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Nigeria my Beloved Country


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This presentation was initially given during an Asian/African Night in Amherst Massachusetts to give my colleagues an idea about where come from.

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Nigeria my Beloved Country

  1. 1. NIGERIA
  2. 2. Africa
  3. 3. .. Ibadan has a population of about 1.5 million.Ibadan has a population of about 1.5 million. Nigeria has a population of about 150millionNigeria has a population of about 150million Nigeria gained her independence in October 1, 1960.
  4. 4. President Good-Luck JonathanPresident Good-Luck Jonathan
  5. 5. A Fulani The Jerawa Musicians/Dancers of the Mid Belt Ibo Ladies President Ya’radua & Vice President Goodluck Jonathan Hausa Girls
  6. 6. A Yoruba Family (The Olatoyes)
  7. 7. Yoruba Bride and Groom during their traditional wedding
  8. 8. An Edo Bride
  9. 9. Nigerian FoodNigerian Food Fried Rice Eba + Vegetable Soup Pounded Yam + Vegetable Soup
  10. 10. Nigerian ArtistsNigerian Artists ,, King Sunny Ade Dare Art-Alade Genevieve
  11. 11. Nigerian WritersNigerian Writers Prof. Wole Soyinka 1st African to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1986
  12. 12. Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria- 2001Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria- 2001 Miss Universe- 2001Miss Universe- 2001 Agbani Darego
  13. 13. American Christian AcademyAmerican Christian Academy
  14. 14. Science FairScience Fair
  15. 15. Sports Daze
  16. 16. Visit our National ParksVisit our National Parks Bauchi State
  17. 17. Gashka- Gumpti National ParkGashka- Gumpti National Park
  18. 18. Cross River National ParkCross River National Park
  19. 19. Obudu Cattle RanchObudu Cattle Ranch
  20. 20. Yankari National ParkYankari National Park
  21. 21. NIGERIA Hope to see you soon in…