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Computer information system PPT.

ITM Batch 105- Group no-6

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  1. 1. ONLINE HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Group 6 1. Abid 2. Asad 3. Adrain 4. Sunny 5. Sudarshan 6. Saurabh
  2. 2. EXISTING SYSTEM  In the existing system, the person who wants to book a room has to visit the hotel for booking hotel rooms, and enquiry.  The existing system is manual system.  The hotel management has to keep records of rooms manually.
  3. 3. DISADVANTAGES OF EXISTING SYSTEM  It is a time consuming process.  There is no surety of availability of rooms.  Paper work results in need of lot of space to keep the data.  Lack of security.  Chances of human errors.
  4. 4. PROPOSED SYSTEM  To overcome the problems of manual system, online hotel management system is proposed.  The Central objective of Online Hotel Management is to provide online facility for booking rooms.  This software can manage and keep records of hotel.
  5. 5. ADVANTAGES OF PROPOSED SYSTEM  Saves time of customers in quickly reserving rooms.  The ability to book rooms anytime, from anywhere with Internet access.  Provides the information about hotel facilities.  very secure.  User friendly.
  6. 6. SYSTEM ANALYSIS This project is used by two types of users (modules). 1)Online Users 2)Administrator (management of the Hotel)
  7. 7. USER MODULE  Check room availability.  Fill registration form.  Can login with his/her own user id and password.  Get facilities of hotel like restaurant.  Get the information about nearby visiting places.  Get information about reserved rooms (if room is already reserved).  Can regenerate password if he/she forgets the password.
  8. 8. ADMINISTRATOR MODULE  Can login with unique user id and password.  Check details of rooms reserved for the current day.  Check details of rooms reserved for the coming days.  Can know the daily income.
  9. 9. Login Register Check availability reserve room Display room details Cancel rooms Logout Use Case Diagram for User:- User
  10. 10. Login Verification of username and password Display reserved room details Cancel room check availability Invalid username and password reserve room Display details logout Activity Diagram for User:-
  11. 11. Login Display Information Log out Use case Diagram for Administrator:- Administrator
  12. 12. Activity diagram for Administrator:- Login Verification of username and password Invalid username and password no yes display the reserved room details logout
  13. 13. This is the home page.
  14. 14. This page displays the services provided by the hotel.
  15. 15. This page displays the information about restaurant.
  16. 16. This is user login page.
  17. 17. This is user registration page
  18. 18. After user log into the system, user can specify the check in, check out dates and room type.
  19. 19. The available rooms are selected, credit card details are given.
  20. 20. After reserving the room, customer details are displayed.
  21. 21. User can cancel the reserved room by using the customer ID.
  22. 22. This is administrator login page.
  23. 23. Displays the details of rooms reserved for the current day.
  24. 24. Displays the details of the rooms reserved for the coming days.
  25. 25. Conclusion:- It has been a matter of immense pleasure, honour and challenge to have this opportunity to take up this project and complete it successfully. While developing this project I have learnt a lot about hotel management, I have also learnt how to make it user friendly (easy to use and handle) by hiding the complicated parts of it from the users. During the development process I studied carefully and understood the criteria for making software more demanding, I also realized the importance of maintaining a minimal margin for error.
  26. 26. THANKYOU see you again