. 53. Performance Appraisal PolicyForms (Staff & Workers)Research Study
  54. 54. IndustrialRelation
  55. 55.  Factories Act, 1934 - Law regulating labour in factories West Pakistan Industrial and Commercial Employment (Standing Orders) Ordinance, 1968 - Law relating to Industrial and Commercial employment. Industrial Relations Ordinance, 1969 - Law relating to the formation of Trade Unions; regulating of relations between employees and workmen and avoidance and settlement of any differences or disputes arising between them. Provincial Employees Social Security Ordinance, 1965 - Scheme for providing benefits to certain employees or their dependents in the event of sickness, maternity, injury or death etc.
  56. 56.  Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Act, 1976 - Act relating to old age pension for person employed in industrial, commercial and other organizations. Employment Children Act, 1991 - Act to prohibit employment of children.. Company Profits (Worker’s Participation) Act, 1968 - Act to provide for participation of workers in company profits. Worker’s Children (Education) Ordinance, 1972 - Law relating to education of worker’s children. Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923 - An Act to provide for the payment by employers to workmen for compensation relating to injury by accident. Apprenticeship Ordinance 1962 - for apprenticeship Training matters II
  57. 57. The West Pakistan Industrial and CommercialEmployment (Standing Orders) Ordinance, 1968  Governs employment relationship / conditions of employment-classification of workmen, appointment letter, granting leave, payment of wages, attendance and late coming, group insurance scheme , profit bonus, lay off closure, retrenchment, termination, dismissal and its procedure
  58. 58. The Industrial Relations Ordinance (2002) Governs collective relations-the right of association, the right of collective bargaining, workers participation in management and individual grievanceprocedure in respect of grievances arisingout of rights guaranteed or secured to the workers by or under any law, award or settlement
  59. 59. The Factory Act, 1934  Governs the conditions of work in factories-Safety & Health measures, measures for accident prevention,working hours, weekly holidays, festivalholidays, overtime, and certain facilities at workplace
  60. 60. West Pakistan Shop and Establishments Ordinance, 1969 Governs the conditions of work in shops and commercial establishments including clerical departments of factories-working hours, weekly holidays, leaves etc The Payment of Wages Act, 1936 Time for payment of wages, procedure for deduction from wages and redress of grievances arising due to deductions from wages or delays in the payment of wages
  61. 61. InspectionRegister
  62. 62. Disciplinary ActionSOP
  63. 63. Social SecurityEOBI
  64. 64. Court CasesLatest Position
  65. 65. Contractors’ Selection SOP
  66. 66. Welfare
  67. 67.  Colony Sports Utilities Canteen Schools Jahaiz Fund Funeral Fund Pick & drop facility for women workers
  68. 68. Administration
  69. 69.  General Administration Public Relation-Visa etc. Security Sanitation & Gardening Transport Tel. exchange Mosques (two) Guest House
  70. 70. CommunityServices
  71. 71. Personnel Function Over all responsible for HR/Admin functions and responsible for proper understanding and implementation of HR Policies. Responsible for all facets of personnel functions from recruitment till separation. Responsible for monthly MIS (HR) Reports. Preparation and monitoring of annual manpower budget. Wages and Salary administration – benchmarking To Assist MD to improve operational effectiveness through different HR Plans. Communicate and advise to MD on organizational guiding
  72. 72. InternshipStudy ToursExternal Sourcing(University lecture etc.)
  73. 73. Social ComplianceFeatures
  74. 74. FrequentlyAskedQuestions
  75. 75. Social ComplianceAudit & Rating
  76. 76. ManagementMeetings
  77. 77. Project ManagementCommittee MeetingPMC (Weekly)
  78. 78. Management ReviewMeeting(Six Monthly)
  79. 79. The End
  80. 80. Industrial Relation Responsible for good industrial relations. Responsible for proper understanding and implementation of all labour laws. Responsible for filing of various returns under labour laws. Responsible for maintaining discipline. Responsible for proper follow-up of all Court Cases. To have good rapport with the local Labour Department
  81. 81. Training, Health & SafetyTraining & Development Function Responsible for Implementation of Training & Development Policy to identify specifics Training needs of the unit. To impart specific training. Serve as an internal resource and bring cultural change. To develop new training programs.Health & Safety Function Responsible for proper understanding and implementation of Health & Safety Policies. Responsible for Health & Safety of employees Responsible for Implementation of Social Accountability (SA-8000) System. Responsible for Fire Fighting & First Aid
  82. 82. Welfare & Admin Responsible for supervision of Time Office Functions. Responsible of General Administration/Welfare. Colony/Guest House Security Transport Horticulture services. Janitorial services Canteen Exchange/Telecommunication. Responsible for Workers and Staff welfare Responsible for dealing with various Mills contractors and its affairs Liaison with the Government Agencies.
  83. 83. Dy. Manager HR/Admin Supervision of all Personnel Functions. Supervision of Industrial Relations & Labour Welfare Functions. Supervision of Training Health & safety Functions. Dealing with Government Departments like WAPDA, PTCL, SUI GAS and other public related agencies. Transport Department of the Mills including MD’s residence. Maintenance and vehicle allotment to the individuals. Maintenance and up keep of communication through PTCL. Record of all the monthly staff being managed and maintained, including related communication with other departments. To arrange travel and accommodation within the country. Security of the Mills and residential area including MD House. Maintenance of photo copy machines and Fax machines. Maintenance and up keep of MD Office. Maintenance and up keep of conference room. Maintenance of mills and colony buildings.
  84. 84. Human Resource officer Responsible for all facets of personnel functions from recruitment to separation including performance appraisal and career development (workers & staff) Make arrangement of factory Inspection by Labor Directorate, EOBI & Social Security as and when required. Ensure smooth and efficient functioning of HR Office and up to date HR Record keeping. Liaison with external auditors, institutions & visitors. Ensure efficient functioning of all Time Office activities Ensure accuracy in payments paid to workers by accounts departments Prepare and maintain record of MIS reports Preparation of annual manpower budget. Wages and Salary administration – benchmarking Assist Dy. Manager HR / Admin to improve operational effectiveness through different HR Plans.
  85. 85. Training, Health & Safety OfficerTraining Ensure the implementation of training policies. Prepare training plan for internal and external training. Coordinate internal & external training. Design different training course for in-house training program. Maintain record of Training Programs. Manage and keep record of apprenticeship training program. Coordinate and manage internship training. Orientation programs for all new employees. To introduce internal publications – keeping the employees informed.Health & Safety Ensure the implementation of all health and safety policies. Identify, design and monitor activities related to SA – 8000. Preparation of Social Compliance Audit. Identification and improvement of all occupational health & safety hazards. Develop different measures to improve the Health & Safety Environment. Accident notification and investigation. Manage and supervise fire fighting facilities and prepare action plan for fire hazards. Manage & monitor the dispensary activities and first aid boxes etc. Manage and control sports related activities.
  86. 86. Industrial Relation & Labor Welfare Officer Submission of Annual/Half Yearly/Quarterly returns under Labour Laws with Labour Department. Verify registration of new employees with Social Security & EOBI, Group Insurance, Provident Fund’s nominations, Marriage Grant Forms, and other Connected Labour Welfare Matters. Liaison with Labour Department, EOBI, Social Security and other Government Agencies as and when required. Prepare Charge Sheets, Inquiry Notices and Conduct Inquiry in misconduct cases of workers/employees. Appear in Labour Courts, Civil Courts, Workmen’s Compensation Court and Authority under payment of Wages Act, Social Security & EOBI Courts, when required. Make arrangement of factory Inspection by Labour Directorate, EOBI & Social Security as and when required. Ensure applicable Labour Laws, proper compliance by maintaining register/forms etc. Attend grievances of workers and day to day routine matters. Overall look after/supervise the work of Assistant Labour Officer and other staff working under him. Advise the Management in legal matters and issue legal notices to the defaulters for recovery of money etc. Attend meetings of Fair Price Shop Committee, Canteen Committee and Work Council, as Labour Welfare Officer Review all the Labour Contracts. Any other job assigned by the management from time to time.
  87. 87. Assistant Admin Officer To check the attendance registers of the staff. To assign the duties of drivers. To check the daily bills of petrol and diesel of company vehicles. To check the status of oil and filter of the vehicles and if required recommend hanging. To maintain the record of petty cash and forward to A/C’s for the payment of bills of the maintenance. To go to different Government institutions. To take care of traveling arrangements of executives. To check the daily works of cooks and sign the bill. To check Sanitation/Horticulture Staff Working
  88. 88. Chief Security Inspector To supervise, organize and allocate duties of Security Staff so as to provide maximum security at the various important points within the premises. To keep close co-ordination with security staff for smooth functioning of the security system in KTML. To assist Manager HR & Admin through Dy. Manager HR/Admin on all security and intelligence matters. To conduct the surprise round of mills and colony area to gather the information of interest for the management. To monitor the security system and inform the Manager H.R & Admin through A.M. Admin about any unusual incident. To conduct surprise checks of security staff at night and report the matter to A.M. Admin the next day. To conduct the inquiries of thefts, scuffles and other incidents and to submit the detail report to Manager HR & Admin through A.M. Admin. To co-ordinate with all the Head of Departments regarding security matters. To check the Register/Duty Roster of Security Staff/Gate Inspectors and verify. To keep close liaison with local police and civil administration and to follow up the cases. To accomplish special missions as specified by Manager H.R./Admin. To inform Manager HR & Admin of any break of company rules, irregularities or in discipline cases in the mills/colony premises. To Supervise Handing/Taking over of colony houses.