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  1. 1. AashiyanaIntroduction A Gem in the Architectural Environment of MultanLocated in the heart of Multan, Aashiyana offers security shared by no otherresidential-cum–commercial complex in Multan.After development the cardesence shall emerge as a hub leading to the main areasof the city, such as bosan road which leads from 9 number chungi to the bahaudinzakriya university, khanewal road and chowk kumharan wala.Despite the centrality of the location of the Aashiyana, because of the broad avenuesleading out of it, you will be spared the maddening rush of crushing to traffic in anydirection.Built in brick and glass, displaying the rich intermingling of modern and indigenousarchitecture, Aashiyana covers an area of approximately 1 muraba. The colony has 6sub colonies which has been designed for upper class and middle class as per therequirements of the customers oors for corporate offices, a service floor, and 5residential floors consisting of 60 apartmentsLife styleBehind the impressive facade you would want privacy and comfort. The innovativeservices at the Aashiyana distinguish it from the crowd. Whether you want to escapefrom summer heat into the cool waters of a pool; work out at the fitness centre with stateof the art equipment; or access our business centre that keeps you in touch with officesthe world over through international phone facilities, fax, and high-speed Internetservices. Aashiyana gives you all this! Enveloped in an ambiance that pleases the eye andsoothes the spirit, captivating features like arches, curved walls, flowing spaces, andbalconies make for such aesthetic harmony.Timeless appealThe unique fusion of architectural beauty, living comfort, utility value, and access tomultifarious amenities provided for you are not likely to fade away with time. In-house maintenance staff facility saves you from maintenance headaches. Yourpersonalized entrance assures you of the privacy of your home you desire so much,and its programmed security further enhances it.The commercial part of the Aashiyana is proposed to have corporate offices, airlineand tourism offices, banks, and a variety of over 40 businesses split on variouslevels. Designers’ stores, specialty stores, and restaurants form part of the shoppingadventure. Ample parking space, large shop size, and optimal level of facilities makethe Aashiyana as designers’ paradise. The potential is further enhanced by introvertdesign layout with a central atrium as the hub of all commercial activities giving theTower timeless appeal. This centripetal space shall impart equal importance to all theareas around it. Compared with its vernacular exterior, the interior of the building isdone in modern style using high tech finishes so unique that they beckon you in.
  2. 2. Now it’s time to hit the atrium—the festive food court—where static energy is at itsmaximum. Surrounded by the rhythmic beat of arches, join clients and partners toshare the gastronomic delights. Watch the happy crowd passing by and checking outall around, as the shops spill over their activities around.LocationFeaturesSalient features for the apartmentsAashiyana goes beyond the expectation. it sets new standards for the industry, andbrings in a new concept of living. It makes your dream come true, and it sets thishome apart, and yet within the reach of all the amenities you want.The features are: • Safe and secure environment • 3 to 4 beds with attached baths • Drawing / dining lounge and a modern kitchen • Double glazed windows on outer walls • Reserved car parking • Standby power generation system • Separate, guarded reception • Fire detection and alarm system • Two fire escapes Commercial hub features: • Buss service within the cardesence • Business center • Swimming pool • Gymnasium • laundry shop • Child care center • Community center • Vegetable shop • Barber shop • General store • School
  3. 3. • Hospital INTRODUCTION OF CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Silsila Builders, the pioneers of modern construction, presents another symbol of majestic splendour and fine living…The Aashiyana. By virtue of its location at Bosan road 2 km ahead from Bahaudin university , Aashiyana will mark the gateway for those driving in from new bosan road by pass. Aashiyana is ideally located for business and for living. It will place you in the centre of modern Multan.Facilities: 1. SERVICE / UTILITY FLOOR  Independent accommodation for apartment attendants  Store rooms for apartments 2. ELECTRIFICATION / AIR CONDITIONING  Standby power system  Bulk electric supply from MEPCO and prepaid meters for consumers  Central air conditioning for commercial and service area  Chilled water reversible air conditioning system for apartments 3. ELEVATORS  Two Capsule lifts from atrium serving commercial and office floors  Two Fast passenger lifts from basements to offices / shops  One capsule lift from upper atrium (exclusive for apartments)  Two passenger lifts from basements (exclusive for apartments)  One large cargo / bed lift from basements for all floors 4. GAS SUPPLY  Bulk gas supply with central billing system 5. WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM  Uninterrupted portable water supply system through turbine including one standby turbine  Central hot water supply system 6. TELEPHONE EXCHANGE  Independent telephone lines  Central telephone exchange with intercom facility for the building 7. SANITARY, SEWERAGE, AND MAINTENANCE  Efficient sewerage and disposal system  Garbage collection / disposal system  General maintenance services available on call  Round the clock complaint attendants for essential services 8. 24 HOUR SECURITY  Round the clock manned security  Close Circuit TV System to monitor different spaces of the Tower 9. MA TV / INTERNET SERVICES
  4. 4.  Arrangements for MA TV and Internet services for the consumers 10. BUILDING MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL SYSTEMS  Building Management and Control Systems to monitor the services and security 11. PARKING  400 cars parking  Valet parking available on request 12. AMBULANCE SERVICE 24 Hour dedicated ambulance serviceApartment plansAashiyana sets new standards to fine living. It features the finest in amenities andconveniences. Each of the house has been made by keeping in view all therequirements of modern.The apartments are grouped around a large atrium, whichlets in natural light. Some apartments overlook Aziz Bhatti Road and some TufailRoad. Some face west while others face south, and some are comer apartments.Some apartments have three and some have four bedrooms with attached baths.The master suite is served by a large walk-in-closet. Drawing, dining, lounge, kitchenand balcony are the rest of the spaces in the apartment.Commercial plansThe commercial part of the Tower plans to house corporate offices, designer shops,restaurants, airline and tourism offices, banks and various high class retail outlets atvarious levels. The design of the building is introvert with a central atrium as the hubof all commercial activities. This centripetal space shall give equal importance to allthe areas around it. Compared with its vernacular exterior, the interior of thebuilding, especially the atrium, shall be done in modern style using high techfinishes. It is proposed to have corporate offices at the first and second floors, whileretail outlets etc, will be at the lower ground, ground, and upper ground levels.AgreementsYou CANNOT buy or rent any property in Park Lane Tower until you sign amaintenance agreement with the company.A Maintenance company called Management & Maintenance Co. shall be establishedto:  Assist the occupants to maintain their properties  Provide electronic and manned security  Provide fire protection  Arrange for valet parking  Provide sanitary measures  Provide 24 hour ambulance service  Maintain and develop the common facilities/areas  Maintain accounts and distribute expenditure of common facilities among all occupants/owners of the buildings
  5. 5. WHY Aashiyana Multan? • Ideal location • Peaceful area with maximum security • structure of imposing grandeur while coming from the Airport • No congestion • Easy accessibility • Car parking • Pleasing Architectural Design • Centrally Air-conditioned • Ideal for prestigious businesses and clientsHOW TO BUY IN Aashiyana Multan?Step 1View latest update on "Properties Available". Make your probable choices and allotpriorities (Priority 1 kanal, 2 kanal and in marlas).Step 2Fill in the Registration Form and send to company through Post/Courier. Send formthrough email or fax also so that the process of registration can start earlier.Step 3You will be intimated about your allotment within 14 days of the receipt ofRegistration form. If there are more applications for the same property, allotmentmay be done through balloting.Step 4Allotment letter will be issued by the Company after an agreement has been signedbetween the two parties. Terms, conditions, costs and payment schedule will beincluded in the agreement.Step 5The property will be handed over to the Buyer after full payment has been receivedby the company. All legal formalities will be completed before the handing/takingover of the property.Introduction < toBy the grace of God Almighty, Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd is today one of themost successful developers in the country with a niche of its own in thequality-conscious market. The name itself “Bahria Town” has become abenchmark for assuring quality with innovative solutions in a cost effective
  6. 6. manner. Carpeted streets, tiled footpaths and metropolitan standardsstreet-lights create a picturesque scene in Safari Park’s serene settings,which is one of our landmarks.The journey was not a smooth one. The undulating landscape of pothohar,pretty as it is, does not lend itself easily to street design. Sewer and waterarteries have to be planned with due regard to gravity flow over majorheight differential. While water supply is indigenous, availability ofelectricity and Sui gas requires integration of plans with respectivedistribution companies. Progress in these areas is therefore dependant uponexternal factors as well.Bahria Township located in Rawalpindi/Islamabad districts and at Lahorepresent the highest standards of town-development ever achieved inPakistan. Street layout emulates a design picked from Reston, Virginia, USA.The added advantage of being located along Soan River with Safari Park andTakht Pari hills in the background adds to the beauty of the Township atRawalpindi/Islamabad while Lahore Canal creates a cool serene impressionin our Lahore property<toOur Beliefs• Traditional and conventional means to provide quality housing are nolonger effective in the ever changing world.• Provide Innovative cost effective solutions above and beyond consumerexpectations.• “Understanding the consumer is fundamental ,it’s the foundation uponwhich great housing projects are built”• Maintaining a lead in the competitive market with passing value additionsto end users.Our Heritage • Global perspective, local insight • Entrepreneurial thinking • Proven experience • Passion and energy • A never-say-die attitude • Commitment to getting results • Accessibility at Par excellence Our Values • Respect everyone • Business integrity • Honesty & transparency
  7. 7. • Open mindedness • Flexibility & fair play • Community comes first,….., profitability follows. • Bahria Town Rawalpindi/Islamabad • Bahria Town Lahore • Safari Villas • Safari Villas – II (Safari Villas – I Extension) • Safari Executive Villas • Farm Houses • Safari Homes • Safari Homes Lahore • Safari Valley • Executive Lodges • Meadows< toOur Strategic Objectives: • Smooth execution with deployment of efficient management systems. • A culture that sizzles, where sound planning, monitoring and quality control is ensured by the quality control department. • Maintaining a healthy relationship with the regulatory authorities for fulfilling social, legal and community related responsibilities. • Safe and environmentally sound operations. • An independent quality control unit for ensuring unbiased, effective and transparent quality control development works. What we started more than eight years ago has matured, by the grace of God Almighty, into Pakistan’s largest enterprise. We did it together. The synergy of our consultants, our town- planners, our site work force and our project management and
  8. 8. customer-relations teams made it possible through sheer hardwork and dedication to company’s mission. The advice of ourwell-wishers, some of them no more is this world today, wereinstrumental in our decisions. The opinions of our thirty-fivethousand members were valuable as a beacon in the dark,showing us the way to fulfillment. We thank Allah, mostbenevolent for our un-rivaled success.But we don’t stop here. Not for a moment! Billions of rupees ofcompany’s assets and resources must be committed to thebenefit of the community at large. I strive to create windows ofopportunity to serve humanity with large hospitals, schools,colleges and a university. Let us cater not only for those whocan pay a handsome amount for our high end products but alsothose whose purchasing power is rather limited. Let us servesenior citizens as much as those who are in their prime years,let us lead the way in providing sustainable, high standards ofquality living to the nation that still requires more than sixmillion homes to replace slums. In the end , I am thankful to allour valued members for their unparallel confidence andsupport in Bahria Town.