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  1. 1. TABLE OF CONTENTSS.NO Contents PAGE NO.1 Preface 22 Acknowledgement & Dedication 33 Welcome to CIIT 44 Vision 55 Letter of transmittal 66 Executive Summary 77 Satisfied with the environment 88 Attitude is better 99 Learned something Positive 1010 Teacher cooperation 1111 Fee package 1212 Extra curricular activities 1313 Faculty training 1414 Reputation 1515 Introduction of new courses 1616 Monthly student magazine 1717 Provide financial help 1818 Comparable 1919 Examination pattern 2020 Qualified faculty 2121 Research work 2222 Admission criteria 2323 Career consoling 2424 Summary 2525 Recommendation 2626 Bibliography 2827 Appendix 29 1
  2. 2. PREFACEThis project presents the Future of COMSATS WAH CAMPUS and role. We tried our level bestto cover all the relevant aspects related to this project. We believe that people will find itworthwhile and useful, as we have covered most of the areas of the university in this report. Weare very much thankful to all the persons who helped us throughout this project. 2
  3. 3. AcknowledgementWe would like to acknowledge each other for our cooperation and the effort, which we have putin this project. We would also like to thank Mr. HAMID NAWAZ our respected Businesscommunication teacher for helping and making us understand the various aspects of this report.We would like to thank the staff of Comsats for their support, which they have provided us. Theuniversity staff motivated it and provided us with their valuable suggestions, we are grateful tothem as wellWe would like to appreciate university students who supported us DEDICATION To our beloved parents and respected teacher Whose utmost love, care and struggle Against all odds, brought us to this height of knowledge By the benevolence of Almighty (ALLAH) 3
  4. 4. WELCOME TO CIIT WAHCIIT is a premier IT institution of Pakistan that has set unrivaled standards in the modern dayeducation.You will find it a unique experience to world class teaching envoirment, an institute that hasachieved myriad successes in a short span of time.When you intend to pursue information technology as your main forte, the first thing that youought to do is to decide where to study. In this regard, the name of CIIT would never miss yourattention. 4
  5. 5. VISIONPeople to use IT efficiently, effectively and COMSATS institute of information technology(CIIT) has envisioned to keep up with the rest of the academic world and contribute, perhapslead where it can, to the development of effective application of information technology inhigher education, CIIT sees faculty continuing to act as discovers, producer, packagers andpurveyors of knowledge and students evolving from being primilary consumer of knowledge tobeing masters of it, with information technology supporting both. In its endeavors, CIIT hopesthat in addition to the efficient transfer of knowledge there will also be transfer of that even rarequality, wisdom. The vision of CIIT focuses on helping wisely. 5
  6. 6. LETTER OF TRANSMITTALTO: MR HAMID NAWAZ (ASSISTANT PROFESSOR CIIT WAH)FROM : MBA (1) STUDENTS MORNINGSUBJECT: FUTURE OFCIIT WAH.DATE: DECEMBER 27, 2004.Attached is the report you asked to prepare on the Future of CIIT Wah. We have tried our level best tomeet your orders as u told us. Our report to the issue involved work on different areas. We distributedthe questionnaire among the students. They respond us well in this regard. 12 recommendations arementioned by us, the detail of which we mentioned at the recommendation page, provide solutions. Wethought that they would be useful for Comsats authorities.We hope that the report is acceptable to you. Hope you will ignore any mistake in this report. We wouldalso like to thanks MR AAMIR SOHAIL who cooperate with us through out the preparation of thisreport. Last but not the least we are grateful to MR HAMID NAWAZ without their guidance we wouldnot be able to complete this report.THANKS. 6
  7. 7. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Majority of the students feel that there is the good impact of Comsats on their livesand there is a positive change in them because of the education imparted to them. Teachersshould be professionally trained because they are the only one who can play an important role toturn the students into fine human beings. Students of the Comsats are having an optimisticapproach towards the future of this university and are hoping that this institute will gain thereputation like Islamabad and Lahore Campus. Higher authority should play a vital role inimproving of Comsats course. The best method to learn a thing is to perform it or experience itbut Comsats courses students are exposed to only theoretical lectures that often level to be dull.New education policy musty be implemented which will make our courses comparable atinternational level 7
  8. 8. QUESTION1:Are you satisfied with the environment of this campus for education? 20% 50% 30% Yes Some What No ANALYSIS50% are satisfied with the environment of this campus for education whereas 20% are not.30% isof this opinion that the environment of this campus is suitable for education to a certain extent. RECOMMENDATIONFrom our point of view, the environment of our campus is quite suitable for theeducation. It can be made more comfortable and suitable for the students by the help ofthe teachers as personal and intimates contact of the teachers with the students can behelpful in changing the atmosphere of the campus into a friendly one. 8
  9. 9. QUESTION2:Do you feel that your attitude is better then before? 10% 30% 60% YES SOME WHAT NO ANALYSIS60% say “yes, there is a change in my behavior and attitude towards other people………….ihave changed…a good impact on my life…happier than before..Satisfied..”But 10% say “no.nothing changed…everything is same as it was before…no good impact on my life” and againthere are certain people whose lifestyles have changed to a certain extent…” RECOMMENDATIONI want to highlight the fact that every school, college, university and educational institute leavesome kind of impression on a person’s mind changing the personality of that person. Some of thestudents have failed to realize that that the statement given by them, that there is no change intheir attitude is wrong………therefore i suggest them to think again about it and give a properanswer…. well, I have changed ..I feel like i have become broad-minded and have startedlooking at every thing optimistically……. 9
  10. 10. QUESTION3:Have you learned something positive in the light of education imparted here? 5% 45% 50% YES SOME WHAT NO ANALYSIS50% are the one who feel that there is a positive change in them because of the educationimparted to them.45% feel that they have changed to a certain limit and this change is not thebad one ….5% say that they have not changed …neither positively nor negatively. not at all…. RECOMMENDATIONAs a matter of fact, education changes …people become broad-minded…gain confidence...starthaving optimistic approach towards life...start accepting challenges….these are the positivequalities which i have developed in myself. Teachers should play their role in developing thesequalities in others too………. 10
  11. 11. QUESTION 4:Are you satisfied with the cooperation of your teachers? 22% 50% 28% YES SOME WHAT NO ANALYSISAbout 50% of the students are satisfied by the attitude of the teachers towards them whereas22% people dislike the behavior of their teachers as they think that the teachers are notcooperative and their teaching methods are not so good.28% students are partially satisfied bythe teachers. RECOMMENDATIONFrom our point of view, the teachers of comsats are very cooperative and prove to be a helpinghand for the students and they are always there in the hour of need but in certain circumstances,they should try to create 11
  12. 12. QUESTION 5:Are you satisfied with the package of fee given in this campus as compared with other? 12% 48% 40% YES SOME WHAT NO ANALYSIS12% of the students are satisfied with the package of the fees given in this campus whereasmajority of the students are not. 40% of the students are unable to tell whether they arecomfortable with the fees package or not.48% students are totally against the package offered tothem. RECOMMENDATIONAfter having a close look at the situation, it is revealed that the fees package offered to thestudents of this campus should immediately be changed. It’s unaffordable for most of thestudents and some of the deserving students are not capable of paying so much for their higherstudies. 12
  13. 13. QUESTION6The Extra curricular activities are? 8% 56% 36% Excellent Satisfactary Unsatisfactary ANALYSIS56% of the students think that the extra curricular activities are unsatisfactory whereas 36% saythat it is satisfactory.8% students say that it is excellent in our university. RECOMMENDATIONgames and other extra curricular activities are important as playing games even for a short whilecan banish day’s fatigue and boredom. It imparts moral instructions and teach qualities that tendto make a person a better citizen. Therefore more extra curricular activities should be introduced. 13
  14. 14. QUESTION 7:Professional training for faculty should be introduced? 10% 20% 70% YES SOME WHAT NO ANALYSIS70% of the students are in the favor of this idea that professional training for the teachers shouldbe introduced.10% says “no”. Whereas 20% of the students will not mind anything happening inthis university. RECOMMENDATIONWe are in the favor of the professional training of the faculty as teachers are nation’s buildersand they are the one who can change or turn the students into fine human beings. Most of theteachers are irresponsible lot who don’t realize the sanctity of their jobs. the aim of theprofessional training should be of having intellectual and morally trained teachers. 14
  15. 15. QUESTION 8:Do you think that comsat can gain the reputation like Islamabad or Lahore campus? 20% 50% 30% YES SOME WHAT NO ANALYSIS50% of the students are having an optimistic approach towards the future of comsats situated in‘wah cantt’.whereas 20% of the students feel that this branch will not flourish or will not showas much good results as it have been shown by the branches of comsats present in Islamabad andLahore .30% of the students don’t have my kind of idea related to the future of comsats. RECOMMENDATIONWhile keeping in view, the current situation of comsats, no one can judge about the future butstill we should have an optimistic approach towards the future of this university. Everybodyrelated to this institute whether that person is a student or is working as a teacher, are doing theirbest to make a good reputation. New ideas are introduced and new methods are implemented. 15
  16. 16. QUESTION9: What type of new courses should introduce in our campus? 34% 50% 16% Telecom&Bio Sciences Humanities & Economics All of them ANALYSISthe above graph shows that 34% of the students are in favor of telecom and bio sciences. 16% ofthe students support the humanities and economics. Where as majority of the student that is 50%are in favor of introduction of all the courses. RECOMMENDATIONAs the majority is in favor of the introduction of new courses so comsats should introduce thenew courses as to able the students of comsats to compete in every field they should notrestricted to computer and management sciences. 16
  17. 17. QUESTION 10:Do you think that Comsat should start their on Monthly student magazine? 25% 0% 75% YES SOME WHAT NO ANALYSIS75%of the students, the majority of the students are in the favor of the monthly magazine .but25% of the students say that there is no need of having magazine on monthly basis. RECOMMENDATIONWe, personally think that there is no need of having a magazine on monthly basis as a lot of timeis required in collecting material for it, editing and publishing it. And students are the one whohave to work whole-heartedly for such activities because such magazines are not only read bythe students but also by the different peoples doing different things and performing differentjobs. Such magazines can be source of leaving a positive on the mind of people of differentwalks therefore it’s good to have a magazine once in a year but the best one. 17
  18. 18. QUESTION 11:Do you think the Comsat provide the financial help to the deserving student? 0% 42% 58% YES SOME WHAT NO ANALYSIS58% say “yes” and 48% says that comsats is helping the deserving students to a certain extent. RECOMMENDATIONIt’s pleasing to have such comments from the students. comsats is playing vital role in supportingthe deserving students who are brilliant but can’t afford their higher studies. comsats is aiming atmaking the future of different hardworking and intelligent people and giving them an scope ofshowing their talents an skills. We recommend faculty of comsats to be indulged in this act ofkindness. 18
  19. 19. QUESTION 12:Comsat courses are comparable with international level? 18% 60% 22% YES SOME WHAT NO ANALYSIS60% of the students say that our studies are not compatible or comparable on internationallevel.18% say that the education provided to us is of the same standard as of the education givento the people in foreign countries.22% students says that the standard of our education iscompatible on the international level to a certain extent. RECOMMENDATIONHigher authorities should play a vital role in improving comsats courses. The best method learn athing is to perform it or to experience it. But in comsats courses students are exposed to onlytheoretical lectures that often tend to be dull, insipid and ill-formed. Students are mostly on thereceiving end. it is a sad comment on the current state of affair s that the new education policyshould implemented which will make our courses compatible on international level. 19
  20. 20. QUESTION 13:The pattern of conducting examination is satisfactory? 12% 30% 58% Yes Some What No ANALYSIS58% of the students say that our examination system is satisfying to a certain extent whereas 30% of the students are not satisfied.12%are satisfied. RECOMMENDATIONWe cannot abolish these examinations all we can do is to improve upon them. Weshould try to introduce certain reforms. Unfair means should be checked. 20
  21. 21. QUESTION14:The number of permanent and qualified faculty members increased in the intuition? 18% 48% 34% YES SOME WHAT NO ANALYSIS48% students say “yes”…18% say “no” and the remaining one says ‘to a certain extent” RECOMMENDATIONFaculty should be increased...because there is a great need of good teachers in our institution.Teachers are the one who can make the future of the students especially the goodones...permanent teachers are the one who are much more experienced than the new ones… 21
  22. 22. QUESTION15Should comsat makes the links with international university to share the research work withthem? 14% 18% 68% YES SOME WHAT NO ANALYSIS68% students agreed that comsats should make link withy international universities for theresearch work. 18% are agreed to certain extent where as 14% are not in the favor of thisargument. RECOMMENDATIONIn our point of view and keeping in mind the majority decision comsats should make link withinternational universities for the research work for comsats students so they should be able tocompete in this modern era of business. 22
  23. 23. QUESTION16:The percentage for admission criteria should increase? 16% 25% 59% YES SOME WHAT NO ANALYSIS 59% students are in the favors of this idea that the number of the students should be increasedin the university...however 16% of the students dislike this idea.25% of the students thinks thatthere must be an increase in the number of the students to a certain limit… RECOMMENDATIONThe number of the students should be increased to a certain limit and limit should not be crossedas large number of students can not be handled easily by the teachers. teachers lose their gripover the students and standard of the education is lowered down to certain extent...large numberof students unable to maintain discipline and many more problems are created…therefore…hundreds and hundreds of students should not be compelled to study in on class. 23
  24. 24. QUESTION17:Should Comsat introduce the career consoling? 15% 20% 65% YES SOME WHAT NO ANALYSIS65 % of the students are agreed with the argument that comsats introduce the career consolingactivity.20% of the students are agreed to certain extent where as 15% of the students are notagree with this. RECOMMENDATIONWe think that comsats should introduce the career consoling activities as the other universitiesare doing this for their students it helps the student to get jobs in the market. 24
  25. 25. SUMMARYComsats is the unique venture for the promotion of qualitative education in the country. theuniversity is stipulated to produce engineers IT experts and managers of very high caliber.Comsats is envisioned to be a beacon of light for the country’s technological progress. Comsatsis the degree awarding autonomous university and is presently running a number ofundergraduate and post graduate courses in various disciplines. The courses are being madedistinctive for their high quality in academic and research orientation.Different qualified and professional professors make a vital contribution in updating review ofacademic programmed. Comsats have very limited sports facilities at the moment but the higherauthority have thought of making a large variety of the recreational facilities. This particularuniversity has a tradition of sharing and imparting explosive growth of knowledge and providingunique learning opportunities to its faculty and students. Comsats is visualized to be a modelinstitution of higher learning therefore it is essential that the brightest talent of the nation isattracted even if they are financially handicapped especially from backward areas. The entirefinancial assistance will be dependant on the continued performance of the students in eachsemester.Students who top in the respective disciplines on graduation may be admitted directly in theselected masters program of their choice. We believe and have a faith in it that the students ofComsats should not lose their zest and zeal, courage and optimistic approach and the vision oftheir ideals attainments. Man is created in the image of GOD and man heart is abode of GOD soone should act upon this motto; DO YOUR BEST AND LEAVE TO GOD THE REST 25
  26. 26. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE FUTURE OF CIIT WAH • For the good future of CIIT WAH .It is needed that the environment should be healthy. Means that the contact between teachers and students should be cooperative. They can easily talk on each other and every topic related to subject teacher and relation ship should be cooperative • There should be proper admission criteria not only for the student but also for teacher to get job • There must be a proper schedule for each and every class. So one class should not disturb the others. Numbers of lab should be increased • The furniture should be increased .Quality and quantity of books should be enhanced. Video cassettes and videos should be provided for he students • The teacher should be highly qualified and a proper training should be given then before assigning the task of teaching a subject • There should be adventure club which should plans and conduct adventures and extra curricular activities for the students. • There should at least two bookshops. So that burden of shop keeper will be reducing. And wastage of time of student will be condensed 26
  27. 27. • Cafeteria should be responsible for catering meals, snacks and beverage to the faculty .staff and students can reasonable rates• New course should be introduce in CIIT WAH .so that student should prefer CIIT WAH than other campuses• Guest speakers from corporate and industrial sectors are invited to the campuses in order you share their practical experiences with the students. The department should hold seminars on various topics• Student week should be held. Competition will be held away different classes and department teams• There must be a job placement to assist students finding employment. it will be beneficial for ago future of students of CIIT WAH 27
  29. 29. APPENDIX COMSATS INSTITUTION OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FUTURE OF CIITQ-1 Are you satisfied with the environment of this campus for education?A) Yes B) Some What C) NOQ-2 Do you feel that your attitude is better then before?A) Yes B) Some What C) NOQ-3 Have you learned something Positive in the light of education imparted here?A) Yes B) Some What C) NOQ-4 Are you satisfied with the cooperation of your teachers?A) Yes B) Some What C) NOQ-5 Are you satisfied with the package of fee given in this campus as compared with other?A) Yes B) Some What C) NOQ-6 The Extra curricular activities are?A) Excellent B) Satisfactory C) UnsatisfactoryQ-7 Professional training for faculty should be introduced?A) Yes B) Some What C) NOQ-8 Do you think that Comsat can gain the reputation like Islamabad in Lahore campus?A) Yes B) Some What C) NO 29
  30. 30. Q-9 What type of new courses should introduce in our campus?A) Telecom & Biosciences B) Humanities & C) All of them EconomicsQ-10 Do you think that Comsat should start their on Monthly Student Magazine?A) Yes B) Some What C) NOQ-11 Do you think that the Comsat provide the financial help to the deserving student?A) Yes B) Some What C) NOQ-12 Comsat courses are comparable with international level?A) Yes B) Some What C) NOQ-13 The pattern of conducting examination is satisfactory?A) Yes B) Some What C) NOQ-14 The number of permanent and qualified faculty members increased in the institution?A) Yes B) Some What C) NOQ-15 Should Comsat makes the links with international university to share the research workwith them?A) Yes B) Some What C) NOQ-16 The percentage for admission criteria should increase?A) Yes B) Some What C) NOQ-17 Should Comsats introduce the career consoling?A) Yes B) Some What C) NOAny SuggestionName: Class: Contact No: 30