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  1. 1. Presented ByAbdul Wahab M -11995Farhan Liaqat M -12127Ayasha Zafar M -12096M. Imaran Hassan Niazi M -12178
  2. 2. Presented ToM r . I j az H ussai n
  3. 3. F i nal P r oj ectM ar k et M anagementGREEN TILES AND CERAMICS LTD
  4. 4. V i si on W e ai m to be the pr efer r ed choice for i nter i or buil di ng systems that pr ovide innovati ve desi gn solutionsM i ssi on OUR T eam is committed to del iver i ng a super i or customer offer ing thr ough wor l d cl ass pr ocessesSlogan Gren Tile J u F els R ight e s st e L ogo
  5. 5. COMPANY PROFILEName of BusinessForm of BusinessBusiness operation HE AD OFFICE G .T . R oad G ujr anwala, P ak i stan PRODUCTION SITE ( for Granite Tiles) G .T . R oad K amok e, P ak istan
  6. 6. W hy we ar e expor ti ng ?W hy we star t fr om UK ?
  8. 8. Micro E nvironment Level
  9. 9. Major forces in company’s macro environment
  10. 10. 1.Political Factors2.E conomic Factors3.Socio-cultural Factors4.Technological Factors
  11. 11. MARKE TING STRATE GY Existing New Market Penetration Product Development Existing •Improve service (By giving 50 •Expand designs schemes years warranty) and quality •Introduce new product (Le Porcelain •Repositioning (Platinum)) Market Development Diversification •Internationalizing & • Green Tiles is manufacturing a new tile Globalization for exports, which is harder in strengthNew • Expand abroad but can be mold/ pattern easily, and can • Expand north-west of UK easily cut by • Online shopping
  12. 12. SW OT A nalysi sStr engths• W or ld’s most advanced technol ogy is bei ng used• W or k D el i ver y Scheme• H igh Qual ity• W i de R ange of pr oducts• Ser viceW eak nesses• M anaged by for eign engineer s as ther e i s Unavai l abi l i ty ofsk i l l ed wor k man for ce• W e sti ll got 60 % of P r oducti on Capaci ty.
  13. 13. Oppor tunities• E xpansi on into the W or ld M ar k et• R etail P ar tner ships• I nter net shoppi ng• F ur ther expl oiti ng the T i l e sector• M ak e own chai n of r egional Stor es T hr eats• Sonex company is comi ng to G r ani te I ndustr y• Over seas gr oups enter i ng the mar k et ( China’s D umpi ng )• M anufactur er s ar e sti l l seek ing to l egal l y slow down thepenetr ati on of own br ands
  14. 14. MARKE T SE GME NTATION •Demographic •In Psychographics •In BehavioralM A R K E T P OSI T I ONI NG Target Marketing
  15. 15. Market Segmentation ( Areas of Applications) Cinema HotelsTheaters Houses Restaurant Shopping centers Schools Airports Offices Gymnasiu Café ms Hospitals Industries
  16. 16. •Geographic•DemographicGender: Male, Female (because both have equal participation)Family life cycle: Every oneSocial Class: Upper class, Middle ClassEducation: No needOccupation: All•In Psychographics:Personality: Quality Conscious people, who want to decorate their living places as they want•In Behavioral:Benefits Desired: quality, operating life(50 year Warranty). Low priceUsage Rate: Heavy users (as their living standards
  17. 17. Main CompetitorsChina Tile Industry Italian Tile Industry Gren Tile J u F els R ight e s st e
  18. 18. Marketing MixPricing StrategyThe ProductPlacePromotion
  19. 19. CONCL USI ON